The Wife Of A Merciless Mafia

The Wife Of A Merciless Mafia

By:  sammichinn  Completed
Language: English
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"I am Zachariah Cosmian and I have no mercy. I am your mighty God. And whoever messes with me, I'll gonna mess with you back." Kimora Galvez is a pretty, stunning and Stubborn girl from Province. Her life is going nowhere until she meets Zachariah Cosmian, Her husband. A cold, ruthless man and with a passion for Kill. And she was forced to marry that j*rk for Pete's sake! And for that f*cking money!

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63 Chapters
"Maddison! Did you hear the news that they are looking for a wife for Zachariah Cosmian, the son of the famous CEO? In return they will give you a large amount of money!" I heard my mother and her friend whisper in front of the window of our house. I can't see what they’re doing but it's good and I can hear them talking. "Really?" My mother asked incredulously. "Yes! Why don't you marry your daughter Kimora to Zachariah? Kimora is beautiful so it's unlikely that His Dad and Zachariah will like her! It's a lot of money in return, Maddison! You can pay your debts!" Get married? Me? I'm only 19 years old and why does my mother's friend say that! Is she so thirsty for money? I know that my mother will not trade me for that fucking money! “I'll think about it.” I was surprised by what mother said. She'll think about that? Is what I heard correct? Mother wondered if she would marry me to that Zachariah? I don't even know that man! Even if his father CEO is famous, I still won't marry t
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Chapter 1
She left me. My own mother left me. She traded me for money. This is insane!"Kimora, My brother will come now and we will have a lunch with him. And then the maids will help you fix your stuff. Oh by the way, Zach and you will sleep next to each other in the bedroom. You only have one room and I don't want your complaint." He gave me a genuine smile and left. Zach looked at me so I rolled my eyes. I knew I wasn’t in our house to be mean to them. The moment my mother left me I accepted that this will be the start of my life again. I will forget her as my mother. "Can you stop the drama? I can't imagine that you were the one my father chose to marry me." He said coldly and left me dumbfounded. What does he care if I do drama here ?! Will I sell Zach to the Ghost? or to elves or vampires! Right! Later when he sleeps I will hit him with a baseball bat. Then I will look for a ghost outside and I will offer him there."Miss Kimora, Mr. Zybrid is already there. Go t
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Chapter 2
I saw Zach's eyebrow meet and at the same time his jaw tighten."Are you mad?" I asked."no." He answered simply.I think he was angry. So I will ask him again."I think you're mad.""no."You sure, you're not mad?" I pouted."I said no!""You are not angry but you are shouting at me." I gave him a sad look."I'm not mad.""Really? you're not mad? how can you say so?""Kimora, I'm not MAD!""You're shouting so it means you're mad at me!"He sighed heavily and didn't answer my question."I'm asking you, Are you mad?""I wasn't mad, but now you asked me 7 times if I'm mad..YES I'M MAD!" I backed away from what he said. I’m right, he’s mad! "Go and find someone else to feed your ego, I'm busy." I saw his unbelievable face. I want to laugh because of how he looks. Has anyone ever told him that? Haha Lol! He gave me a smile and spoke."Can you see the 'f*ck you' in my smile? I rolled my eyes on what he said.Read more
Chapter 3
"I won't let you be happy, why should I? I am Zachariah and I have no mercy. I am your mighty God. And whoever messes with me, I'll gonna mess with you back."I heard Zach talking on the other line. It’s not very loud but enough for me to hear. Who is he talking to? Why they seem to be talking so seriously. I was here at the front of the room and I was about to enter but he shouted."SHUT THE FUCK UP, YCSON! I WILL NOT LET HIM GET WHAT I SHOULD OWN! HE SHOULD NEVER TOUCH AN INNOCENT PERSON EVEN KIM! BECAUSE I WILL REALLY KILL HIM!" He uttered angrily on the other line.Who is Ycson? And who is Kim? He sigh heavily and speak. "I'll talk to you later. A mice is listening to our conversation." then he ended up his phone."Have you been eavesdropping? Eavesdropping is a sin but ignorance is fatal, take your pick." It was as if I had become a rock where I stood. Does that mean he knows I'm here? "No! I didn't listen to your conversation with the man named Y
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Chapter 4
"Why did you insult my mother ?! Do you know that you have only been here for two days and everything has become chaotic ?! Since you lived here, my life has become chaotic too. I don't know why my father chose you. Maybe your mother sold you here because you are useless and worthless! I want to hurt you but I don't hurt woman. I want to blame you for everything because when you came here my uncles and other family hated me. "I want you to leave here. And don't come back. I don't care if your house is far from this place, I just want you out of my sight!" Zach said at length. I really feel like I'm to blame for it all. Even my own mother sold me because of money. I was useless so she gave me away. I was just crying as Zach punched the wall that was on my side. Maybe I need to leave here because I'm useless and just a burden. Maybe I'll leave later tonight. It's good and it's easy to put my clothes in the suitcase and bag. Hopefully there will be no
