Brixton And Helena

Brixton And Helena

By:  Jensen Anderson  Ongoing
Language: English
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There's a forbidden love between two families, Werewolves and Vampires. Brixton and Helena run away for love of each other. War is called upon when the families find their children gone. The fateful day of love, hate, redemption or peace comes too soon. Brixton and Helena take their own lives.

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7 chapters
The Beginning of Family Feuds
There has been a war between two families. The Royal family of Werewolves and the Duke family of Vampires. The war has been waging for four decades now. There were two deaths which caused the family feud that would last for until they can find peace within themselves and each other. On a bright summer's day when the daughter of Dronnicka, the King of the vampires, fell in love with the son of Raul, the King of the Werewolves. Raul's son's name is Brixton. Dronnicka's daughter's name is Helena. Helena and Brixton were two love birds. They fell in love at first sight. At first, their parents were in an uproar about them falling in love. Eventually they came to the understanding of their love for each other. It was just a matter of time until their trust and love were to be tested. After about five moths Helena and Brixton began to hate each other. They fought little by little, then it turned into a daily occurrence. The more they fought the more they slept away from their love for one
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The Royal Home
Later that week, Sunday afternoon, Helena, Heather and Dronnicka got into a heated argument. They were accusing Helena trying to get rid of her younger brother. They didn't accept her thoughts nor her feelings. They just want her siblings, but never her. After the argument, Helena ran upstairs to her bedroom quickly packing her things. She flung drawers open and yanked clothes off hangers. Helena heard her father's footsteps coming down the hallway to her room. He entered her room to apologize. She has had enough. She was not going to give her father another chance to accuse her of anything else. "I'm leaving! I have had enough! None of you care about me. I don't want to live with any of you. Esp
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War Upon Family's Part 1: The Duke's
Brixton held three jobs to make sure he and his wife, even though they were not legally married, they called themselves husband and wife. Brixton wanted the best for Helena. He knew about what she had been put through. Though, Helena had no clue what Brixton had been put through his entire life. He had lied to her about what happened to him the night they ran away. Maybe Brixton was embarrassed about letting the horrible abuse happen to him. Maybe he blamed himself. Maybe he loves Helena so much he doesn't want to worry her too much. Either way she will eventually find out about it. But who knows. She may or may not ever know about it. Back at the Vampire Mansion. The Duke's were getting ready fo
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Brixton's Life History
Brixton had to awake every morning at five AM for one of his jobs. The other two jobs were every other day. Every other day he worked from 7:30 AM until 6 PM. While the other days he worked from 7:30 AM until 7 PM. He was physically drained from lack of sleep. He wasn't able to get enough sleep because of his jobs. Helena wanted to help Brixton out by getting a job or jobs. Brixton thought it was not proper for her to have to work as well. Basically he loves her so much he doesn't want Helena to become physically drained like he has become. Though they never got into any arguments they did have some troubles. They held their tongue keeping any hurt from their relationship. They had had enough hur
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War Upon Families Part Two The Werewolves Kingdom
In the beginning of the Kingdom of Werewolves, there were slaves who were ordered to construct the castle. In those days, there were limited resources for building a castle. The slaves had to hand make the stones with what they were ordered to use. They had to make their own equipment and tools. The slaves were vampires and mortals. This is when the werewolves and vampires became each others nemesis. After the castle was built the mortals were released in a safely matter. As for the vampires, they had to fight for their freedom. This was the first war between the two families. The werewolves had a lot more resources for weapons than the vampires had. Fast forward a couple hundred years. Raul and
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The Return
As the day for the feud driven war draws nearer all of the vampire's practicing for the war becomes more intense. They are now using fake targets for their practicing. The main types of weapons while practicing are the most lethal ones. A couple weeks before D-Day Dronnicka made an announcement. Dronnicka walked up onto the announcement stage. He carried a Smith and Wesson Semi Auto Pistol for protection in case any of the werewolves attempt anything. They may or they not. Dronnicka clearedhisthroat beforehebegan. "As your King I am obligated to keep you informed of any and all new developments in the war against the werewolves. So, I am going to let you know now about what I have discovered about the flaws in our opponents. They have only one motive. And, their motive is trying to draw Brixton home. Wherever he and our beloved Helena are. Now, let's have lunch. Shall we?" Dronnicka ended with a low bow. Everyone cheered and clapped in response and for their appreciation for their K
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The morning of the battle everyone in both households were very busy. Even the chefs were really busy. The chefs began cooking before dawn. The first on the chef's list to do list was everyone's breakfast. After that the chefs started working on the elaborate meal, the meal of victory. The werewolves were making plans for what they would do when they have conquered their enemies. One of their plans are celebrating with alcoholic beverages, dancing, an elaborate feast, and soda and juice for the underage werewolves. Another plan was celebrating by either enslaving the vampires or chasing them away for good. The werewolves wasn't for sure exactly where they would chase the vampires to. They just knew they wanted to get the vampires far away from them. The vampires were making their own plans while they ate their breakfast. Toward the end of breakfast, Dronnicka who was sitting at the head of the dinning table; he stood to make an announcement. "My fellow vampires, family, I have had b
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