Her Obsession

Her Obsession

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Colette Smith is a twenty-two-year-old university student who has big dreams and goals that she would like to achieve in the future. Upon meeting her boyfriend Callum Johnson, the two fall in love and quickly move in together. After trying to conceive for a while, Colette finally gets pregnant and the baby is all that she had been looking forward to. What happens when the pregnancy is suddenly terminated and Colette loses her mind? In pure desperation to become a mother, she would do just about anything to have a baby, but at what cost?

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93 chapters
Colette Smith (P.O.V.)I took a deep breath as I looked at the pregnancy test in my hand. I was not nervous, but I was hopeful. My boyfriend and I had been trying for four months to get pregnant. This process is quite frustrating. In the beginning, it was fun because – you know, a lot of unprotected sex without any fears about something bad or unwanted happening. Every time we tried; I would take the necessary precautions to make sure that I increased my chances of getting pregnant. We would try even when I was not ovulating. We were desperate at this point. I could not count the number of times I would just lay upside down on the bed after sex. It is quite a funny image to think of and as the thought crossed my mind I blushed deeply. Seems embarrassing now that I think about it.I never knew how hard it was to get pregnant intentionally. The first time I got pregnant, I was eighteen years old, and it was with a guy I had no intentions of being w
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Chapter One
Colette SmithI tried not to have high expectations this time as paced back and forth in the restroom with the pregnancy test in my hand. As I tapped the plastic object against my palm in anticipation, I tried to calm my breathing and the racing heart in my chest. I mean what is the worst that could happen. It is not like anyone would know that I took a test today and it says that it is negative. There is no shame in that. It would be my own disappointment...not anyone else's. I am only going to fail myself. Nothing bad will happen. If it is negative all I have to do is keep on trying right? I mean it may make me a little depressed but at least I still have my ovaries and my uterus...I can still try again. Why am I so nervous? It is only a stupid test. Come on Colette, you can do this. Stop being such a puss. Get over yourself! I took a deep breath once again and unwrapped the pregnancy test packaging with s
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Chapter Two
Callum Johnson (P.O.V.) Collette and I had been dating for approximately eight months. Before we became official, we were friends while she was involved with another guy. According to her, he was rather abusive and manipulative. Every time they would get into a fight, she would message me for advice. I personally thought he was not good enough for her, but of course, I did not express these concerns to her directly. I would consistently tell her that she should leave him, but she was blindly in love with the guy, so she did nothing about the poor treatment she was getting from him. I had just gotten out of a relationship when I joined the dating website that Collette and I met on. When we met there, she expressed how she lost all of her friends due to the guy she was dating. She had explained to me that he was concerned about the assumption that both girls and guys wanted to take her away from him. He was so delusional that he did not allow her to co
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Chapter Three
Colette Smith (P.O.V.)I had just woken up from my nap when I heard my bedroom door shut close. I looked around to see Callum entering the room. He placed his bags on the bed before he got onto the bed and laid down next to me.Just then he rolled over to face me before he placed his hand on my belly and rubbed it.“Hey, pregnant lady.” He teased before he lifted himself slightly off the bed to kiss me.I smiled through the kiss and hugged him.“Hey, you. I was impatiently waiting for you to get home to celebrate with me. How do you feel about everything?” I asked him as I played with his hair.I guess it felt good because he laid his head on my lap and closed his eyes.“I am very happy I get to start a family with you. I cannot wait until the
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Chapter Four
Colette Smith (P.O.V.) I would not say that Callum and I had come very far because we have not. We were rushing things, but I did not care. Personality-wise, Callum is the best boyfriend ever, but I cannot help but think there is more to him than he is letting on. Whenever he is around me, he never gets texts messages; he claims he has no friends and all he does is play games. However, I find it hard to believe that someone who is as attractive as Callum is such a loner, but I digress. I refuse to overthink right now to ruin my mood. We both laid on the bed as we spoke about the pregnancy, baby names, and plans for even more renovation. Our conversation consisted of me coming up with ideas and Callum simply agreeing to everything I said. Even when I would randomly change my mind about something. It annoyed me that he was so indecisive and could never think or speak for himself but if that is the type of person that he is then I cannot change that.Read more
