CEO's obsession

CEO's obsession

By:  Lyn Theo  Ongoing
Language: English
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Marcus Mowbray is a powerful Chief Executive Officer of a pharmaceutical company. After a chance encounter, he must find out the identity of the mystery woman acting as his very own good Smaritan before the mystery becomes obsession, but will satisfying his curiosity make a difference or leave him wanting more?

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9 Chapters
Chapter I
Marcus’ POV  Location: Cosmo nightclub, London.    I stumble out onto the veranda and into the fresh air.  My head is spinning.  I’m not used to this much booze.   The Board of Directors were against me today.  I’ve always managed to talk them around.  Today I failed.  Failure doesn’t come easily to me.  No, I’m not a rags to riches case, I fight to win because my childhood was a persistent competition.  To be better, to do better, there was no stopping my father obliterating every ounce of play, fun or innocence out of my childhood.  If I did well today, I had to do better tomorrow.  In my adult life, I’ve coped with any set-backs in my life by letting off steam in the gym, doing a punishing workout, but today I decided to call on some of the reasonably tolerable members from Chess, the gent’s club I frequent, for a night of bar hopping.
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Chapter II
Lowri’s POV Poor guy, he’s got himself into a right pickle.  This is London, you've got to keep your whits about you no matter how rich you are, and this one likes the finer things in life, judging by his tailored look.  I’m doing my good Samaritan for drunk people thing now; I can see the wallet in his pocket, I tell him I’m just taking the cloakroom tab to get his jacket – it’s right in the front of his wallet.  I close the wallet and give it back to him.  I don’t pry at his cards, that’s not the right thing to do.  I tell him to sit tight whilst I get him some water.  An hour in the fresh air and some water should get him his legs back.  Then I’ll stick him in a taxi and get him home.  It’s been an amazing night.  I’ve worked my ass off to win this trip.  My pharmaceuticals sales figures for this
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Chapter III
Chapter 3 Marcus’ POV  Daylight.  My god what time is it?  It’s Sunday right? Ugh, I remember now.  I got way too drunk last night.  Shit – what happened? Well, I’m in bed.  I’ve still got last night’s clothes on.  I remember going with the guys to Cosmo.  I remember whisky chasers.  Bad idea.  I remember being sick on the rooftop.  I remember a woman.  I remember her handing me a pill and some water – shit, was I spiked?  Then all I remember is getting into a taxi.  I start to sweat at the vague memories.  But I’m here, and I feel weirdly ok.  Tired, but ok.  I should be worse considering what I drunk last night.  I’m not used to binge drinking. The woman came home with me in the taxi!
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Chapter IV
Lowri’s POVOh wow, what  a refreshing few days it had been; sightseeing, eating, and window shopping.  No real spending of my own money as that was against my frugality for freedom promise to myself; my life  plan is to save every bonus and every penny towards the dream of paying off a small place with a few acres close to my parent’s home in the mountains, and also having enough capital to generate an income that means I won’t have to answer to anyone.  That was the plan anyhow.  The plan was already in progress.  I’ve saved just enough to have recently put down 50% of the purchase price on a dated farmhouse with some old barns and 20 acres of fallow land.  It was the most exciting purchase I’ve ever made.  I had a long way to go to pay off the mortgage on the other 50% and fund the repairs and upgrading, not to mention the nest egg I needed to generate an income that meant I wasn’t just surviving o
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Chapter V
Marcus’ POVJake’s investigations have turned up very little about the mysterious woman who brought me home from Cosmo Club last Saturday night.  I’m not surprised.  How do you go about tracking down a nameless woman from the crowd of a London nightclub?  This incessant nagging in my brain to find out who this woman is, is becoming somewhat of an obsession.  I find myself losing focus several times a day, trying to recall more details.  Bits of conversations have come back, but only a vague outline of her face and features.“Your 12.30 is here Mr Mowbray” says my secretary, Linda, interrupting my thoughts.“Thank you Linda, please show her in”.I’ve scanned the basic details of the personnel file on our top sales rep this year, but my mind isn’t on the details as it would usually be.  I turn from the window in readiness to greet her, as I’m met with a radiant smile a
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Chapter VI
Lowri’s POV What a turn of events!  I’m a hundred percent certain it’s him…Marc, the guy who was struggling with his drink at Cosmo’s nightclub last Saturday.  But judging from his confused look when I greeted him, he doesn’t remember anything, or me, at all! It’s too late now. I made a split second decision not to remind him of who I was, just because I really really don’t want to embarrass the CEO of the company I work for and ruin this meeting by making it awkward between us.  It feels dishonest though!  Uuugh, so much for my good deed! He’ so polished and gentlemanly today.  Not that he was particularly otherwise when we first met, it’s just that the vulnerability then is completely gone now.  He now came across as a man in control of every situation.  I just can’t believe it!  I’ve read all of his CEO reports, followed all of his board meeting decisions.  I hate to admit it but he's breathtakingly good looking
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Chapter VII
Marcus’ POV The taxi drops me off at the front entrance of the office building.  It’s a crisp but sunny autumn day, and the light is shining through the glass of the building.  It’s one of the nicer skyscrapers in the city, and I’d never really taken much time to reflect on the beauty of this glass giant.  I felt totally relaxed after my lunch with Lowri.  Tony’d had to order a taxi for us as we’d gone through the bottle of red wine easily.  I’m not surprised we’d gone through the bottle as it was 4 o’ clock!  We’d been 3 hours at lunch! I’d cleared the afternoon of appointments in any event, but my plan was to get a few hours of paperwork done after meeting with Lowri.  I have to admit to myself that her company was very enjoyable, and I hadn’t relaxed like that for a long time.  Last Saturday didn’t count, as I considered that totally reckless behaviour.  God only knows what would’ve happened to me last Saturday night ha
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Chapter VIII
Marcus’ POVLinda brings me a tray with a cup and caffitiere full of dark coffee, as well as a box file of papers labelled with an employee sticker tag with Lowri Davies’ information.  I’d like to know more about her as she has great potential.  She’s climbed relatively high within her area, but there’s much higher for her to climb, I feel.  The file will only give me an insight into her work life, and some basic personal details for HR purposes of course, but I’ll get a good feel for the kind of person she is from that.I pour the coffee, and start to drink it as I thumb through some of the documents; payroll; target reports; HR information…she lives in a flat in Cardiff City, which would be convenient for the Cardiff office.I forget how much info these files keep, and am about to finish fishing through the file when an employee questionnaire catches my eye….it’s a standard one about employ
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Chapter IX
Lowri's POVI'm slightly lightheaded as I pack back at my hotel room in readiness for my 7pm train.  I'm feeling what can only be described as "good vibes" after what was the tastiest lunch with really very good company.  I think I was expecting a stuffy , snobby, executive type, but no, Marcus is a witty, funny, interesting man, and that'll teach me to pre-judge a situation!As I'm bobbing around the room, I pick up my straightners by the full length wall mirror and catch a glimpse of myself....I'm grinning like a cheshire cat and I have glowy red cheeks!  I pause for a minute, and sit myself down ........I think I should get myself a strong coffee when I reach the train station before I get carried away with the good feelings I've experienced on this trip.....I realise I've been pondering on thoughts of Marcus ever since lunch, and I just cannot deal with a crush right now.  Thank goodness I leave for Cardiff tonight, hopefully it's just a fleetin
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