She Rejected The Lycan king

She Rejected The Lycan king

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"Don't KILL me! I'm pregnant! I'm carrying your baby!" I cried, begging my husband, Alpha Daniel, in the hope of evoking his mercy. A year ago, I, Cynthia, rejected my true mate, the Lycan King, and chose to marry my true love, the rogue Daniel, not thinking I would end up in such a miserable situation. "Kill her NOW! " growled Jenny, my adopted Omega sister. What happened next looks pretty absurd, but it's true. Daniel killed me, but I was reborn and turned back to a year ago when I was not yet married to Daniel. The Moon Goddess gave me a chance to start over to change the miserable fate of my previous life. At this time, Jenny was still a well-disguised bitch. "Fxck off! Get away from me!"I slapped Jenny in disgust. In this life, I'll kick all the bastards out of my pack! I will marry the Lycan king and become the most dazzling Queen. But what if the king wants to reject me as revenge? ----- "If I become your husband, I won't be satisfied with just one kiss. " The Lycan King said in a low voice. "I see. "I unbuttoned my chest as The Lycan King watched. My white breasts gradually revealed. They were full and rounded, of the purest color and sexiest allure. I blocked my two rosebud-like nipples with my arm. "Put your arm down. " The Lycan King ordered. I hesitated, then covered his hand on my breast. The Lycan King's hand subconsciously closed, and I couldn't help but groan. "Please enjoy my body, your majesty. "

