Sold to Love

Sold to Love

By:  GValencia  Completed
Language: English
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"You're going to be my wife and that's final." The man Karina had never seen before kidnapped her and forced her to be his wife. Confused, she found out she had been sold by her former boyfriend to cover his debt.After the wedding was finalized, he did everything in his power to ensure she fell in love with him. As time passed by, the truth and the secrets behind their marriage and the past were revealed. "I don't want you." She resisted. "Oh, you will." He promised.

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58 Chapters
"I think of how life takes unexpected twist and turns, sometimes through sheer happenstance, sometimes through calculated decisions. In the end, it can all be called fate, but to me, it is more a matter of faith."-Emily Griffin-***“Do you think she has woken up?” One of the guy asked his friend.“No, I don’t think so, we did inject quite a lot of tranquilizer earlier. She should still be asleep until we’ve arrived.” The other guy replied.Karina who had been falling unconscious slowly opened her eyes, only to realized someone had covered them with a piece of fabric and shut her mouth with a piece of tape.She began to panic and tried to move her hand but realized they were tied to. So were her legs. She was as good as a farm animal about to be brought to a slaughterhouse in that state.“What’s happening to me!?” She wondered to herself. She tried to rec
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Chapter 1
"Life is a series of unexplained events, unplanned laughter, unexpected tears, occasional sorrows and overwhelming joy."-Susan Gale-***Karina was at loss for words, she was sitting in a stranger’s bed with the revelation that she had just been sold and bought by him.For a second earlier, she really thought there was still a bit of kindness left in this man. Karina thought if she asked him nicely, then maybe he would let her go. She was too naïve for her own good. Then, the least she needed was to know how this man could claim that.“I’m a free woman, you can’t buy me, this is a lie!” She raised her voice.“Lie? I am not a good man but I am not a liar. If you don’t believe me, you can see it with your own eyes.” He grabbed her hand and dragged her outside of the room, walking passed through a hallway until they arrived at a large hall.After arriving the
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Chapter 2
"You get what you put in and people get what they deserve."-Kid Rock-***Eden walked into the lounge and poured himself a glass of whiskey. It felt strange to see her so close like that. From her picture, she was beautiful but she was even more beautiful in person and even better when up-close. He never thought he would marry a brunette.His entire life, he was always into blonde women with blue or light eyes and tall, skinny figure. Karina was not exactly his ideal type, physically, she was short, around 5’4”, not curvy but not skinny either, with dark green eyes and reddish brown hair.Someone he wouldn’t normally find attractive but for some reason, he couldn’t help but find her incredibly attractive and adorable. She was not sexy or super model hot, but she was delicate and innocent, like flower petals. He liked it.As he was drinking, he heard a knock from the door, it was one of his m
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Chapter 3
"It is not the nature of love to force a relationship, but it is the nature of love to open the way."-William P. Young-***“Good morning, boss.” A series of his employees greeted him. Eden walked into the room and gave them all a polite nod of acknowledgement before he entered his private office. Eden Black was the current head of the company.He inherited it from his father who started everything from scratch. It started as a small local tech business but over the years, it had grown and transformed significantly and at the time, it had over a hundred working employees, excluding the freelancers and interns in two different branches.Their products were exported to fifteen countries at the moment. The company was the primary source of his lavish lifestyle, but he also had other investments and source of income. At that point in his life, he no longer worked for money, but his money worked for him.Wha
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Chapter 4
"We are dangerous when we are not conscious of our responsibility for how we behave, think and feel."-Marshall B. Rosenberg-***“So, what is it that you wanted to tell me?” Karina did not feel like beating around the bush anymore. She was already depressed enough being kidnapped and taken away from the life she knew, she couldn’t bear anymore surprise.“What’s the rush, we have at least thirty minutes before the dinner is over. Why don’t you enjoy your meal first and we will discuss the matter after dessert.” He suggested.“No, let’s talk now. Are you going to release me?” Eden almost couldn’t believe she was still at that. He guessed everything he had done for her so far did not mean much to her. Even though she was no longer as bitter and angry as she did the previous day, she was still as cold to him as the first time they met.“I told you,
