Submissive To The Mistress

Submissive To The Mistress

By:  Lori  Ongoing
Language: English
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This book contains Steamy contents. Trish a spoiled rich heiress and party girl, pushes her luck one time too many when she decides to transport cocaine on a dare. She lands in the island of Santa Eduviges, is arrested, and enters the island's penal system as a naked collared slave. When she discovers there is no escape from her servitude, she accepts her new life of loving, satisfying, and serving the woman who bought her.

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Laden Solomon
interesting story, I can't wait to see if Trish gets to escape, revenge and fall in love
2022-09-11 00:55:13
56 Chapters
Chapter One
Trish Bousquet quietly stared through the airplane window of her first-class seat at the calm Caribbean waters below. The colors she saw were truly special, unique to that part of the world ... the brilliant turquoise water punctuated with ragged reefs and dotted with dark green islands. She reflected that she had been in so many places, but there was nothing like the Caribbean, with its beach resorts, diving, party scene and raves ... which combined heat and luscious beauty with a hint of ever-present risk and danger. To the woman's restless soul, the Caribbean offered so much more than the comparatively dull social scene in Europe. She always thought about going back to the tropics ... always in search of new adventure.Trish smiled as she thought about all the things in her life that she had gotten away with. She was not grateful for her narrow escapes, but instead bored thinking about the past and looking forward to new adrenaline rushes. 24 years on the planet had not taught her
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Chapter Two
"Folks ... looks like we're cleared for an emergency landing in Santa Eduviges. We'll be touching down in about five minutes."The sudden drop in altitude made Trish sick. A spasm of pain worked through her intestines. Unlike her fellow passengers, she was not frightened by the whooshing and strange noises coming from the plane ... because she had a much more immediate problem; trying not to throw up. This was not good. Trish had been confident of making to Miami, but she knew that she could not keep the pellets down if her plane had to make an extra stop. The aching and nausea sweeping through her body made her wonder if what she was doing was really such a great idea, if taking such a risk really was worth the bragging rights she could enjoy if she made it home.The plane hit the runway with a jolt. The pilots immediately hit the reverse thrusters. The aircraft tilted to the right and some of the passengers started screaming. Barely, but just barely, the pilots managed to correct th
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Chapter Three
The metal detector went off when she tried to go through screening. The airport employee called over the tough-looking female officer, the one who shared Trish' last name. The island cop's eyes scanned Trish with a strange expression; curiosity mixed with impatience and a hint of contempt.The cop grabbed Trish by the shoulders and forced her to walk through the machine. When it beeped, Officer Bousquet ordered Trish to take off her belt and shoes. Trish went through the metal detector only to have the machine beep again. There were several attempts to pass her through the machine, each of which resulted in a beep and an order to remove an item from her body. First her jewelry, then the stud in her eyebrow. The officer patted Trish on the hips and thighs, found nothing, and sent her through again. No good, the machine still beeped."Unbutton your blouse.""What?""You will unbutton your blouse and open it.""In the airport? No! Fuck no!""You will unbutton your blouse and open it. I o
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Chapter Four
Then she noticed that Trish's stomach was bloated. Hmm ... interesting. She ran her hand over the captive's abdomen and pressed down. Trish grunted from pain. The young woman's stomach was hard. The whole thing now looked very suspicious. The officer suspected she knew what it was.However, she wanted to know why that metal detector kept going off before pursuing anything else. She pinched Trish' inner thigh and ordered her to spread her feet. Her heart pounding from terror and her face flushed with shame, Trish complied, clumsily moving her feet apart. The cop crouched and spread the captive's pussy lips. OK ... so there was the answer ... the crazy girl had a ring on her clit!Officer Bousquet ordered her subordinates to force the prisoner to bend backwards over a table, while the woman in the medical smock cut off the last of the offending jewelry.The cop waved the wand yet again to assure herself that there was no other metal in weird places. Then she ordered the assistants to fl
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Chapter Five
"I asked you a question, Trish Bousquet, and you will answer. Don't you find it interesting that we have the same last name?""I ... I ... ohhhhhhh ... I ... yes, Officer Bousquet ... that's interesting.""Good girl. Now maybe we have an understanding. I will ask the questions. You will answer the questions. Simple and easy for both of us. Yes?""I ... I ... Oooooohooooo ... yes, Officer.""Now, another simple tasking. You have something hidden inside of you. I want to extract it and find out what it is. You will cooperate. Simple and easy for both of us. Yes?"CRACK!!!"Aieeeeeee! OW! Please ... I can't...""Then you will cooperate."Trish cried, but she quit moving. She was defeated. There was no point in trying to put off the inevitable: they were going to find the cocaine and that was the end of it. She hated to think of the hassle this would cause her trust fund manager. She knew that eventually she'd get out of it ... but it might be several days ... or even a couple of weeks ..
