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Raina Belmont has never had anything easy for her. Being on of the weakest wolves in her pack made her life hell. Although she is a weak wolf she is a very strong lady but her life takes a huge turn when Lucian Randolfr the Alpha of a very large pack in America came to her pack, sees her, recognises her as his mate and he marked her without her permission. LITTLE BITES, Alpha

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70 chapters
Chapter one
"Get out!" Alpha Aiden yelled at me and I jerked in shock at the tone of his voice and nodded vigorously, dropping to my knees and picking the pieces of broken plates that lay discarded on the floor.I felt a hand soap against my shoulder and I stopped, I didn't have to look up to know who was behind me. Taryn was the only daughter of the Alpha. And despite her being one of our best warriors, she had a terrible personality and I was the least of her fans.My eyes glittered with unshed tears and I rose to my feet with the broken plates and food particles and scrambled out of the room, not sparing a glance at either of them.On getting to the kitchen, I threw away the broken glasses, took out a mop and went back to the sitting room to clean the rest of the mess.When I was done, I walked back to the kitchen, sighing in relief that Taryn hadn't said anything else."You're bleeding!" A voice sounded from behind me and I turned to se
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Chapter two
I give Magan a reassuring look. I wasn't sure any of us would be ok if either of us left. What if I got somewhere worse than this. I was already used to the eight years of abuse this pack had to offer.My heart thumped loudly in my chest and for a second I felt fear, fear of being treated worse. How long could I endure before I gave up.I felt Megan take my hand in hers, squeezing it reassuringly and I did the same. In our own weird way, we loved each other and I didn't want any harm to come to her. I drew my hand away from hers, the fear of attachment filled me up and I didn't want to explain to her that I was scared of leaving her, or her me.I saw Logan walk into the room, and stood in front of us. He snapped his fingers and huge lights filled the room. Standing before us were Alphas of different packs, or important rich men. I noticed a few of them glancing my way and I shuddered in disgust at being displayed like a piece of clothing in the store
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Chapter three
I groaned, rolled on the bed for a minute before sitting up wishing I was already asleep before Taryn called, that way I couldn't hear her nor respond.It was another minute before I rose from the bed and left the room to the empty hallway in search of her. I finally found her at the end of the third corridor that overlooked the pack outside.Taryn wore a black long sleeve turtle neck with a gothic skirt and high boots that added to her height. Her black hair was cut short to her chin and dark eyes glared hatefully at me."Alpha Lucian just came in and I want you to serve him." She orders and I refrain from rolling my eyes at her. Was that why she had called me? There were other slaves in the kitchen!"I mean now!" She screamed at me when I didn't move, I flinched, bowing down before leaving the hallway to the kitchen, suddenly wishing I could feel more of the setting sun on my skin.I quickly made rice with roasted chicken. It
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Chapter four
Pain lacerated through me as Alpha Lucian's teeth sank into my neck and I let out a painful scream. It hurt so badly and I tried to pull away, but he held me tighter until I could barely move an inch."Please stop!" I screamed as tears filled my eyes and I clenched my fist in pain. I felt him release a liquid into my skin. The marking. He had marked me as his."Please stop!"I cried harder at the pain that travelled through my body and even he pulled away licking the wound. He pulled my face to meet his eyes and guilt sat in those bright green eyes."It's over. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to do that." He said and I staggered backwards, leaving his embrace and suddenly wishing I could go back in his arms. But I was too scared, fear blinded my vision and I reached for my neck, the wound had mostly healed but I knew there was a mark there.I looked up at the Alpha. "Don't come near me, please." I whispered fearfully and I noticed s
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Chapter five
THREE MONTHS LATER"You missed a spot!" Taryn yelled at me as I mopped the floor. I sigh tiredly, going back to wipe down the spot I missed. She smiled victoriously and I resisted the urge to roll my eyes.I finished cleaning and bowed respectfully at her as I started to leave the hallway when a voice stopped me in my tracks."Rain." Wren called out and I sighed, turning to him."How are you?" He asked and I frowned."I don't know. I don't think I can go through another heat alone again." I told him. Over the past three months, I couldn't say Wren and I were friends again but at least now we tolerated each other.I noticed his eyes soften as he reached for me."Don't look at me like that." I complained."How?" He asks innocently and I sighed, dropping down on one of the stools in the hallway, looking outside the pack wishing I was out there, running in my wolf and feeling the cold wind in my face
