The Alpha's Girl Series

The Alpha's Girl Series

By:  Ashley Breanne  Completed
Language: English
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The Alpha's Girl will now contain Book 1 and Book 2, The Warrior's Woman.As a little girl, Olivia was convinced that supernatural creatures were real. After all, she had met a werewolf in her own backyard. Unfortunately, no one believed her. She lost all of her friends at school for being the weird girl, and her parents were convinced that she was insane. A decade of research and searching went by until she finally found him again. Her mate. The Alpha. When her family hears that she is talking about the existence of supernatural creatures again, they decide that enough is enough. Since going to doctors and therapists didn't work, they decided to send her away to the only place that could help her, and protect their other daughter from Olivia's instability and hallucinations. An asylum. Alpha Gabriel is livid and wants his mate back. When he finds out the love of his life was taken away, he prepares his army to do anything that it would take to get her back. Little does he know that the enemy to his kind runs the facility, feeding off of the patients and keeping them locked up for eternity.

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144 chapters
One: Absolutely Mad
I was eight when I first crossed paths with a supernatural being. Not that anyone believed me. To them, I was just a silly kid with an overactive imagination. My claims were pushed aside under the assumption that too many books and movies had corrupted my brain. The older I grew, the harder people pushed back until they began to ignore me entirely. Every time I would bring up the subject of fairies, werewolves, or vampires, eyes would roll, and people would walk away. They didn't want to encourage my behavior. They thought I couldn't hear them, but I was aware that they called me crazy behind my back. I learned long ago to keep it to myself. If I didn't talk about it, I wouldn't lose friends for being the weird girl, and my parents wouldn't keep sending me to therapists. They all thought I was acting out for attention due to my parents separating. It turned out the stress of having a clinically deranged daughter brought them back together nicely as they had t
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Two: Pleasure Is All Mine
Elena followed behind me, weapon in hand, as we made our way through the compound. People everywhere stopped to stare at us as we invaded their sanctuary. "You know," I started, but Elena wrapped her hand around my forearm to silence me. "I'm sure he does know. Let's just keep our opinions to ourselves and not anger these people, okay?" Her voice was as strong and as sturdy as the blade in her hand, but I knew from the way she was squeezing the blood out of my arm, that she was scared. It was understandable. We either just walked into a cult or an actual werewolf pack. Either way, things were not looking to go in our favor. "I am also sure that I already know, but please, enlighten me. What were you going to say, Olivia?" The man chimed in, amusement laced in his words. I cringed when he said my name, and his smile grew wider. "It's just Liv. Olivia is saved for doctors, therapists, and for when my family is mad at me. None of which apply in t
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Three: Why did you leave?
"I feel like I'm missing something," Elena stated as she gestured between myself and the Alpha. To be honest, I did too. I didn't understand why I felt such a pull to the man next to me. "You guys seem very friendly." The man chuckled, and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. "You can say that we are old friends. I'm Alpha Gabriel Miller." I turned to meet his hazel eyes, watching as they darkened. His pupil swirled as if they were trying to draw me into him. A flash of black fur appeared in my mind, and I squinted my eyes at him. His hair was dark, but it wasn't the same shade as the wolf that came to mind. Then again, his hair color may have lightened with time. "Can you still hear me?" The sound of his voice resonated through my head, startling me. I jumped from the couch, ripping my hand from his. "It was you!" My arm crossed my chest to hold the other elbow as my hand covered my mouth, fingers tapping against my top lip. I began to
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Four: Soulmates
I had read enough about werewolf lore and myths that I understood how the aspect of mates worked. It was just surprising to hear that I had one. Humans don't get to just know who their soulmate is. They normally have to date dozens of people, and then pray that the one they marry is the right one. Not only was I sane, but I had a soulmate. The thought made me want to giggle like a schoolgirl, but the seriousness of the situation caught me off guard. "No, we are not going to kill you, Elena. You are in a similar situation as your sister. When you are ready, there is someone out front who wants to meet you." Gabriel gently guided me back to the couch, and I took my previous seat. Elena sat across from me, staring as if she were in shock. "Olivia, I know you have questions. I promise I will answer all of them. Would you stay tonight?" Gabriel looked intense as if he had to harden his expression to keep his true feelings from me. I had to wonder if he was
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Five: Stay the Night
