Hell Barrage: Rise of a Warrior

Hell Barrage: Rise of a Warrior

By:  Anonymous Writer  Ongoing
Language: English
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A prophecy was made when a child took birth in Hisag, the prophecy said the child will grow up to be a warrior and destroy evil, due to circumstances caused by the king 'Athen' the child of prophecy sets on a journey to kill the king and his brothers. This novel shows the journey of child and the emotional setbacks and growth he gets on his journey

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nice story ! do u have any inquiries that i can keep in tpuch with y ? i have sth to discuss abt the book
2022-03-28 12:23:21
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I can see that you are passionate. Am feeling it while reading your story. Good job! <3 ლ(UↀᴥↀU)ლ Keep up the good work!^^
2020-10-29 08:23:24
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Michael Foote
Hurry and open more chapters
2021-04-14 10:29:00
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Muhammad Ikhwan
u need to double check your work after this to make sure that u didn’t do a simple mistake continuously on the future.
2021-04-02 16:33:47
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Gerhard Redelinghuys
Good storyline, just a pity the spelling and especially the grammar is so horrible!
2021-01-13 21:24:32
default avatar
Michael Foote
Waiting almost a month for new chapters to open up
2021-04-27 12:31:45
11 Chapters
Chapter One
"Where is my wife, Is she alright? Is the kid born yet?" asked the man who just arrived at an old house all wet due to the rain."She is in labour Ezekiel, it won't be late you will be hearing the baby crying any minute" said the lady who was standing outside the old house."It's a bad storm, of all days storm had to come today only" said Ezekiel cleaning his face.Ezekiel who was a mere farmer lived in a small village known as Hisag which was situated at the foothills of mountain.Hisag was known to be farmer's village where people will only grow food crops and would often use it to trade for other essentials, it was a peaceful village. Hisag was known for it's tradition and culture, it's said in ancient times people of Hisag was warriors who fought in wars of Gods and Demons and brought peace on earth but it was just a rumour presently the scenario has changed now it's just a peaceful village of farmers."It's here, it's a healthy boy" said the o
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Chapter Two
Athen was shook to his core what laid in front or him was something he could have never even thought about, he wanted to shout but his voice was not coming out, "Motherrrr!!!" Athen finally shouted at top of his voice looking at his mother Maria who was getting raped by a knight, Athen ran toward Maria but was held and slammed down on the ground by another knight, Athen didn't knew what was happening, he was shook, he thought it's a dream but sadly everything was real.Athen looked around he saw his father Ezekiel was head was chopped off and was beneath the boots of a knight. "Please don't hurt her, let her go" cried Athen in pain."Kill her now" said one of the knight, the knight who was raping Athen's half dead poorly beaten mother Maria drew his sword and slit Maria's throat in front of Athen.Athen couldn't believe what was happening, his parents were lying in front of him both murdered by the knight."What should we do with the kid" asked the knight
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Chapter Three
"I am not an assassin" said Athen, Athen was in a distress now, he didn't knew what this man had to do with Balak and now that he was behind Athen with a sword pointed at Athen's neck. Athen quickly jumped inside the house and got himself out of sword's reach, he turned back and looked at the man. Athen saw the man had his left eye covered, the man was huge compared to him, there was a big scar on his arm which extended from shoulder to almost his wrists, Athen when looked into the eye of the man noticed they was blank as if the man isn't worried about Athen's presence."You are just a kid" said the man who slowly inserted sword into it's scabbard, the man slowly came towards Athen "My name is Hugo" said the man, Athen was relieved the man didn't meant any harm to him, "Who are you and what you are searching for kid?" asked Hugo."My name is Athen and I am from village Hisag" Athen answered "I am looking for way to Shogo", hearing this Hugo thought to himself what a ki
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Chapter Four
Athen took only a minute to bring Hugo down, Hugo was shocked to see his growth he thought to himself that Athen wasn't an ordinary human he was a real warrior since birth. "You have became a warrior" said Hugo getting up from ground, Athen was cheerful, his hard-work finally paid off."What I have to do now" asked Athen to Hugo, "Now you just rest and wait for me" said Hugo."Where are you going" asked Athen, Hugo didn't answered to his question and went out of the house. Whole day passed it was already evening when Hugo arrived.Hugo had brought clothes, and all supplies they required to reach Shogo, "We are going to Shogo" said Hugo "Prepare yourself", Hugo had planned to make Athen see the kingdom of Shogo and get used to it, Hugo and Athen prepared their bags and decided to head out next morning.Although it was 4 days of journey to reach Shogo, but Hugo decided to take longer route which would take them about week to reach Shogo he didn't wanted to
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Chapter Five