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Chapter six
"You know we still need to have a conversation right?" Alpha Lucian said, breaking the awkward silence that passed between us.It's been a few hours and I have been quiet, silently wishing I had headphones to play some music. But instead I was stuck with Lucian staring at me frequently."Says who?" I asked sarcastically."I already apologised." Lucian grumbled and I turned to him with raised brows."What for?""Don't start that with me." He warns. I scoff, looking at the window and watching the houses go by quickly in a faze."Start What? I know and I've met Alphas like you. You hate being disrespected by people especially when they are lower in rank." I said back."You're just being overly dramatic." Lucian spoke, anger lacing his voice and I yawn, resting my head back."If you don't mind, I need to rest before I start work at your pack so excuse me." I closed my eyes, feeling the gush of AC hit
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Chapter seven
I was glad to have brought the few bathing essentials I owned. I left the room to the bathroom admiring the exquisite bathtub and shower head. There was a cabinet on the wall and a mirror. I looked at my pale face, sunken tired eyes and bony cheekbones.What would Lucian's parents think of me? I wondered before scoffing and taking off my clothes. Why did it matter, I hated him and I couldn't care less about his parents.I hummed a familiar poem and I scrubbed off the sweat from the ride and brushed my teeth. I left the bathroom in a white towel I found in the cabinet.As I ransacked through my clothes, I thought of what to wear. Probably jeans and blouse. A tiny voice in my head rebuked and urged me to wear my favourite gown because no matter how hard I tried, I didn't want to think of Lucian's parents. I still did.I took out the floral gown that fell past my knee and put it on, I noticed a piece of thread loosen and I tucked it under my
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Chapter eight
"I'm sorry about Lucy. She didn't know who you were." Lucian started to say and I just rolled my eyes in irritation."I'm really tired, what is it that seemed so important that you had to order me to listen to you?" I asked."Nothing really.""Nothing?" I ask in disbelief, as I let out a dry laugh."We don't like being disrespected but you were out of line tonight." Lucian scolded and I scoffed."Was I?" I feigned innocence. "Of course, I've been disrespected all my life and I shouldn't care that my own mate is too weak to stand up for me!" I spat angrily."I'm not weak. I won't let you question my strength and authority in my own home, never!" Lucian rose, pointing an accusing finger at me."I already did." I mocked, resting my back against the headboard as I stared down at my nails."Then don't do it again or else-" He started to say I cut him off, sparing me a glare."Hit me? Didn't
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Chapter nine
Mustering what little courage I had left I turned to see what was happening. I saw Lucy first, her blue eyes filled with tears as they filed didn't get cheeks. The smirk and devious look she had given me earlier was replaced by a sad face and I raised my brow in confusion.Lucian came into my line of vision next, and an angry look on his face and eyes glaring hatefully at me.What the hell has she done?"I warned you!" Lucian snarled, pointing an accusing finger at me. I held my nervousness as I frowned, masking the fear that shot up my spine at his loud voice."About what exactly because all I remember you saying were unnecessary rules." I replied, glancing between Lucy and him."What you have done is unforgivable." He said again and I stared in confusion. From the corner of my eyes, Henrietta had come to stand beside me."What exactly am I being accused of?" I asked tiredly."You moved to hit Lucy and eve
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Chapter ten
"Oh my, you're awake. You got me really scared." I groaned and opened my eyes slowly to see Rietta standing over me. A soft smile curled my lips."Hey." I whispered before looking around to see that I was lying on my bed. It was bright outside, with the sun peeking into my room.Had I been out all night? I wanted to ask but I tried to seat you and Henrietta helped me, and I rested my back against the headboard."I was so worried." She said, smiling sadly at me as she tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear."I'm fine." I assured her, smiling sadly at her but she frowned, her eyes laced with worry."That's what you said yesterday. And look at what happened. Is your heat always that painful?" She asked and I sighed before nodding."Yes, it gets worse each time, but I'm getting used to it." I said, trying to convince her as I masked my worried tone but it did nothing to lessen the worry on her face."You didn
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