Killer Smile

Killer Smile

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Smiles aren't always pretty; especially when that sort of smile looks like a homicidal killer.Gabriella Bryce was told that a smile is a girl's precious jewelry. They were wrong. To her, it's like a makeup gone bad. With her forbidding and murderous smile that can chase off even a group of teenage football players; Gabriella was certain that she was destined to be forever alone.But that was until she saved a boy from a group of guys one night in a deserted alley...with her smile. Aelfric Beaumont, a vampire-werewolf hybrid and the boy she saved, was fascinated with her smile and has never left her alone since then. Following her like a sick love-struck and possessive puppy, every day became a game of chase for her. Especially when the Alpha of a werewolf pack is desperate for protection due to an impending pack war and sees Gabriella as a suitable mate for his son. Tyrelle Gawen; a werewolf boy forced by his father to attend the same school as Gabriella in order to pursue her.With two beasts following her every move, can Gabriella still live her life normally? Or will it be a never-ending tango between the three of them?

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49 Chapters
Killer Smile
Dear Diary, Hi. It's Gabriella. This is the first time I've kept a diary so excuse me if this turns out awkward.I decided to write because something weird happened to me last week - until now actually - and I badly needed someone to confide in since I don't have any friends.You see, Diary, last week when I was heading home from school, I happened to pass by this dark alleyway by the Angel's boutique. What I saw there was a group of guys harassing this kid. They were circling him like sharks ready to take a bite at its prey. One of them pushed the boy threateningly and said something that I couldn't quite hear.The boy didn't move. He only stood there with his hands in his jacket pocket. His head cast downward like he was bored. The light was very dim but I could just make out his coal
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Chapter 1 Girl With The Smile of a Killer
Sitting through trig class with my pen balanced between my lips and nose is a great distraction from the boring topic of triangles and formulas. I hate being in school because they sometimes force you to learn a subject that would not be useful to you in the future. What if I want to become a dancer? An artist? A rock star? Would I still solve for the missing side of the triangle commonly known as X?My name is Gabriella Bryce. I hate math. I don't have friends - I am not sure if that is something that I should be proud of.Well, it's not like I don't try to approach my classmates or try to interact. It’s just that I have a weird smile. No, it's not the type of smile that involves weird and rotten teet
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Chapter 2 Wrong Turn
The cold fall air blasted me in the face the moment I got out of the school. It was freezing out here. Lucky for me that I was wearing a pullover to school today, or else I might shiver all the way back home."Yeesh! I just had to fall asleep in the library." I muttered to myself and pulled out my phone once again to check and see if my mom or dad called me.Nothing. Hopefully, they are still working.My father got a job here as a doctor in Oldridge Hospital. My mother also works there as a nurse.Yeah, my father is a doctor, and my mother is a nurse. I think we all can imagine how they met: One day, my mother accidentally stabbed her hand with a knife while handling it to the doctor, making them call another doctor – my dad – to mend her wounds. According to
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Chapter 3 A Smile Like No Other
"I like your smile." That one caught me off guard.I raised my eyes towards his face and arched an eyebrow at him. "Come again?" Is my hearing alright? Because I think I just heard him say something weird.The guy smirked and offered me his hand. "My name is Aelfric Beaumont. And I like your smile." He said again.What did he say? His name is Prick? Well, that's not cool.I took his hand in a shake. "Um...I'm...." I was about to say my name when I realized that I didn’t even know this guy. For all I know, he might not even go to our school. Heck, I don't even think I've seen him. Maybe he just moved here? In any case, I have to play it safe first. "My name is not important, but nice to meet you, Prick.""It's Aelfric."<
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Chapter 4 Letter
The next day, I got up early and dressed for school. It was warm out, so I settled for a pale pink collar shirt and some boyfriend jeans, slipped on some white vans, pulled my hair into a ponytail, and I'm ready to go.I grabbed my backpack from the floor and headed to my desk to collect my homework. I arranged it and folded it in two before placing them between my trigonometry book, which is too big and heavy for its worth.I surveyed my room for one last time to make sure I had not forgotten a single thing.Happy with myself, I headed for my dresser and frowned when I saw the cracked mirror. I tapped it last night to prevent it from running even further and break the whole thing apart. But now that I am looking at it, I couldn't help but pity the state that it's in. I made a mental note that I would have its mirro
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Chapter 5 Boyfriend Express
I grabbed my things from my locker and slammed it shut in my frustration. The second letter that I have from him is now crumpled in my fist. Does he think this is some romance crap where he would write me a love letter like some regular schoolboy confessing to a girl? Ha! If that's what he wants, I would gladly turn him down like a regular school girl. I will dump him hard! He better get ready and stays the heck away from me and my life so I can finally pee!I marched out into the football field. It was deserted and empty. Usually, it was full of jocks playing or hanging around. Today, it seemed like they just vanished.I walked and stood by the bleachers as I scanned the area and looked for any signs of lif
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Chapter 6 Weekend Visitor
The day started out like any normal day – well at least that's what I hoped for. It was a Saturday, and I was having one of those weekends where I get up early even though I don't have school. I took out my phone, attached it to a speaker, and let some music play because I didn't feel like going back to sleep.As soon as I got my laptop, I started humming along to the song while searching YouTube for any fascinating culinary and baking videos. Seriously, some of the recipes are so good that I believe they should be released as a paperback. I was watching one of my favorite channels when I noticed a second voice singing along to the song.As I carefully turned my head to my window, I spotted Prick the hybrid outside humming the tune. Chills ran up my spine.Wh
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Chapter 7 Her Admirer
"Hey." He said and waved casually while I was busy gaping at him in disbelief. What the hell is he doing here!? "You!" I screamed. I didn’t bother to hide the tone in my voice that was laced with fury."Me!" He repeated cheerfully and batted his eyelashes at me like a little girl peering at her doll. That gesture alone set my mood into a blazing ball of anger. I marched over to him in rage. I looked at the door lines and breathed out a sigh of relief when he hadn’t entered. For a moment, I feared that he might have been invited in by my dad, but that was thankfully not the case. "The hell are you doing here? Get out!""I haven't been in your house yet." He countered with a sly smirk."Then get the hell
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Chapter 8 Dinner Get Together
Al watched me closely, and he started to laugh. "Angel, don't be too concerned about it. I will never harm or kill you. After all, you are my girl. But I'm afraid I can't make the same commitment to your parents. If I were you, I'd be a good girl, so they might survive the night. And the first step to that is by accepting this." He handed me the necklace again. "I want you to wear it." He commanded and placed the chain on my open palm. His brow furrowed when I didn't attempt to wear it.I closed my hands over the stupid necklace and clasped the chain around my neck. The smiley face emoji charm felt cold as it touched my bare skin. I hate it. Especially its mocking smile. He was doing this on purpose."Looks good on you. If only you could smile, though, which you couldn't. This charm should do the trick." Then he threw his head back and laughed again.
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Chapter 9 The New Kid
The following day my mom and dad kept interrogating me about the broken window, which I couldn't tell them was caused by their favorite boy - Al."Mom, I already told you," I said.My mom placed a hand on her hips. "You think your story about an idiotic bird running through your window would convince anyone?"I forked on my eggs with much force as I could. I thought about stabbing Al later when I see him."Respect your eggs, young lady. It's all where we come from." Said my dad at the end of the table.This is freaking annoying. If they only knew who caused that broken window!I mean, I can't just tell them, ‘Hey, remember that stupidly pretend nice guy Al? Yeah him. He brok
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