The dense mountains on the outskirts of kingdom Shogo were home to barbarian's tribe, barbarians were the monstrous beasts with their size bigger than normal people, they lived in dense forests in a group and would often fight with other tribes, they lived like animals, not enough powerful to take on kingdom they would often attack villages for food and loot, barbarians would rape the women of villages and then kill them, barbarian not only killed the villagers they would eat them as well, a real monsters indeed."Wake up it's already morning" said Hugo who was already ready and was preparing breakfast, their breakfast consisted of eggs and half cooked meat, "What time is it" asked Athen who was still sleepy, "It's time to be ready" said Hugo, Athen knew he can't waste time anymore and decided to wake up and get ready quickly, they both ate their breakfast and packed their bags and decided to head out. In front of them laid the big dense forest that was home to B
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Chapter Six
Athen and Hugo was witnessing monstrousity, they were helpless, they could just watch the girl suffer without doing anything, "What should we do" said Athen who was now crying for being helpless, "We should wait" said Hugo quietly. "Tomorrow you both will be killed and fed to the dogs" said leader as he went to his resting place, the little girl's cry was being heard as every Barbarian raped her, the Barbarians didn't killed the girl after raping her multiple times they put her back in cage naked covered with blood, Athen tried to talk with the girl but the girl had gone in shock she wouldn't hear or speak anything. Athen wanted to kill Barbarians and make peace for her and her family.It was night, Hugo till now was thinking about plan of getting out of there, Hugo waited for barbarians to fell asleep, "It's time now" whispered Hugo to Athen, Athen looked around and noticed everyone to be sleeping, Hugo had a knife under his wrist armour, he couldn't use it in f
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Chapter Seven
After eating breakfast Athen and Hugo headed to Hugo's friend house, "Who is this friend of yours" asked Athen, "Well his name is Markus, we served in the army of Shogo together" said Hugo smiling "We can trust him, he also hates Balak just like us", "Why does he serve him then?" asked Athen with curiosity, "To feed his family one must even do things he hate" said Hugo.It was a tough journey, Athen and Hugo after crossing dense forest carefully crossed the steep rocks, they spent their whole day moving on rocks with care, it was a tiring journey, "Ah we can see his house from here" said Hugo pointing down at a hut, Athen and Hugo covered their last part and reached Markus's house. "Markus!!!" yelled Hugo, nobody came out, Hugo yelled again for Markus still no one showed up, "Anyone home?" yelled Hugo, Hugo and Athen could hear someone inside house as if the person was hesitating to come out, "It is me Hugo, come on out" said Hugo knocking at the door."Uncle Hugo" sai
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Chapter Eight
Zuk at late night went to Balak's room, there were guards placed outside the king's room, a loud moaning of women's was coming from inside the room, "Is our king busy with his prey?" asked Zuk, "Yes General" said the guard, "Come inside" a deep raucous voice came from inside the room, hearing this guards quickly opened the door for Zuk, Zuk entered the room and saw Balak having sex with women and girls, Balak had these women all tied up and was using hunter to torture them and fuck them, they were Balak's personal whores, Balak killed his wife after she said no to him once, Balak was a ruthless monster."What is the problem" asked Balak looking at Zuk while fucking a girl, " My lord, the knight as informed us about the presence of Hugo and his companion who attacked and killed two of our knights", Balak hearing this was filled with anger he was hurting the girl now, he grabbed the girl's neck and started choking her, "Does that blind fool want to die just like his wife" yelle
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Chapter Nine
Athen opened his eyes, he was confused as to what was happening, he could hear Hugo yelling "Poluk is on fire" suddenly Athen came to his senses, he looked at Poluk, huge red flames of fire had engulfed whole area, Athen being shocked slowly said "What is happening", Hugo asked Athen to get ready as they were going to Poluk to see the matter, Athen and Hugo rushed to Poluk they could see whole Poluk burnt into ashes, few villagers were lying a bit outside, Hugo and Athen went to villagers, "Hey what happened? Who did this?" Athen asked them, one of them told Athen three men came and set whole village on fire."We need to look for Seiko" said Athen nervously, Athen ran directly into the fire, Athen saw everything was turned to ash by now, there was no sign of life in that fire, Athen came out of the fire, he told Hugo there was no sign of Seiko, suddenly a man who was caught on fire came running towards Athen, Athen recognised the man, he met him in Poluk and it was same man w
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Chapter Ten
"I shall meet you at Rasol, that is safest place right now" said Hugo looking at top of mountain "It's an abandoned village that was home for first king of this land"."It's time for me to leave for Shogo" said Athen quietly, Hugo nodded and bid him farewell, from Poluk it was just hours for Athen to reach Shogo, Hugo told Athen to get muddled up in crowd and use it to go inside Shogo unnoticed, also Hugo decided to take away his sword as it can cause a problem, but Hugo let Athen take his knife with him which he keeps hidden under his wrist armour. After parting ways, Athen made his strategy, he knew he can't do anything reckless, so much lives have been lost for this sake, he needed to stay patient and wait for perfect opportunity to strike.After walking for few hours Athen saw a big crowd at distance, he went to see what was happening and realized they were all villagers who wanted to go to Shogo, it couldn't have been better for Athen, he decided to stay with them
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