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94 chapters
Chapter 1 Don't kill me! I'm pregnant!
Cynthia's POV "Don't KILL me! I'm pregnant! I'm carrying your baby!"I cried, begging my husband, Alpha Daniel, in the hope of evoking his mercy.The heavy chains around my slender arms made me feel like a rabbit entangled in a boa constrictor. I had bare feet, as I had lost my shoes in the escape.Since I had accidentally heard the horrible secret in the conference room, I fled desperately. I ran with my feet dripping with blood, but finally, I was caught.I was caught by my husband Daniel and my sister Jenny. They hanged me in the cellar in chains." DON'T KILL ME, DON'T KILL ME, Daniel. I'm pregnant with your child, please, please, you CAN'T kill me!"I kept pleading. I was both the noble daughter of Alpha and the new Luna of the Rosebud Pack, but now I threw away all my dignity to beg for a living.I despised such a lowly self, but I had to survive for the sake of the four-month-old child in my belly."Kill her! Daniel!" Jenny growled in a shrill voice.The six-inch knife in Danie
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Chapter 2 They cheated on me behind my back
Cynthia's POV Jenny covered her slapped face and said in a sad, pitiful voice, "Why...why did you smack me?" If my wrist weren't injured, I would love to tear Jenny into pieces. I treated Jenny as the cutest and sweetest sister in my previous life, willing to share everything with her. I forgave her even when Jenny and Daniel had a drunken one-night stand. I made a difficult decision to share my beloved husband, Daniel, with my dearest sister Jenny. But Jenny wasn't satisfied with that. She wanted to take everything away from me. I couldn't forget the way Jenny had forced Daniel to kill me, crazy, ugly, hideous; just the thought of it made me want to vomit. "Get away! Get away from me! Get the hell out of here!" Luna clung to the emotionally distraught me to keep me from stepping on the broken glass on the floor, "Calm down! Calm down Cynthia! Jenny, go outside and don't provoke her!" Jenny ran out crying and bumped into the servant who had arrived to clean up the broken glass
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Chapter 3 At the cost of my virginity
Cynthia’s POV “Jenny, I didn’t do it on purpose. You’re so kind and generous, you’ll forgive me, right?” I tried her best to imitate Jenny’s usual expression and tone of voice. Jenny was disgusted by me, but she couldn’t ruin her image in front of so many people, so she could only squeeze out a smirk and nod her head. “You are so nice.” I said with a smile, “Come here, Jenny, let me see your face. I really feel guilty. Look at your beautiful face, it’s so swollen.” “Oh my Goddess, how could it be like this? How could I have hit your face so badly when my wrist was injured and I couldn’t put any strength into it?” Jenny found a chance to start acting again. She said in surprise, “Cynthia, why did you ask like that? “ “Did you suspect that I hit myself and made the bruises more obvious on purpose? Cynthia, Why do you think of me like that? Am I a dishonest girl in your mind?” Alice, who had been quiet for a long time, also spoke up, “Cynthia, please don’t say that, some words are
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Chapter 4 I want to marry you, your majesty
The Third-Party’s POV Inside the luxurious presidential suite, a slender man in a white bathrobe stood facing the floor-to-ceiling window. The red liquid in the wine glass reflected the moon in the sky. He shook his wrist, and the moon was stirred up. He seemed to see a familiar figure in the night, who made his handshake and spilled half of the red wine onto his chest. Just then, the voice of a guard came from behind him, "Your Majesty, Cynthia, the daughter of Rosebud Pack Alpha, requests an audience." The young king straightened his wine glass, glanced at his wet chest, and coldly replied, "No way." "As ordered." The guard replied respectfully and left. Cynthia did not lose heart when she heard The Lycan King's reply that he did not want to see her, which was to be expected. So she implored The Lycan King's guard, "Please pass on the message for me once more. Say that Cynthia has come to sincerely apologize to him. I am willing to do anything if The Lycan King will only be r
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Chapter 5 Please enjoy my body
Cynthia’s POV The Lycan King held his breath as he looked deeply into my eyes for a long time, then slowly put his mask back on. "You really are a bold girl, bold enough to be reckless. " The Lycan King tore herself from my grasp, then patted his sleeve, "Didn't your parents tell you that a good girl shouldn't kiss a man at random? It will make people think you're cheap. " "I don't kiss random men, I just kiss my husband. " The Lycan King's movements stopped, and he held his breath once again, but this time he didn't dare look me in the eyes again. My sightline was hot, as if there was a fire in it that would set all who gazed at it burned. "If I become your husband, then I won't be satisfied with just one kiss. " The Lycan King said in a low voice. "I see. I will perform the duties of a wife. " I unbuttoned my chest as The Lycan King watched. One, two, three... My white breasts gradually revealed. They were full and rounded, of the purest color and sexiest allure. I blocke
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Chapter 6 A disloyal slut
The Third-Party’s POV Up until this point, everyone had not commented but kept silent. However, the next thing Jenny said made everyone gasp. “I guess Cynthia is probably still with Daniel. See, Daniel didn’t come to breakfast either.” Alice had an odd expression, “My brother came to breakfast very early today. After eating, he went with the Alpha to comfort the residents.” “Oh my Goodness, so Cynthia will probably stay with that man she talked to last night...” Jenny suddenly covered her mouth, “Oh I’m sorry, did I say something I shouldn’t have?” Alice acted like she was angry over the betrayal Daniel suffered. “I don’t know if you said something you shouldn’t have said, but I hope somebody didn’t do something they shouldn’t have done.” She didn’t say names, but everyone knew she was calling Cynthia a disloyal slut. “Oh no, Cynthia wouldn’t do that!” Jenny immediately acted like a good sister trying to defend Cynthia’s reputation, “I was wrong before. I didn’t see anything l
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Chapter 7 Infected by Wolfsbane
After being reborn, what Cynthia does every day is work out. She remembers that in her previous life, she was physically weak, and she couldn't even run far when Daniel tried to kill her.Cynthia asked Eva and Eden to teach her swordplay and combat. She doesn't want to be a delicate lady anymore. She wants to protect herself and her family.However, Cynthia has always had a bad feeling lately because everything seemed too calm.Only fear that this is the calm before the storm.Recently Jenny is no longer looking for opportunities to pretend to be miserable to denigrate Cynthia.Alice also rarely appears in front of Cynthia.Daniel is actively helping Alpha appease the Rosebud pack residents, saying he hopes to make a good impression on the Alpha and get the Alpha to allow him to marry Cynthia.Could it be that Eva and Eden's presence has frightened them?No.In her previous life, Daniel harmed Pete first. Because Pete's
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Chapter 8 A low moan came from King's side
"The Lycan King once said that after Eden and I became your bodyguards, we would no longer belong to the royal royalty. We have nothing to do with the royal family from now on, and our allegiance is to you alone. We can't contact him anymore."Cynthia tried to beg her again, but Eva continued to say, "But, Miss Cynthia, since you asked for my help, I will definitely help. What's more, I couldn't bear to see Mr. Pete suffer."Eva assisted Cynthia to stand up. The two cried and hugged each other."Thank you, thank you Eva."At night, Eva brought good news."The Lycan King has agreed to speak with you, but he has only given you five minutes. And he doesn't guarantee that he will agree to help you.""That's already great! Thank you!"As the minutes ticked by, Cynthia stared intently at the phone, not daring to be distracted, and finally, at midnight, she waited for The Lycan King to call."Hello, Your Majesty, this is Cynthia."
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Chapter 9 Stop pretending to be siblings
Alice cried and hugged Daniel, "Honey, when the hell is this life going to end? It's too hard for me. I can't bear you publicly display of affection with Cynthia while seducing Jenny anymore. " "Listen, I, Alice, am your TRUE mate. When the hell are we going to stop pretending to be siblings?" "Oh Dear, keep your voice down, keep it down, please. Don't let anyone hear you." "No, why do we have to sneak around when we're the real mate? Why do you ask me to seduce Pete? You know full well that I only love you. I just felt sick when he hugged me. I'd cut off his hands and gouge out his eyes for two pins..." Daniel kissed the left side of her face, then the right side, "Honey, I belong to you. I'll always belong to you. Please bear a little longer, okay? The plan is about to succeed. For the future of the Rebel Army, we can't stop halfway." "Not only are you suffering, but I am suffering as well. That Jenny, the lowly omega who was born without a
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Chapter 10 The king will be there too
Daniel was so nervous that he stiffened at the thought of what he had just said being heard by his two mistresses.Cynthia had long seen Jenny and Alice open the door in the mirror. That's why she deliberately induced Daniel to say those words. She just wanted to see their angry faces.Cynthia acted surprised and made a show of covering her mouth, "Oh Mom, Jenny, Alice, why are you all here?"Luna said, "We didn't see you go to the dining hall to eat, and we were worried that you were hungry, so we brought you breakfast.""Oh, so that's it. Thank you so much. You are so sweet. Daniel already brought me food, but I still want to eat in the dining hall. I love a good crowd."Jenny saw that Cynthia's hand was still on Daniel's arm. She bit her lip so hard with jealousy.How could it happen? She didn't expect Daniel to come here. She just wanted others to see Cynthia's wretched appearance just after sleeping. That's why she offered to come toget
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