Dinner was a quiet affair. I was more nervous than anything to be alone with Gabriel that night and ended up picking at my food like a child. I caught him sending me worried glances throughout most of the meal. As soon as he finished eating, he slid his chair closer and placed his hand on my thigh. The heat radiating from his palm made me press my thighs together as a jolt of excitement ran through me."Are you alright?" His voice managed to deepen as he leaned in to whisper in my ear. I had no doubt that at least Athena could still hear us across the table if she wanted to. By the love-struck look on her face, as she watched my sister nervously jabber on, I knew she wasn't listening to us."Yes, I guess I'm just a bit shocked is all." Lying to him tasted like poison was being poured on my tongue. I wasn't shocked at all. I had known his kind existed for the past decade. Every night, I had dreamed of the man before me. We had a connection, and I had been aware of it fo
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Six: I Want to See You
We stood side by side as we brushed our teeth. Gabriel had given me a spare toothbrush that he said he had purchased a long time ago. He said he wanted to be prepared for when I was finally able to meet him again. It was a sweet gesture, but the knowing smirk he kept sending me was frustrating. "What?" I asked, my hand with my toothbrush dropped from my mouth as I spat out a mouthful of foam from the toothpaste. "Nothing." He glanced at me in the mirror again, his eyes darkening as he looked me up and down. I did the same to him, smirking back when I noticed he was still hard. "It doesn't seem like nothing." Gabriel let out a deep chuckle before spitting his toothpaste out and rinsing his mouth. He leaned his hip against the counter when he finished, staring at me as I continued to brush. I narrowed my eyes at him suspiciously. He leaned in, his lips barely touching my ear as he spoke. "I can still smell your desire for me. It is so sweet."Read more
Seven: You Look Good in our Bed
Waking up wrapped in Gabriel's arms was magnificent.Waking up to him flipping me off of his chest to be underneath him while he growled furiously toward the doorway, was terrifying. His eyes were black, and his canines were extended. He held himself over me with ease as if to shield me from the intruder. I pressed myself into the mattress to stay as small as possible."Oh, calm down, you big baby." A male voice chimed from the doorway. "I heard our Luna had finally made her way to us, and I wanted to be one of the first to meet her."I didn't dare move, as Gabriel still held himself protectively over me. If it weren't for the third party in the bedroom, I would have been a very happy woman having him on top of me like that. I bit back my smile as I felt him press down against me as he relaxed his stance. He glanced at me quickly before turning back to glare at the man. I watched fascinated as his teeth and eyes went back to normal."Get out," Gabriel gro
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Eight: Breakfast at the Miller's
Breakfast was a somber event, not for a lack of trying on Kate and Jack's end to lighten the mood. They were very friendly and sarcastic, always cracking jokes and telling stories to make us laugh. It was hard to be positive knowing that we had to go back home, even if it was just for a short while. Gabriel drove us back to our car on the edge of town. Much to my surprise, there was a well-hidden dirt road that led right to their community we could have taken instead of trekking through the forest. After exchanging phone numbers, a heartfelt goodbye, and several kisses, he pulled himself away and returned to his car, Athena reluctantly following after him. They waited until we were pulling away before he turned his car around and left. I didn't want him to see me looking over my shoulder like a lovesick puppy, but I did watch through the side mirror as he got further away until I could no longer see him. Our ride was short and silent as we made our wa
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Nine: Breakthrough or Breakdown
My toes brushed my carpet as I swung my feet back and forth. My desk chair creaked in protest from my constant movement, but I ignored it and continued to stare across the room at the open window. My pajama shorts and tank top left little to the imagination, and I had picked them out just for that reason. Unfortunately, I was beginning to regret that decision as it got colder as the night went on. Gabriel had not messaged me since I had returned home, and I had assumed he was busy. I knew my mind was my enemy, but the longer I waited, the more I began to second guess whether he was real in the first place. I had read our messages over two dozen times. I needed to ensure that they existed, and so did Gabriel. Alpha Gabriel. A werewolf. Oh, God. I dropped my head into my hands and let out a sigh of frustration. Crazy. I am absolutely crazy! After all this time, I finally lost it. The orange bottle sat atop my dresser, laughing at me as if it knew just how insane I was. It was one
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Ten: RomCom Romance
Elena ran around my room, trying to clean up the mess that I had made while I clutched the phone to my ear. I could hear her ruffling around in my closet as I listened to the steady breathing coming in through the device in my hand. He was real, and he was on his way. All of the loudness in my mind steadily began to quiet. "Liv?" He asked, and I let out a deep breath at the sound of my name coming from his lips. "You're real," I whispered. My back pressed against the side of my bed as I pulled my head from between my knees. The light thud of something hitting the floor sounded out from behind me, and I turned my head to see what Elena was moving. She didn't need to clean up my mess. It was bad enough she had to deal with my deranged mind. Instead, I watched as Gabriel stood up from his crouched position. Despite the chilled night air, he was barefoot in a pair of basketball shorts with no shirt. I could only assume that he had run here
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