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Cloaked by storm magic in the middle of the Pacific, their world was unknown to the mortals that roam the Earth. Everything seemed to be happy and normal, but suddenly, a taint of deceit and evil came lurking in the dark corners of their kingdom. Fighting off forces that aim to destroy the world, Quin Kaylus is caught up in the maze of mysteries-all of which seem to be dragging him towards an unnerving journey of seeking the inconceivable truth. "Et lux in tenebris lucet."

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Random Dude
A very good read, hoping for the next chapters
2020-11-11 11:34:13
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This is highly recommended.
2020-11-11 11:16:03
user avatar
Woah! Please keep up the story.
2020-11-11 11:15:40
default avatar
waiting for the next chapter! is there any social media to discuss your story further?
2021-07-10 11:58:03
12 Chapters
Prologue: Capax Infiniti
"Quaecumque vera doce me."Behind the shadows emerged an old man in pitch black robe that seemed to absorb every bit of light that surrounds him. His droopy eyes showed fiery orbs of red as he looked down upon a young man kneeling on the ground before him, shaking."I speak the language of the common young man. What IS IT that you seek?"As the old man spoke, the walls around them rumbled, filling the void of darkness with echoes of his deep rough voice as crows began to gather around in circles."I—I want to,—ask y-you no, er— I desire to learn the t-truth of y-your P-path, sire...," the young man responded nervously on his knees with his head bowed down low, touching the ground.The old man raised one of his grey eyebrows as he watched the young lad, trying his best to act courageous in front of him but instead, was visibly filled with fear facing him. Interesting.
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Chapter I: Danger is Sweet
The soft knocking of the cold northern wind on the window beside his bed was not the one that kept him lying awake. It was already past midnight but still, he couldn't sleep. He just lay there in the darkness, eyes wide open. Something's really troubling him, he just couldn't figure it out. He shifted his gaze towards the window. The wind was howling outside and he could hear the faint sound of waves hitting the rocks of the shore. A storm is about to pass by. He smiled at the thought of it. He secretly admired the storms that always pass by the country. The sound of fierce waves rocking fishermen's boats and howling winds had always marveled his heart. No matter how his family and neighbourhood hated storms, he just totally loves it.He was always right when he predicted that a storm is about to come and now, he again proved that his instincts were always right. But this time, something was bothering him. And he doesn't know what it is. The flames from
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Chapter II: Danger is Sweeter
He squinted as the bright rays of the sun welcomed his day. The sound of birds chirping outside was audible, as a soft gush of wind entered and brushed his cheek.Holding his right arm up to his face to block the blinding light greeting him, he slowly rose up from the soft mattress he was lying on and carefully turned his head to check his surroundings. As he did that, he suddenly felt a sharp pang of pain on his back as if he was stabbed by a knife. He winced and cursed as he painfully moved his limbs. Turning his back from the rays of the sun which was coming from the huge window beside the bed, he adjusted his eyes and was greeted by an unfamiliar room. There was an oakwood bedside table on his right, a dresser near the door and a mirror in front of him. The room was rather plain but it was clean nonetheless. It's walls were painted green."Where the fuck am I?," he muttered to himself.Standing up from sitting on the m
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Chapter III: Cognizance
Congratulations Graduates!The hallway was filled with noise and laughter as students came rushing to see their parents, guardians and friends. Walls were decorated with banners and different spectres of light. Confetti was blasted from above, that left the ground scattered with small pieces of squares with different colors.An announcement was blasted by the speakers attached on the walls."Greetings Imperial Grand Academy graduates! Please proceed to the auditorium for the Ball."The place seemed to get noisier as people squeezed their way to the venue of the ball. Near the corner of the Left Wing, a small crowd of newly graduated students gathered in front of two adjacent rooms. They were chattering and were in glee as they surround a red-headed girl wearing a student uniform which was in gray and gold. She wore a sash from her shoulder down to her waist and was smilin
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Chapter IV: Phantasms
A rustling sound from behind his back made him stop from reading the book he's holding."Professor, what's with all of these junk?," a guy with round rimmed glasses said. He was wearing a white lab coat and his unruly dark hair partially covered his ears and nape. His thick eyebrows were furrowed deep on his forehead as he scrambled over the piles of documents scattered on the floor. Leaning over the table stacked with books and papers of different sorts, he scooped down and held a tiny gray creature with big round eyes and yellow irises. The creature's body was slime-like, yet it seemed to have short limbs and a small mouth that produces a harsh hissing sound when it opens."Don't call them junk," the elderly professor replied. Struggling to stand up from sitting on his chair, he gently placed the book he's reading on his desk, which was also filled with empty laboratory flasks, notebooks and pens. There wa
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Chapter V: Zeus
Beep. Beep. Beep.Groaning, she waved her hands aimlessly and tried to reach the screaming clock beside her bed."Ugh, I wanna sleep."After a few tries with no luck of silencing the beeping time bomb, she drowned a frustrated scream in her pillows and reluctantly rose from her bed and turned off the alarm.9:00 am."Heck," she said as she looked at the time displayed. "I'm late."Moving as fast as she could, she quickly took a shower and dressed up. Shoving a piece of bread to her mouth while grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge, she burst out from the door and ran towards the bus stop."I still have ten minutes. Please."Luckily, she was able to get on the bus and arrive at the place at exactly 9:30 am. She rushed inside and was greeted by her manager with his eyebrow raised."You are late."
