Fate Of The Mates

Fate Of The Mates

By:  Rain Shaw  Updated just now
Language: English
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Raven had lived the best life she could in the Black Moon pack. With an adoring mate and twin pups, she has never doubted they could face anything together as a couple or as a pack. Until war was declared. After having left her side to join the enemy, her mate Rafe has now returned to her and brings the news that the enemy is dead. With that news the council believes there is no longer a threat of war. Raven knows better. Something is not right with Rafe or the world outside their pack. Beginning a journey that will forever change her, secrets are now unfolding, and sides are shifting. She doesn’t know what to believe anymore. In a race against time to save her mate and stop this war, Raven accepts that when it comes to love and peace, there are no lengths one wouldn’t go to, to win.

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    47 chapters
    Rafe “Ahh, here she comes,” at Melanie’s words, my eyes darted through the crowd looking for Raven. It takes only a moment for the crowd to part, and there she is. I want to laugh, but I hold it in. Only Raven would wear the color of her namesake. White or pastel colors are traditional for mating ceremonies, like my white suit, but I chose to add a black tie in honor of my mate, which I’m pleased to see, goes well with her black lace dress and the white shawl she’s added. My eyes track her every movement. I watch as she takes in the surrounding crowd, consisting mostly of my pack, with a few from hers. As she gets closer, tears are glistening on her lashes as she shares a soft smile with Melanie. Then, at last, she looks at me, and her smile lights up the darkening sky, making my pounding heart stutter in my chest.
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    Chapter One
    Raven - 8 years later The thundering of my paws hitting the dry dead land is the only sound echoing around me. My tongue is hanging out of my mouth and all I can think about is how desperately I want water, as the sun blazes down on me. I swear the forest on the horizon keeps moving further out of reach, despite the distance and time I’ve been running toward it. ‘I can’t,’ I gripe at my wolf. ‘Shut up, yes you can, because I can and am,’ my wolf sends back to me. ‘yeah yeah, I know, we can do this, hip hip hooray, but damn, how long have we been running?’ ‘Too long. Stopping is not an option. We have to make it there.’ I cut off my thoughts
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    Chapter Two
    Raven“What do you mean, Raven?” His voice quivers with emotion.“I mean, you need to come home with me now.” I straighten my shoulders and prepare to be harsh with him. “I’ve indulged this long enough. This is turning into an actual war. There will be a war, Rafe. I can not have you standing across from me when it begins. When you mated me and joined my pack, you knew what that entailed and all that we stand for. You don’t get to change sides now.”He steps back, confusion, betrayal, and finally, rage flits across his face. “Indulge? You’ve indulged me with this? You make it seem as if I have no rights at all? Being mated to the great Raven Hale, and brought into the Black Moon pack has stripped me of my freedom to think? To decide what I believe is right and wrong? To
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    Chapter Three
    The return to my pack feels like it takes forever. Thankfully, most of my return is done with a setting sun. No longer is it blazing down on me.The instant I cross into pack territory, my wolf is at ease, knowing we are safe and so close to our babes.As I pass by, I don't stop or acknowledge anyone. The back of my house is where I keep my chest of spare clothes, so I run straight there. Shifting to take out a set and get dressed. As I look down at the set that belongs to Rafe, I pause for a moment. I shake it off as my enhanced hearing picks up on the kids inside, laughing and playing upstairs. “You were told not to go,” Haylee says as soon as I step inside my kitchen. “It pissed the council off.” The aroma of tomatoes and spices fills my nose, making my stomach growl as I close the d
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    Chapter Four
    “Gentlemen,” I nod to Phil and Denton as I walk into the conference room.“Look who decided to return. What secrets did you spill while you were away, Raven?” Phil laughs.“Only that you have a hard time getting it up Phil,” I stop in front of him and narrow my eyes, “crap, that’s not a secret though. Everyone here knows that.” Pursing my lips to the side, I shrug, “guess I spilled nothing new then.” I walk to my seat at the council table, placing my coffee down and I sit waiting for Jules, Robert, and Serena so that we can start. The Black Moon pack is the original wolf pack. The original wolves created it, and it received the blessing of the Moon goddess and still does to this day. While there are about 10 other outside packs, that are control
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    Chapter Five
    “Hey. Hey. Stop the fighting. What has gotten into you two?” I say exasperatedly as I pull Jade off Jasper. It has been nonstop fighting since they got home from school. They are driving me crazy.“He was being mean to me mama, he called me a dork.”Oh, goddess.“Jasper, you know we don’t call names. Why are you picking on your sister?” I crouch down to their level. Looking into his eyes, I see tears well up and his nostrils flare. Oh, my emotional child.He says nothing as he shrugs his shoulders.“You don’t know? Did she do something first?”“No, I didn’t,” Jade yells in my ear. I turn to look at her,
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    Chapter Six
    “I thought we could come to an arrangement, you and I, and stop this war altogether. You have something I want, and I have someone you want.”What is this fruitcake talking about?“You’re trying to tell me that this whole declaration of war could end with a simple exchange between us?” I scoff out a dry laugh. “Hell Duncan, we’re still not sure what this war is about.”“There is a lot you do not understand, Raven. Just know this, right now, the fate of this war is in your hands.” Pretentious jackass.Since I met him 8 years ago, I knew there was something wrong with him. My wolf took an instant dislike to him. I don’t believe I can see auroras, but what I can see coming off of him is not right. It’s
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    Chapter Seven
    My mind is racing with so many thoughts and none of them are good. I don’t need to talk with the other council members to know what their answer will be, hell it would be mine too if only this were someone else. Right now, my battered and bruised heart is only calling out for its mate that it now knows didn’t leave us by choice. A giggle escapes as I let myself in my back door. The Rafe I know and love is still there. He didn’t leave me. I feel my cheeks push up into my eyes as I can’t hold in my happiness any longer.“Mama?” I stop, startled that Jade is awake, sitting on the bottom stair of our staircase.“Baby, why are you up so late? You should be sleeping.” I walk towards her after toeing off my shoes at the door and pick her up. She places her hands on my cheeks and forces me to look at her.Unease settles in my stomach at the furrow of her brow and the seriousness in her
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    Chapter Eight
    I skip heading home as the sun is making its grand entrance on this day. After going round and round with no answers or ideas, we finally called it a night or morning, I guess. My thoughts wander to the Moonstone that I have locked away at home. To do with as I see fit. My mate would be worth it. But first I want to know more about the stone.I haul my tired legs up the large stone staircase to the library, pushing through the heavy wood doors. Once inside, the stale, still air assaults my nose as I glance around, trying to remember where everything is. This wasn’t my scene, whereas for Rafe, if he wasn’t at home, he was here, buried in books and learning everything he could. A sigh escapes as I give up and go look at the directory board. Of course, there is no section specific to our origins or creation, so I take a guess and go to the oldest section I know of.Stars dance across my eyes as I press the heels of my palms in
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    Chapter Nine
    “I don’t know what I would do without you,” I say to Haylee as I walk down the stairs after putting the kids to bed.“Good thing you will never have to know. You are stuck with me,” she says as I hug her and I feel her shock while we embrace. I’m not a touchy person, but today I have hugged and kissed the kids more than ever before and feel the need to hug Haylee, too. I don’t know why, but I know things are changing and I feel the need to hold those I love close.“I have to say I’m surprised Phil is not sending an army to accompany me. The few warriors that will be in the treeline on the edge of our border will be enough. I want to get there and get back. I need to find another way to free Rafe from Duncan’s control. There has to be a way.” I murmur the last part more to myself as I think things through.“If there is, I know you will find it. Stay stron
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