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Chapter 5
"Because brothers don't let each other wander in the dark alone."-Jolene Perry-***“Congratulations, your discovery really helped the tech industry to improve. Your speech at the tech gala last night was also quite profound. I am sure this project would be a massive success in the future.” The old man who played golf with him just thirty minutes ago and also happened to be one of his company’s shareholder congratulated the younger man.“Please, don’t mention it. I’m doing it for the betterment of humanity, it’s what I live for.” He replied back. Soon after, he arrived at the front of his car.“I have to leave now, but I appreciate your kind words.” He excused himself and got in the car. He headed back to his modern penthouse and as soon as he stepped in, he went to check his mailbox to see if there were any packages for him.Among all the stuff in his mai
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Chapter 6
"An adult should not be forced into marriage as a child is forced to eat his peas. Peas are only part of a meal. Marriage is a life's work."-Loretta Chase-***Karina has been looking at herself in the mirror for nearly two hours as the makeup artist and hairstylist worked their magic on her and she knew as soon as they were done with their job, it was time for her to put on her dress, which required two people’s help since it was so large and had many intricate designs and embroidery on them.Once she was done, she stared at herself in a full-length mirror and was speechless by how different she looked from her normal, casual self. She did not even know that side of her existed and was possible to channel out.“You look so beautiful, Miss. I think your husband is the luckiest man in the world.” One of the stylist complimented. She could only give her a small smile. Clearly, nobody in the room knew the r
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Chapter 7
"Our conflict is in relationship, at all levels of our existence and the understanding of this relationship, completely and extensively, is the only real problem that each one has."-Jiddu Krishnamurti-***Eden began to remove her dress and the entire time she was trying to stop him, but he pulled it away from her body and tossed it to the side, leaving her with her slip dress and a pair of teary eyes. She took a step back from him after her dress was removed, but he quickly grabbed her hand and threw her to the bed.As if unable to control his desires, he began planting kisses all over her neck and lips. She struggled under him. The entire time, she kept on pushing him and kicking his stomach so he would stay far away from her, but Eden was strong, a bit too strong for a normal man.“Don’t struggle, I want to make love to you tonight. I will make you feel good.” He vowed as he began to lick across her s
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Chapter 8
"A married couple are well-suited when both partners usually feel the need for a quarrel at the same time."-Jean Rostand-***“Tell me, Karina, who were you before you came to me?” He asked as they were driving to the town. He hated complete silence and the music was not helping either. Eden thought it was a great opportunity to get her talking so he could understand her better.“Why do you want to know? I thought you said you knew everything about me. Also, I didn’t come to you, you kidnapped me.” She protested.“Yes, I do, from an external perspective, but I couldn’t get down to the very detail, you know. About your hobby, what you like, dislike, the things you’re passionate about. I could easily hack into your browser history to find out but I would rather discover it directly from you.” He reasoned.“Just who are you exactly, Eden? Are you in the mafia
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Chapter 9
"Curiosity is the essence of human existence."-Eugene Cernan-***“Wow, Eden, you look completely exhausted, what’s wrong?” It was the first word he told him after not seeing each other since Eden’s wedding day.“Jacob, I need some kombucha.” He requested.“Sure, we have some inside, but man, you have a lot to tell.” He invited Eden inside and poured a cup of kombucha for him. Eden took it with both hands and thanked the man. He did not want to drink alcohol and get drunk for the night since he had to drive back home, so kombucha was the closest thing he could think of to relieve his stress.The Asian man stared at his friend with a worried face. Jacobus Lee had always been Eden’s friend since they were in elementary school, both developed a passion for business and finance.While Jacob also had a tech savvy streak in him, he was an unusually calm and eve
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