The Alpha's Commoner Bride

The Alpha's Commoner Bride

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I'm Aurora, a commoner, an inferior bloodline. My parents taught me a lot of things growing up, but the most important one is never piss off a royal. They run the world, they make the rules, and they are brutal when they don’t get exactly what they want, especially an unmated commoner girl. Most royals fuck commoner girls for fun, knowing we couldn’t possibly fight back. Some of them do it to get their release and then kill them, leaving behind no chance for an heir that is a half-breed. I’ve never seen a commoner female return from the palace. There aren’t many of us left in my pack, but my alpha has managed to convince the royal warriors that there aren’t any unmated females in his pack and if there were, he would gladly hand them over I’m unmated, only a year and half away from turning twenty to feel my mate. I pray to Moon Goddess that I need the protection of a mate. Until that day, a tall, brute man walks into my house like he was invited in. I tremble while he grins. He is a Royal.

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    #Chapter 1 Little One
    Aurora   “Run,” Luke whispers, his rough tone leaving little room to argue. “Run and don’t look back.” My heart is practically beating out of my chest, watching the royals ransack my pack lands, breaking through doors and letting themselves into every home that might conceal an unmated female. Being a commoner is bad enough, we’re hardly strong enough to fight a royal, and we are about half their stature alone. Luke, my best friend since I was born, tries to push me into the woods behind our neighboring homes, but I’m too frightened. What if they smell me? What if they chase me? I won’t be able to outrun a royal and even more, what if his wolf tries to violate mine? I’ll be impure before my own twentieth birthday and that’s a sure way to be sent to the palace as a sex slave for the royals. Either that, or their personal punching bags. I’ve never seen a commoner female return from the palace and the only time is have heard about what happe
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    #Chapter 2 The Pull
    Aurora   Nightmares of the woman’s screams haunt my sleep. I can’t help but toss and turn in bed, having to put everything back in its place from where the royal warriors tore through my stuff. They ransacked the house, too, yelling for my mother to confess on my whereabouts, and she wears the fresh bruises on her neck to show how rough they had been. It’s been long known that royals are superior. I’ve even heard rumors that they steal young females from the commoner hospital wards, forcing them to be slaves until they are useful for the salacious and sinful royals to abuse them in other ways. There aren’t many of us left in my pack, but my alpha has managed to convince the royal warriors that there aren’t any unmated females in his pack and if there were, he would gladly hand them over. I wonder if Alpha Gunther had taken a beating for lying to the royal pack warriors, knowing that they had found my room and somehow found another female
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    #Chapter 3 Scoundrel
    Aurora   “Slow down,” Paul grumbles, snatching away my glass before the bartender can refill it. He is sick of me trying to numb my ache but in the same breath, whatever he mixed into that muting potion he gave us leaves such a sour taste in my mouth, I just need to get rid of it with something else; anything else. He tries to push my glass away, but Ann follows his moves, sticking another glass in front of me and tapping it with the top of hers. We giggle, throwing it back quickly while Paul turns to see what has transpired with his back turned. He snarls, Row busy paying the bartender, Ann and I loose and warm in the cheeks. “You will make yourself sick like this, Aurora,” Paul hums, reaching for my newest glass. I snatch it away first, pulling it to my chest like a mother bear clinging to her pup. He rolls his tan eyes. “Really, girls? “Blame Ann,” I snicker, both her and I breaking into a cackling episode of laughter.<
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    #Chapter 4 Blunt Truth
    Jaxson It’s easy to say how I got my role as the lead warrior in the royal guard; and it’s not the relation to my father, King Alpha Kennedy. I worked hard to be the strongest warrior, the most endured fighter, and it shows when I walk through a crowd. Everyone smells the royal bloodline and when they look, they see a warrior, strong and fierce. I refuse to give up in a fight, or bend to the will of anyone that tries to challenge my father or the royal pack.Royals are the picture of prestige and strength, a group of wolves so damning in size and strength; we are the apotome of unfiltered perfection.We heard rumors of rogues searching for casinos to rob, most of those coins then taxed to the royal pack and if there’s one thing my father doesn’t like to be messed with, it’s his gold. Rogues are mostly harmless, a majority of them useless, puny commoners.They can’t stand authority.They really can&r
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    #Chapter 5 No Acceptance