Chapter Five
Callum Johnson (P.O.V.)While I laid in bed, I watched as Colette excitedly texted my mother. It was not particularly a necessity for my mother to get along with the girls I dated, but it did sure help them feel like they were important to me when they did. Truth is, I really wanted a child. Specifically, a daughter but I cannot necessarily control the outcome, so I kept my mind open for other possibilities. I always had a soft spot for single mothers. As a matter of fact, I had a couple of female friends who are single mothers and before I met Colette, I would help them out financially. I could not explain the soft spot I had developed for them, maybe it has something to do with my mother.My mother was a single parent when she had my sister and me. My dad skipped out on us for another woman, then went on to have children with her and became the perfect father for them. I guess he did not like how we turned out. After my father left, my mother went on
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Chapter Six
Colette Smith (P.O.V.)As I ended the conversation with Callum’s mother, I got off the bed to go into the kitchen to fix myself something to drink. It was rather hot today and I felt irritated because of it. I did not have air condition in my room, just a lonesome fan that is only good enough to circulate the hot air around the room. I turned the doorknob on my bedroom door and unlocked it. When I exited the room and passed by the bathroom, I swore I could hear Callum talking inside there.I stopped to investigate my suspicions. I pressed my ear against the door in an attempt to try to pick up any noises inside of the bathroom. I know I could just simply open the door and go into the bathroom without knocking first as to catch him by surprise, but I decided against it. Usually when something bothered me, or I had my suspicions about something and I bring this to Callum’s attention, I always felt like he would gaslight me and in turn in the
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Chapter Seven
Colette Smith (P.O.V.)Lisa Warden.I would not necessarily say she was my friend, but she always tried really hard to be my friend. She was consistent with her attempts and never took no for an answer. I always tried my best to avoid her, but unfortunately, we lived on the same street so she would often come over without an invitation or notice to hang out with me. Despite my numerous attempts to push her away, she never caught the hint, and she was under the impression that we were best friends.Lisa and I attended the same elementary school until we parted ways when we went on to attend different high schools. Lisa was always the outsider wherever she went. Everyone thought she was weird, including me. I was just never mean about it. When we were in elementary school, Lisa got bullied a lot because of her height. She
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Chapter Eight
Colette Smith (P.O.V.)Before I could even escort Lisa inside of the house, she had already started talking my ear off about random stuff going on in her life. She started by complaining about her grandmother and the ill-treatment she is receiving. Then she hopped onto the topic of her financial struggles and now she is talking about her former boyfriend. She is supposedly considering getting back together with him because he has been begging to be with her again. However, despite telling me that this guy treated her really badly, would bully her, and make other girls make fun of her, her justification for giving him a fourth chance is that his d*ck is really big.On that tangent, she began to describe to me how big his shlong is, what it looked like, how good he was at using it, and how it lived up to the expectations of men with big feet. Whilst I tried to have an actual conversation with her this time, I could not get a word in because she was just
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Chapter Nine
Lisa Warden (P.O.V.)I watched as Colette left the room, leaving me alone with her boyfriend Callum. I have had a crush on him ever since I laid eyes on him. I never acted on my feelings because Colette is my best friend, and I would never do that to her. At times I could tell that she does not want me around and merely tolerates my presence because I force myself into her personal space. I appreciate her for tolerating me, to say the least. I am a very social person which meant that I had a lot of friends, but they were the type of friends to only be around when things are going well.Whenever I would post on social media about being suicidal or frustrated, Colette would be the only one to message me to make sure I was okay or at least find out what was going on so she could offer some advice. I understand her more than anyone ever could. We were both mentally ill and I think that is where we find common ground to understand each other.Colette
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