By:  Mộc Tuệ Qua  Ongoing
Language: English
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A girl who does not like to get married and have children. After many ups and downs in her life. She believes in that decision even more. She thought that, after saving enough money for her parents to retire, she would start the life of a nun, a hermit. Living the days of adventure, freedom, leisure, not bothering mundane life outside. Who knows, life is not a dream. The last step she tripped again. Having sex with a strange man she doensn’t know. Even worse, she becomes pregnant for the first time. All plans were ruined in an instant. A man from small to adult lives according to the arrangement and requirements of his parents. Always stay within the framework. Before the wedding day, the miserable guy wanted to let go of himself, get rid of the cliché, and protest once to let him know how he felt. Where will this unwanted encounter take our two characters?

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12 Chapters
Chapter 1: Going far to return
The loudspeakers of the flight from Tokyo to Da Nang, Vietnam, played non-stop. Daisy Nguyen, is a small girl, over six centimeters. She’s wearing an untrendy T-shirt. She’s taking a plane ticket in her hand. Her ears strained to listen to the announcer's announcement.  Even though all the information is as complete as the ticket. Daisy Nguyen is a little worried.  She thought to myself, “I really failed. A school teacher with a disability, all day revolves around children with physical and psychological disabilities. Usually, I feel fine. The pace of life of the children here is especially
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Chapter 2: Incident
Thinking like that, the matter has to travel a few stops. The path of way seems shorter than she thought. For a person who rides on public transport, she always feels travel sickness too much. She never loves the types of different expensive cars. If she had enough money, she’d send the savings to the bank. Then she’s retirement soon.  She lives freely for the rest of her life. Never worry about the earn-living. That was her big dream when she was a child. Unfortunately, after the experience of the half-life, her savings are always in red. She wonders what the hell happened to her. For Daisy Nguyen, seeing the car made her vomit. The hustle
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Chapter 3: Help
The man who saw Daisy hurriedly hugging the boy to the bathroom. That man shouted out. "The boy is afraid of water." Daisy gestured to the man. “I'll try a little of bit, hopefully, it'll be fine. I need clothe to get dressed.” The man said, “I got it”. He brings out the boy’s clothes very quickly. Daisy hugged and carried him on her back. To start making warm water. Warm water first, cold water later. She is so careful, just making water and reaching out to check the temperature. Another hand constantly caressed the baby's back, comforting the baby. The child struggled, refusing to cooperate. The cold-faced man "Don’t ha
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Chapter 4: Babysitter.
Daisy was tired, she thought to herself. "Farewell Buddha to the West. She continued to serve the tail that followed her.” The man took Daisy and the boy to a restaurant right at the airport. Guests are coming in and out. The smell of the food wafted up. Her stomach is rumbling. It makes her mouth-watering. But all dishes are full of fat, oil and sprinkled with a bunch of industrial spices. Stir-fried vegetables soaked in grease and chili oil. No boiled vegetables. Vegetables are also stir-fried, soaked in grease and chili oil. Not a single dish is frugal.  The smell of oil is rising up, making her dizzy and vomiting. Daisy turns away, walks out.
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Chapter 5: Fake Silence
Two people lying on the bed. The small boy put his foot up Daisy, quickly falling into a deep sleep.  At this time, the man was free to text others to monitor Daisy. He went to solve his empty stomach by himself.  The first time the man ordered a bowl of pho (chicken noodles) did not come from a high-class, luxurious restaurant. He was able to do that, but he also wanted to try the popular taste a little how-to know a new feeling. Damn, the small boy. Not a very picky tongue. Eating breakfast must change up and down dozens of times. Holding a cup of skimpy milk powder, drinking it deliciously, and adding a pile of candy for people to lose weight.&
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Chapter 6: Sleeping Pills
The man who finished the bowl of pho. He doesn’t understand why people keep praising and getting compliments. Apparently, the seller tasted it more salty than usual, greasy enough. Use a lot of flavoring additives. The taste of each ingredient is not obvious. Undeniably, this dish is extremely stimulating to the taste buds but not good for health. If it was before, he would have given up on the whole banquet table many times, even more expensive things, don’t say to a popular bowl of pho. Who said, he met a super thrifty woman in front of him, did not bring a bit of repulsion. A little bit of powder of the nutritional powder bag is also determin
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Chapter 7: Go home
The man looked at the woman, pretending to be dead all the way, without a few minutes of sobriety.   Getting ready to go home, how eager, how longing. The whole healthy person can be seen at a glance. A little sign of motion sickness no longer exists.   The nephew clings to the woman like the super glue. She is not strong enough to hug, the little boy just needs to hold her hand, satisfied enough.   On his back, he carried a bear backpack, stuffed a few miscellaneous things, and walked like a triumphant general. Shake off his uncle's hand. Full of hate. Down to the ground. Waiting for checked baggage.   A little after seven o'clock
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Chapter 8: Life in the Country
Plum pulled the suitcases out of the car. Place them in the corner of the yard. Turning back to smile at the man "my sister smells the car now, everything in her stomach spits out." Daisy was sprawled on the bed, hands on the ground, sticking her head out to speak to Plum. “There are a few things I bought inside. Open it yourself.” “Horrible car smell. Let it fly off. What to do later tomorrow. Plum doesn't get car sick but she doesn't like the smell either. The look of hate.” The man thought: “These sisters are equally lazy. Each brother is diligent and hardworking.”Daisy came out from the kitchen. Unlock the suitcase, cover her nose, hold her breath, and bring the gift to
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Chapter 9: Country meal
Plum said. "you’re going to take a shower to stay cool and comfortable." After bathing, take the clothes out to wash, cool air outside." “If you like to bathe in the open air. Below has another bathroom, built only at shoulder height. This is my father's unfinished project.  On that day, it seemed that the materials were not enough. My parents disagreed on design and construction. My father was upset that someone interrupted. So he went out drinking with some friends. As a result, after many years, the work is still unfinished, becoming a work of art.Right now, there are no visitors.
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Chapter 10: Evening in the mountains
Everyone finishes dinner. The white-eyed wolf's nephew didn't glance to see where his uncle lived or died. Insistently clinging to the eldest brother, swinging behind him, just like a small tail. Take a walk around the yard, digest food. Daisy lay down on the mat and was immediately yelled at by her eldest brother. “The mat for eating while lying down, the food sticking to the body, itching, sores to complain to. If you're tired, brush your teeth, go inside the home to hang the curtain to sleep. There are many mosquitoes in the summer, humming like an airplane. Donate enough blood, fall sick. You must be suffered, no one can bear the pain for you. You should know how to take care of yourself when you're older.
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