Cursed as a Second Chance Mate

Cursed as a Second Chance Mate

By:  Birdy Rivers  Completed
Language: English
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Amara is cursed as a second chance mate to her alpha who blames her for getting his first mate killed. Alpha Matteo doesn't want a second chance mate as his first mate was in love with someone else and had to be with him. He's tired of being someone's second choice, but when he gets a second chance mate in the she wolf who is his daughters nanny and the one he pretends to blame for his first mate's death, well what is an Alpha to do? Lana, his daughter, loves Amara and will be thrileld to have her as her mom. The two have a special relationship. As Matteo wrestles with himself to do things better with his second chance mate, he also struggles with his grief. Amara isn't sure how to react to Matteo as she is attracted to him, but loving him is painful as she fears his hate for her will never allow him to love her back. Can the two work past all the challenges they face, can their painful love turn into true love, or are second chance mates really the curse everyone things they are?

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63 chapters
Chapter 1- Amara
Three months I’ve been rotting in this damn cell. Three months since the rogues attacked us. We were at a neighboring pack when it happened. Our Luna, Cheryl died trying to protect her daughter and I. Our Alpha, Matteo, blames me for his mate's death. He locked me up in the dungeons on our pack tertority. It wasn't my fault. I was protecting his daughter like Cheryl asked me too. The rogue was closer to her and that’s why she told me to protect her daughter.  I worked for the Alpha and Luna as a nanny for their pup, Lana. Lana is a sweet girl, she’s six and I hate that she lost her mother. I miss Lana. I’ve been with her since she was about two. Cheryl was overwhelmed as a mother and Luna so she hired me. I was nineteen and was thrilled to get the job of a lifetime. Working for the Alpha’s family is a huge deal. I got to know the Alpha and Luna, well mostly the Luna. Alpha Matteo isn’t known for his
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Chapter 2- Amara
The guards take me out of the dungeons and across to Matteo’s home. We don’t have a pack house, some packs do, but we have the Alpha’s house. His house is huge of course. The bottom floor is open to the pack and is where meetings and events are held. Everyone has their own home or apartment. We are a very functioning pack and a wealthy one. Matteo might be a strict alpha, but his policies keep our pack wealthy which means we all live well, even the omegas.  The guards dump me off with a few omegas in the kitchens and gives them their orders. I know the two omegas they are sixteen year olds who work in the kitchens after school. They are best friends, Sammy and Eilse. They are sweet girls and I’m glad it's them. Not that any of the staff here hates me, although they might now if they blame like the Alpha does for Cheryl's death. Sammy and Elise smile at me. The guards leave and the three of us make ou
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Chapter 3- Matteo
Making my way to Lana’s room I think about how fucked up this day became. It’s been three months of keeping Amara prisoner. The council told me I had to do something with her. Everyone thinks she isn’t to blame for Cheryl’s death and maybe she isn’t, but I can’t help myself. Cheryl was by far the perfect mate. She was bossy, always challenging me, and she didn’t really want me.  Cheryl was madly in love with a warrior in her old pack. She was set to run away with him, but the night before she could I came to her pack to visit. She was my mate and I didn’t know she was in love with someone else and about to run away. I don’t know why her and her warrior lover thought becoming rogues was wise, but they were desperate. Cheryl's father forced her to go home with me. Cheryl explained she was in love with someone else. I was prepared to let her reject me even though I had waited long enough for my mate. Ho
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Chapter 4- Amara
Banging on the door wakes me from my sleep. I fell asleep naked on the bathroom floor. My neck has a crick in it and I’m freezing. Damn it. I need a shower I smell like dried blood and sex, oh right my asshole mate claimed and marked me last night. Let’s not forget the part where said asshole mate doesn't want to have pups with me because he hates me. Did he really think I would buy the whole ‘it’s not a good time thing’? I mean seriously who the fuck says that.   “Open the fucking door, Amara. I’m not in the mood I have to get Lana up and ready for the day. I don’t have time for your shit right now.” Matteo yells through the door as he bangs on it. “Open it now, Amara. I can hear your fucking heart picking up. You made your point. I get it you're pissed about the pup thing, but I’m not doing this right now with you.”  Rolling my eyes I unlock
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Chapter 5- Matteo