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Chapter 5
ZACH I woke up because I heard someone talking outside. It was like the voice of Kimora and Mom. What are they talking about? When I looked at the sofa, Kimora was not there. I just let them talk and go straight to sleep. I didn't want to listen to what they were talking about because I was just annoyed. "ZACHARIAH COSMIAN! GET OUT OF YOUR BEDROOM OR I WILL BREAK THIS DOOR!" Cronus shouted outside the door. I even heard the door slam so I was forced to get up and open the door. "Where is Kimora?" I looked at the sofa but kimora was not there. Where the hell is she ?! "I- I don't know, Cronus. Last night I heard her talking to Athena but I just let her go and went back to sleep. I thought she would come back but she didn't." My explanation to Cronus. If other Mafia members are afraid of me, I am afraid of Cronus. He is different when angry. You don’t want to fight him because you’re going to die. "What? You don't know? You let your fiancee leave and you don't know where she went ?
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Chapter 6
Zach When Dad left I immediately went straight to my office and called Ycson. He's good at tracking people and their location in just a few minutes. While holding my phone my hands were shaking as I typed on the computer. Only now did I feel the worry of a poor woman Kimora. And it would still be my fault if anything bad happened to her. "Zach .." Ycson answered coldly. He has a joker side and a serious side. And he knew that I'm on a serious mode now, that's why he's on it too. "Look, Have I told you lately that I have a fiancee? Well, she's in danger now. I don't know where she is." I said. "Maybe she's just roaming around the area?" he asked. "No! She didn't come back last night when I heard her and mom talking out side the room. Did she run away?" It looks like I'm in a desperate situation now, which is I didn't do such things. "Are you sure? Do you put some bug on her things or any part of her body?" "No I do not." He leave a sigh with frustration. "What are we going to do
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Chapter 7
Zach POV After the bloody battle between Moriss and Cosmian Mafia I immediately followed the gaze of the dying Kimora. She couldn't open her eyes so I immediately grabbed her hand. Only now have I felt like this. I feel my heart break when I see Kimora’s situation today. Her forehead and face were covered in blood. She was breathing very fast and seemed to be chasing a horse because of its speed. "Let's bring her to the hospital." I said in a hurry. They immediately responded to what I said and I immediately picked up Kimora to put her in the car. Upon entering, I immediately examined her face. Even in the difficult situation, she still looks good and when I look at her condition, there is a growing guilt in my heart. What I did to drive her away at the time my Mom shouted and she replied back was a big mistake. My world seems to collapse when I see her like this. "Z-zach .... you're crying." Nervously West says. I immediately touched my cheek and it was wet because of the tears th
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Chapter 8
Zach POV "I want you back." I clenched my fist and looked sharply at her. "The past must be buried in the past, Madeline. And always remember that I didn't give you even a single bit of love. All of that was just a show in front of Mom and I will never come back to you." "How sweet of you. Can you still say those words if I involve Kimora between us? I can use her to bring you back to me." I saw her smirk and immediately my vision of her darkened. I grabbed her arm and pinned her on the wall. "Don't you dare. Because I will hurt your sister when you make your plan to destroy Kimora and me." She laughed out loud and forcibly removed my hand that was placed on her shoulder. "Why, Zach? All I know is that you're not really interested in women. But why does it seem like the strength of your hit on Kimora? Even the Word 'I love you' you didn't say to me before and I don't even see the smile or guilt on your face when I'm kidnapped. You save me but you just seem to be forced. Why ?! Why
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Chapter 9
Zach POV "Zach, it's been two days but they still can't find blood that matches Kimora's." West brought me bad news after he ordered underlings and doctors to look for type A+ blood. "The hell ?! Cosmian is one of the fastest and most deadly Mafia in Asia and Europe, but just look for blood you won't find anything ?! You bastards!" I shouted after hearing what West said. How can I not be angry, the Clan of Cosmians is too big then until now there is no blood available ?! "I don't think they really want to look for blood, Zach. Do you remember when you had the accident? You had a blood transfusion in less than an hour. There seems to be something wrong now, Zach." The anger that formed in my body increased even more because of what Ycson said. It looks like something is going wrong because I know the Mafia can act fast. Even Cronus is having a hard time, too. It is as if something is blocking and blocking the steps we are taking. "Couldn't Madeline have anything to do with this?" Y
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