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Chapter Six
Officer Bousquet ordered her two subordinates to pull Trish into a squatting position."Release your water."Crying from total humiliation, Trish obeyed. Noxious brown water splashed onto the cement as she felt pellet after pellet exiting her bottom. When she was finished, one of the assistant officers forced her to stand upright and cuffed her hands behind her back. Trish heard one of the men announce:"Who guessed seventeen? That's what we've got, seventeen."Yes, indeed, there were seventeen pellets lying on the cement. Trish watched through teary eyes as the men handed over their cash to the one who had the right number. And the men were not done with her. Several wanted to pose with her, to get pictures of themselves with a naked American white girl.The medical assistant picked up the pellets. One of the lot attendants brought a hose and washed off the slab. Officer Bousquet ordered Trish to return to the slab, so she could be washed off as well. The grinning old man with the ho
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Chapter Seven
"I ... I mean ... like ... I ... don't I ... like ... get a defense attorney or something ... or a call to the US Embassy? I mean ... like in most places... ?""You are clearly guilty of drug smuggling, so what do you need a defense attorney for? And as for a call to the US Embassy, we cannot accommodate you. Santa Eduviges does not have diplomatic relations with the United States. Your State Department does not recognize the government of Generalissimo Renaud, so there is no US Embassy here. If we ever do get recognition, I'll grant you permission to contact your government."The judge turned to Officer Bousquet:"That is all. You may take her out.""Thank you, Your honor."Officer Bousquet and the medical assistant escorted Trish through several hallways full of police officers and staff members that were getting off work and heading home for the day. A lot of the men and a few women looked at her attractive body. She could do nothing to cover herself because her hands were still cu
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Chapter Eight
Eve knew that Trish Bousquet would have even more reason to be afraid the following Wednesday. Along with all other prisoners that had been arrested and convicted over the previous week, she would be collared and put up for auction as a servant. Servant auctions were a weekly event on the island. There were no jails, but every convicted criminal was put up for sale to whoever wanted to buy a "servant", which in reality was a simple slave.The slave-sale program had been instituted under the government that preceded Generalissimo Renaud. It was popular among the public because it was an excellent source of revenue for the National Police and a great way to dispose of prisoners without having to execute them. Of course, the majority of the persons offered for sale were men, who usually were purchased to perform manual labor. However, about a fourth of the convicts auctioned were women and girls. On the average, female servants fetched higher prices than the men, depending on their age,
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Chapter Nine
"Yes, Officer Bousquet."After her subordinate left, Eve left the holding cell area and reported to the chamber of the trial judge. After having seen the frightened captive for a second time she was more determined than ever to buy her. Eve was on good terms with the judge, so she wanted to see what support she could get from him in her effort to purchase a servant. At the very least she hoped to get his official approval.The judge's legal assistant accompanied the cop into the sentencing chamber. She stood at attention until he ordered her to relax and explain the purpose of her visit. After exchanging a few comments about the airport and the damaged plane that was still stuck next to the terminal, Officer Bousquet nervously got to the point:"Your honor, will the American cocaine courier still be put up for sale this week?""Yes Officer.""I've been thinking. With your permission, I'd like to place a bid on her.""You want to buy that prisoner?""I believe so, Your honor. I've want
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Chapter Ten
Trish spent the four longest days of her life in the holding cell. During that time, no one spoke to her. Her initial terror faded into indescribable boredom. She never could sleep for more than a few minutes at a time on the dirty floor. Her bones ached from the cement and her muscles were twitchy from inactivity. She could sit, or lie on her back, or curl up and cry. She tried pacing, but the cell was so small that she could not move more than four steps in any direction. She did not have the opportunity to bathe or comb her hair. She became a truly pitiable sight: smelly, her body covered with grime, her hair disheveled, and dark circles under her eyes from fatigue.The only event each day to break up the monotony was the visit from Officer Bousquet and the delivery of three pieces of fruit and a loaf of bread. By Tuesday Trish desperately looked forward to the visit. She was eager to please the cop, because she knew that the food deliveries could stop at any time. She did exactly
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