It’s been two weeks, two fucking weeks since I mated and marked Amara. She has been avoiding me as much as she can. She doesn’t even sleep in our room. She falls asleep with Lana knowing full well I can’t move her or I risk waking Lana. I’ve been wanting to stop her, but I’ve been swamped with Alpha business that I’ve been working late. Tonight I’m not working late. I’m going to stop her from sleeping with Lana tonight. I don’t want Lana getting used to that and Amara belongs in my fucking bed not my daughters. I growl internally frustrated at the whole situation. At least Amara is making progress with Lana.  Damn I feel like a shit father. I can’t even handle my own pup on my own. I was losing my cool with Lana and it was showing. She knew it, I knew it, the whole fucking staff of the house knew it, and so did my Beta Jasper. I tried different nannies, but Lana only wanted Amara. I was still pissed
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Chapter 6- Matteo
Lana happily goes to bed for once. She had a big day and was clearly worn out from entertaining her grandparents. She loves their attention and loves to do whatever she can to keep it. She will sing, dance, read books, tell stories, anything she can to hold their attention. My parents eat it up too. They spoil the shit out of their grand pups. My sisters and I bitch at them constantly for it, but it never stops them.  Tucking Lana into bed I kiss her on the forehead. Amara looks like she is plotting away to escape me tonight. “Don’t even think about it, Amara, you’re coming back to my room tonight so it can go to being our room. I told you I would be sharing a room with me and one night doesn't count.” I growl at her through the mind link.  Amara kisses Lana goodnight on the head and I grab her upper arm. She glares at me. “You don't have to drag me
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Chapter 7- Amara
A few weeks have gone by since Matteo and I have started working on our relationship. It’s harder than I thought it would be, for me at least. Matteo is all about trying and is doing his best to communicate with me. He’s also trying to help our newly formed family get on the right track. This is not how I pictured anything. I love Lana and I know in time once I get past my resentment for Matteo I will love him too, but right now my resentment is making it hard to want to try. I can’t help feeling doomed as a second chance mate.  Matteo is used to a mateship, none of this is new to him, but for me it’s all new. I was a virgin and while I enjoy Matteo’s sexual taste, I secretctly panic every time he finishes inside of my vigina and not my ass. I’m still getting used to anal. It’s not bad, I actually enjoy it, but I get sore quickly. Matteo is freaking huge and the fact that he fits in any of my holes i
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Chapter 8- Matteo
I’m not big on being in the city, but the other alphas wanted to meet at some hotel to go over our alliance. It seems war is a very possibility. The rogue packs seem to be up to something. Our guess is they either want to be established as their own packs with rights which is something we might consider if it avoids war. My pack is the biggest of the alliance and the one with the most warriors. My pack will shoulder a lot of the fighting so I’m for avoiding a war if we can work something out with them. Maybe give them some land they can claim their own and they run things their way, but in exchange they wouldn't be allowed in our alliance.  It’s political cluster fuck and this are the moments where I hate being in postion of leadership and power. I’ve worked hard to make my pack a great pack, a pack with power and money, but it comes at a price. As Alpha of the pack I often pay the price. It’s a heav
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Chapter 9-Amara
The drive to the city is quiet so far. It’s an hour drive from our pack territory to the main city. Werewolves don’t really like being in the city, we like the freedom the woods offer us. I never minded the city though. The tall buildings, the hustle and bustle, the nice shops and restaurants, museums, and so many other activities. The city is a playground of it’s own and I also enjoy visiting it. I don’t think I’d ever want to live in the city as my wolf yearns for the forest and the fresh mountain air.  Jasper has entered the city. “How much longer?” I ask, unsure if I’m ready to have such an intimate evening with Matteo. This is a very real date we are about to go on and I’m not sure I’m ready for it.  “About twenty minutes by the time we navigate this traffic.” Jasper grumbles. He clearly hates the city.  Read more
Chapter 10- Amara
After a lovely dinner followed by yummy desert and slow dancing Matteo and I head up to our room. Our hotel suit is the stuff dreams are made of. There is a king size bed, a dresser with a huge TV on it, nightstands on either side of the bed, there is a small kitchenette area and a couch near the window. The bathroom is big and just as impressive. There is a huge soaking tub for two people, a decent sized shower stall, a counter with a sink and large mirror over it, and of course a toilet. Matteo really is going all out and I appreciate it.  It was sweet of him to buy a baby book for me to make for our pup. I’m also thrilled to have my dad’s baby book back! Tonight was nice. It’s nice to see Matteo trying. I was touched by his gestures and words. Tonight I’m going to let it go of my anger and hurt towards him. Tonight is about feeling pleasure and enjoying sexual fun with my mate. I'm definitely look
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