Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon

By:  Cayce Snow  Completed
Language: English
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"Silvia Ironwolf, for your crime of murder, you will be forever banished from the Packs," Omega Rovit intoned. Another humiliation. To have my fate read out to me by the lowliest member of the Ironwolf Pack while all the others turned their backs. Rovit was loving it. He had worshipped Jedan. He leaned forward, his face close to mine, his spit landing on my face, "And if you ever return to the Wildlands," he finished, "You will be torn limb from limb, your remains fed to the vultures." If my hands had not been bound by the leather mitts, shackled together with silver, I would have ripped his sneering face from his skull and fed that to the vultures. My nails scraped against the soft leather interior of the mitts. My iron nails. The pack guardsmen blunted many tools before giving up on removing the iron from my fingertips. The iron was part of me now. They said that Jedan was barely recognizable when they found him. They said that the iron was a curse that had been bred out of the pack centuries ago. They said that it was my curse that killed Jedan, future Alpha of Firewolf. It was Jedan's inability to understand 'No' that killed him. Now I will be punished. Banished forever from my pack, from the Wildlands. From my love, Vuko. The brother of the man I have slain. * Four years later and the Wildlands packs face a grave threat to their existence. Vuko, the reluctant Alpha of Firewolf, believes they need Silvia if they have any chance of survival. *He* needs Silvia. Will Vuko find Silvia? Will Silvia forgive the packs for the injustice done to her? Is she truly cursed? Are Vuko and Silvia destined for each other?

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59 chapters
Prologue: Banishment
I twist in the seat, pulling against the straps that bind me, hissing in pain as the threads of silver sear my skin. I snarl and bare my teeth at the driver and his mate in the front of the car. They only stare forward, they show no emotion at all.Familiars, I realise, I have been left to the care of bloodless, brainless Familiars. I fling myself against the straps, howling my rage and frustration. If only I could set my wolf free. Fer would know what to do. But the silver will kill her. My Fer, she is all I have left.I slump back in the seat, trying to see out the darkened windows of the car. Through the windscreen I can make out the mountains of the Wildlands looming black against the gold and magenta of the Wolf Moon sky. On either side of the car, the outlines of forest pines whoosh past in blurs of bristly bark and spiky spruce needles.No one came to say goodbye. Not one member of my family. Not one friend. My last view of my own mother was of her slende
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Chapter One: Loop City
Silvia POVI yawn as I lean on the the diner counter. Cook bangs down the plates in the open hatch behind me."Burgers," he says, then slams the hatch shut as soon as I pick up the plates. He's off for a smoke and a few shots of rum. After a year at this Diner I knows his habits but I don''t know his name. Nor do I care. There have been too many Cooks that I've worked for over the past four years.I grab the plates and slow-walk over to the table of teenage boys. The burgers are overcooked and stink of old grease.The boys ogle me as I bring them the plates. I hate the pink uniform. I pull it down, it rides up. Repeat over a full eight-hour shift. I look like a pornographic maid. I cut my hair short and spiked it up like a punk, pierced my nose and eyebrow and painted my nails black to compensate. But the cheap fabric clings like a second skin no matter what I do. It helps with the tips but most nights the few dollars extra I get don't se
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Chapter Two: Hunter
Sylvia POVI'm thinking of the moon and how it will feel to run through the moonlight, keeping pace with the others like me--the ones they call Rogue. We never speak. We don't have to. They suffer as I do when it's full moon.The park is silent as I cross it, every leaf and blade of grass coated with the goddess's golden paint. A solitary owl hoots and I sense the tremors within brush and hedge as small creatures seek shelter.The boy takes me by surprise and he shouldn't. IHe jumps out in front of me with a yell. It's the lanky boy with the floppy black hair and pimply face from the diner. The one who acts like the others' Alpha. I sense his humans step out of the shadows. It's like the saddest pack in the world. I decide to name him Alpha-boy.I berate myself for not paying attention. Because now Fer is on high alert and ready for a full transformation. Chill, I mindlink her, This doesn't need to be a big thing. Transf
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Chapter Three: Attack
Sylvia POVI wait. The way we learned as pups. You wait, you use your senses, you make your choice. Only then do you act. You never second guess yourself.(It’s our best and worst trait. Stubborn as mules – try stubborn as werewolves).This was a trained hunter. Has Firewolf sent a hunter to avenge Jedan? Four years after his death? It makes no sense.I slow my heartbeat and still my muscles. Fer, help me, I mindlink my wolf. With her help I extend my senses into the darkness around me. My eyes, aided by Fer’s, adjust minutely to the gloom. There is no movement beyond the rustle of leaves on the trees around me. Suddenly a small creature dashes out from behind a garbage can. My heart pounds at a zillion beats a minute. But I don’t move.You know what to do, Fer whispers to me.She is right. There is only one course of action now. I crouch and I'm already running when feel her take ov
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Chapter Four: Luka