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Chapter VI: Hagzissa
Sharp pain stabbed his back as he ran furiously outside the mansion. A lush green rose garden welcomed him at the entrance as he skidded his way towards the gates. Few maids that were tending the rose bushes were startled as they saw the half naked man with bandages scramble his way outside.He was panting feverishly as he got to the main streets of the area. Blood had started to seep out from his bandaged body but he was too distracted to care. The road was empty, and his hope to meet Mr. Kaylus was nearly deflating."Gather yourself Hanji, you can do this."Heaving a deep sigh, he focused and called upon his depleted force. Holding reign of his nearly asleep powers, he convoked his guarding spirit and called it's presence.A gust of wind started to form infront of him as his eyes fluttered open to see The Raven slowly materializing in the air. Normally, it would only take him a snap of his fing
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Chapter VII: Storm
She sprinted down the stairs as another bolt of lightning struck down a building across the street. She could hear a woman screaming on the fourth floor as another roll of thunder went piercing her ears."Run.""Run away from that place. Hurry."The whispers kept coming. Her tear ducts are now swelling, but she had to remain calm. She couldn't understand what was happening and thinks that maybe she was starting to go crazy, but she knew she had to be collected and placid. Sprinting her way out of the building's back exit, she could hear the guy from the maintenance team ordering the tenants to stay calm and stay indoors."Don't listen to them, just follow my directions. Quick."This time, Luna thought about the people inside. Andrea was even inside. Her mind was rammed up with fear and concern for her safety and for everyone
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Chapter VIII: Procutour
Anthony Reeves was tired of watching the others compete amongst themselves. Maybe if it was Iktanne, it'll look okay. She'll have that fiery look in her deep set, almond eyes, with those black orbs of irises glinting like charcoal whenever she's concentrating on a task. Her straight red hair would bounce back and forth as she prances in glee whenever she gets her sweet cup of victory.  It's quite amusing for the him watching her,— putting up a formal and respectable mask in front of everyone—and then seeing her hide in another unoccupied room, squealing and hopping with joy, like a child."Wait, why am I thinking about her?"Sighing, he lazily yawned and checked his examination papers. He was invited for the military exam by his professor that's why he was stuck in that room.Annoying geezer.It wasn't a room actually, but a spacious hall situated at the right wing of the Grand Palace. T
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Chapter IX: Umbra
Rain was pouring heavily, leaving some loose strands of hair dangling around her drenched face. Her black converse bonnet is soaking wet and it felt so frore on her head. Calming herself, she listened to the voice in her head, having no other options for help. The creature before her kept grunting as if speaking in a language she doesn't understand."Now Luna, orcs are VERY dumb. All you need to do is repeat after me, and by my signal you should sprint to the direction I told you—to that dark alleyway."Luna mentally agreed but said nothing."Okay, repeat after me... Guergh ferga arghugheda—"Her heartbeat was throbbing loudly against her ribcage as she listened to the voice creating some gurgling-like sounds. But she had no choice but to follow him.❇❇❇"I can see you of-of course!," the normal answered hi
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