Sincerity is Scary

Sincerity is Scary

By:  Nini  Ongoing
Language: English
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Sabrina, born in a silver spoon family don't have any problem except her Older brother coming home. She had a one night stand with her brother's bestfriend before her brother comes home. Everything is great until her brother dissappear

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8 Chapters
Chapters 1
The morning was warm, and I couldn't keep myself from excitement because my older brother, John , is going home tomorrow. We haven't seen each other for 3 years now. John always has this alibi about his job, business meeting, and company problems during the holidays.We don't have any choice but to give him an extention for ditching our family time.  John is an engineer but decided to run his own firm. He has two accomplices, Justin and Vici. They were John's friends back in college and are now his colleagues. I'm also excited to meet them because John will accompany them to our firm. We will have a new project and my mom, who is the CEO of the company, wants to build an orphanage home. I couldn't agree more with her plan because I was also looking into building a hospital for cancer patients.  My door opens and Alice enters, holding two cups of coffee in her arms. Her brown eyes match her short skirt paired with a white polo shirt. S
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Chapter 1  The bus is moving so fast that Olivia's hair are blocking my sight. I couldn't blame the driver though. The bus stop on Burien's house 1 hour earlier but we drove off 30 minutes after. If I were the driver, I would not wait for an adult being late just because her foundation is not done yet. But being the mayor's daughter is a great privilege to have. You can crash someone's car and not get jailed. How I wish I could have that father or just an existing father. Sadly, I didn't get lucky to have one. "Did you watch the premiere of the Euphoria last night?" Olivia said in the middle of my day dreaming. She's holding and tying up her hair in a bun. Thanks god, I almost ate all of her hair.  "No. I'm doing our homework" She slowly turned her head with her shocked expression. She then put her hand on her face and wipe her eyes going down. &nbs
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Since my mom carry me out in this world, I always knew that I was born especial. Not the smart, brainy nerd girl, but the one who is fund in music and arts. I always have this guts in me to follow the journey and sing in a lot of crowd that screams in their lungs and cry to my music. But life seems miserable and horrible. It trick me believing if I do good deeds, be kind to others, help every old woman in the street, I will be worth it and everything should turns out so well. That I shouldn't be worry about the people that makes me who I am right now. But everything turns upside down when the people that cherished you up, always on your side when everytime you look at change. People change. My dream became my what ifs, My maybe, and my wishes. Looking at the family portray on the bedside, I feel sick and nauseous seeing my family smiling, especially those two liars on my side holding both of my shoulders. My green eyes is looking healthy and my body is still fat. <
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The room is dark as it pairs with the cold wind, passing every person on the room.It wasn't a steady wind that Catherine always enjoy. It has shadow and it encircle on their head. The gold glow follows its path leaving some small dust on her shoulder.Right in front of her was an old man lying on the bed. Catherine looks at every face on that room. At a young age, she wasn't scared. She was confused and innocent by the burial she witnessed. They were sobbing and wiping their green tears. Her Dad holds the old man's hand. Her aunt and their whole family follows. Catherine hold Muka's shoulder, same as Muka who is holding Xperia's hand. "As I go, this power will only work for the good one."As soon her grandpa said that word, a light coming from nowhere glows. Her aunties burst into tears as they slowly kneel in front of him. Catherine saw the light passes through her dad's arm like a thunder. Her dad's head bend a little co
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 I'm totally exhausted running around the campus, finding a club to join. Unlucky, i didn't get one.Most of the club's president are girls. They keep mentioning about the relationship I have with Shawn. The only relationship I have from him is grudge. And if I deny anything they keep insisting that I like him. My class ended earlier than I expected, the hall is full of students going to the canteen. The ring bell for lunch time. I can see Olivia in the middle waving at me. Our canteen is like any other canteen that you seen on television or the school you got. White paint and foods are already placed on the side. I can smell my favorite food up here. I wave back to Olivia. She continue to surf on her phone. As expected, The line got full immediately. Students from the back keeps inserting on the front. Many students complain on them. As I get closed to the food, a demon gets on my front and kee
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  After we finish eating, I hurriedly escape and went to my class. Olivia also went to her art class and the boys, I don't know where they went. They are always on the basketball court so nothing new.  As I read my textbook on the hallway, I didn't notice that I bump on something. A blonde' girl. She fall on the ground and her books scattered on the floor. I immediately help her.  "I'm sorry, It's my fault" I apologize. I pick her math book and classical novel. "Here. I'm very sorry" I hand her things. She fix her hair and apologetically smiled at me. She's beautiful. Her hair is blonde' and eyes are big. She's taller incher than me and her skin is pale. She also has a very good body proportion. I never seen her here. Is she new?  " No. It's alright, I never seen you also" she rake her loosen hair back to her ear.   
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Chapter 4I called Olivia after I left on Miss Kate's office. She didn't answer it so I just went to find her.In the Hallway of Arts Building, there's Olivia holding her art materials. I assume her class just ended. She saw me. I wave at her and she ran going to my direction."what's up, Mai"She's struggling to carry her art materials. I snatched the long cardboard on her hands."thank you". She said. "I'm failing this semester""What?! " She said loudly and stopped from walking. I immediately put my hand on her mouth. The people nerby stares at us.Olivia removed my hand."Why?" She whispered"I have no club""You can join my club if you want?""No- It's complicated."We sit besides on a small chair in front of the Educational Sensus."Why it's complicated? . I mean, you can draw and learn immediately. I can teach you" She suggested.I stare on the wall for a minute and saw the poster of music club. I quickly disregard the thought of joining. I can't - I can't even stand to play i
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Everyone stands firmly as their hearts pondering with nervousness. Their aunt Bun stares at their face, reading their minds as if.She sense the fearness of her nieces. "I know all of you are new to this tradition, but we can't do anything to avoid it." She says as she walks in front of them.There are 6 Casimir's grandchildren in the family. Muka- the eldest, Xperia-the smartest, Leo- the mood maker, Niphea- the perfectionist, Mai- The athlete, and Catherine - the outcast.They gave each other a glances. Glances of excitement and nervousness. "Tomorrow, You'll going to the Academy. I have some few words to remind you to protect the image of our family", Aunt Bun continue. Her hair is kinda short that makes her more scarier. She's wearing brown trouser and white blouse. Her face is yEveryone stands firmly as their hearts pondering with nervousness. Their aunt Bun stares at their face, reading their minds as if.She sense the fearness of her nieces. "I know all of you are new to th
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