Sylvia POV   There have been nearly sixty full moons since I came here. Next month will be Wolf Moon again, making it exactly five years I have been here--and my twenty-first birthday. You would think that the torment would grow familiar. It doesn't. Each time it feels new and different. It's hell. Without a pack, without the binding force of destiny, without a mate, my own body punishes me. The ache is everywhere at once even as my heart yearns for my love, my love, my Vuko. On these nights his name is the heartbeat that drives me through the night along the pathes, through the city streets, onto the highway where I run with the others like me--all of us desperate to outpace our ache, our desire, our hunger, our grief. Before the Cold Moon reaches the horizon and the dawn blushes its way toward day, we stop. My limbs are trembling and my paws leave bloodied tracks as I pad back toward my apartment. The ache is not gone, only dul
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Chapter Five: Wildlands
Vuko POV I'm yawning so hard my jaw cracks and then, just when I'm mid-yawn, I sneeze because of the dust from the training ground. Anahita thrusts a coffee at me and I've never loved a member of Waterwolf pack more. "Where's your Beta?" she asks, sipping at her coffee while we watch the younger pack members warm up. One of the benefits us Named claim is the right to not warm up properly and stand around drinking coffee while the young ones go through their paces. "Abir?" I say, "Beta Abir is doing whatever the hell he pleases." She looks at me and I know she wants to say more. Anahita is about ten years older than me and a different pack. She's Waterwolf to my Firewolf. But while I had a shitty older brother who would beat me to near death and call it training, she has been the older sister I dreamed of. Silvia would always take me to her first after Jedan had been at me and Silvia would bind my wounds and tell me to be patient because one day I was going to be bigger than Jedan.
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Chapter Six: The Threat
Vuko POV He's big and I haven't seen him before. I glance at Ana but she's transfixed. Her eyes are wide. I'm guessing she hasn't seen him before either.The other Alphas have begun to crowd the field. Among them is Didi's father. He steps forward."You are not Ironwolf," he says.Didi--and Silvia's--father was once an imposing sight. Tall with silver hair, he was the only one who ever stood up to my father. Since Silvia's banishment though, he has become stooped, old.At first I think he is talking to Didi. But he is addressing the giant who will be Didi's champion.Didi answers for his champion. "No, he is not Ironwolf," he says to his father and I'm relieved that there is still respect in his voice. But he is also resolute, "You need to step aside, Dad. This is a new pack. My pack. You have no jurisdiction over us."I'm aware of the murmuring of the crowd at the edge of the field. Didi has just declar
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Chapter Seven: The Packhouse
Vuko POV Beta Abir disapppears again for the rest of that afternoon. I feel like an idiot going from pack to pack asking if they've seen my Beta so I give up after a bit. Nobody had seen him but apparently my battle against the champion has gained me some fans. Ana has to rescue me from one waterwolf who is all but sitting in my lap rubbing against me. The waterwolf (Tina? Bettina? Trina?) is really pretty and sweet. I admit that I was enjoying the attention. But mostly I was embarrassed. I'm male, I'm nearly twenty-one and I've been separated from my true love for four years. Can you even imagine how hard that is? Ana has little sympathy. "Your face!" she keeps saying, then bursting into laughter till the tears are running down her face, "Mr I-defeated-a-giant-but-turn-to-jelly-with-the-girls." Not like jelly at all, I want to say, but keep that to myself. As I finish my rounds, with Ana at my side as a sort of female-attenti
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Chapter Eight: Vuko's Plan
"Say that again," I say to Frey, unable to believe my ears. We are standing on the edge of the training field, the sky darkening around us, a chill in the air. I think about Winter coming and Beta Abir's news that Didi is planning an attack on the stores. I shiver. That would mean the destruction of his own family's pack too. Surely not? "I have information about Silvia, where she is," says Frey again. Silvia. For the past four years no one has said her name. Let alone told me where to find her. I have spent every day of the four years tormented by how I wasn't there for her. The night that was meant to be ours. Her Naming Ceremony. We had told each other that our wolves would find each other that night. It would be an early blessing from the Goddess--a confirmation of the destiny we have always believed in. We could not believe that the Goddess would make us wait another five years. We were such fools. So when Beta Abir came to me the afternoon befor
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Chapter Nine: Fulvio and Oro
Silvia POVThe wolf looms in the alleyway, his fur almost blue-black. The streetlights behind him tip his dark fur with a glow like fire. He looks like he's just escaped from hell. He stalks closer, his lips drawn back from his mouth in a drooling, growling snarl.Silvia Ironwolf,  the hunter mindlinks, You have been avoiding me.That's all the invitation Fer needs. I feel her push at me and I know this is her time. I glance at Luka--all of his attention is on the dark wolf--before the sweet-pain of my shift takes over and then I am Fer, standing with my tail and head held high, my paws planted firmly on the asphalt. She is unafraid. I am unafraid.Or so I tell myself.I do not know you, says Fer and I'm so proud of how fierce and low her voice is, You have terrorized this child. Explain yourself.I have a message for you, says the wolf.They say you see the attack fir
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