    Aurora I can’t recall the last time I drank but I know it has never felt like it does right now. I jolt out of my warm bed, stuck in the blankets for a second, falling to the floor and having to crawl into the bathroom so I can throw up. My stomach churns, my body so sore that I feel as if I’ve been running for days on end without stopping.The memory of yesterday floods my mind while I sit by the toilet, waiting to hurl. Luke found his mate and my stomach seizes at the sight of him kissing her so outright. Everything changed so fast, too fast, that it left me in the dust to figure out alone.Then there was the casino, the endless drinks. After that my mind goes foggy.A delicious smell of pancakes and warm syrup floods my senses, and I stand slow, catching my balance. Only now do I spot myself in the mirror. I wear a long-sleeve white shirt, something I’ve never owned nor would I; it’s made for a male. Aside from tha
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    #Chapter 6 Once a Commoner
    Aurora Luke appears outside my house, and I want to embrace him and never let go but I am inhibited by Jaxson's arm squeezing around my bicep. He drags me from my parents, being held back by warriors, and I watch them struggle at the sight of me being taken away.I leave with a small glance over my shoulder, being tugged into a horse-drawn carriage with the proclaimed prince of the royal pack. He takes a seat on the bench, and fall to the floor, flimsy with fear, his eyes burning holes into my back as the door is thrown shut. I close my eyes, expecting a hit, expecting some sort of pain or to have him finally do what royals do best with helpless, commoner girls.His brow furrows at the sight of me.As the carriage begins to move, he reaches forward to grab me but I flinch, my hands out before me, pleading that he doesn’t touch me. Now that we are alone, and my parents and best friend are out of sight, I feel vulnerable in the carriage
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    #Chapter 7– Unearned Royalties
    Aurora Even with the immaculate bed, so large I could roll over six times and still not hit the floor, I couldn’t sleep through the night. I kept tossing and turning, moving into the suite connected to my room and splashing my face with cold water, thinking it would help, but it only made it worse as I’d lay down and end up weeping into one of the millions of pillows.I feel dumbfounded at how this situation has come about, and how I should have never gone to the casino at all, but it wasn’t the worst part of the night. I could hear women being raped, being beaten, and I know for fact they are commoners. Royal men don’t hurt royal women like this.I miss Luke, my protector, my best friend.I always had a feeling Mary had a crush on him, always staring at him longingly while he and I hung out with our friend group, but I didn’t know she had already had the inclination that they were mates. I bet she knew for mont
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    #Chapter 8 Snow Kisses
    Aurora The cabin is small, stuffy, with a horrible stench of animal flesh and burnt cedar radiating through the small space. There’s a kitchen fit for one person at a time, chunks of meat set out on the counter, fresh and bloody from a recent kill. The living room is a few lounge chairs facing the fireplace that runs smoke outside, some of it staying dormant indoors, making it hard to breathe without tasting the stench.Jaxson pushes into the back room, something like a bedroom. The space is small, and the bed is nothing but a pile of blankets and a sleeping bag. I spot a male moving around in there already, laughing at Jaxson’s abrupt entrance into the room, and they exchange a hard handshake. Jaxson ruffles through clothes in a dresser against the wall and I watch him slip on some jeans and a flannel top. The rustic sight of a man so perfectly formal makes my head spin.That’s when his brother steps into the room, a blond kid cl
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    #Chapter 9 Snowflake
    Aurora It feels like ages before I finally fall asleep in bed, warm under the covers and exhausted from the day. Jaxson refused to speak to me after I hit him, and I feel on some level he is busy brewing with a new idea how to punish me, how to hurt me, and I can only see the way he had thrown his own warrior for grabbing me.His strength is unmatched.He left me in my new room alone for the rest of the day, the only exception being the servants coming through to bring various foods and fruits, but I hardly touched any of it. I can tell the servants are all commoners. It makes me sick to dine while they are bruised and wounded all over. I’m surprised that Jaxson hasn’t tried hurting me like they are hurt, speckling me with wounds until I conform and give into his whims. I turn nineteen in two weeks, the pressure looming while it will be a long year until my twentieth  birthday, and I can tell if he’s a liar or no
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    #Chapter 10 The King’s Dinner
    Aurora After a few brushes of makeup, I slip into the gown pulled for me by the mute maids. They are young, like me, watching me be dressed and made up to be a princess with eyes of envy. I would let them have this life if they wanted it, considering how much I don’t want it. No matter my wishes, I am sewn into a long ivy white dress that mirrors the color of my silver hair, now pinned in a long ponytail down my back with extensive, loopy curls.They ignore their wounds and tend to my exterior, trying to make me beautiful, but I can’t stand the sight of being looked after by girls like Callie, girls I grew up knowing and being friends with who don’t deserve this treatment. I turn away from the sight of me in this dress, feeling sick at my reflection.The dress wraps over my shoulders, crossing over my breasts and leaving a lot of skin seen, not leaving much unseen. The fabric tears down over my legs, showing my thighs through the
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