Please! I Want To Have Fun!

Please! I Want To Have Fun!

By:  xxJabami  Ongoing
Language: English
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Belle Stefano, a transmigrator who comes from another world. She woke up one day on a different body. She lives her life leisurely not until she finds out that she’s inside the comic that she’s read and that she is the antagonist who will meet her end tragically by the male lead. Luke Andres Hendrick is cold and heartless. He doesn’t care about the people around him except when she finds Georjia Norjia and falls in love with her at first sight. Belle did her best to not get in the way of the male and female lead of the comic book but she slowly falls in love with the male lead. Will she confess her love for him or she will run away without telling the male lead how she feels?

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27 chapters
Strange Place
BELLE’s P.O.V  “Good morning my lady.” May, my personal maid said as she pulled the curtain in my bedroom. A ray of sun hits my face, oh it’s morning again.   I greeted her back then walked to my mini table where a glass of water is put every morning. I sat down and observed her, she’s now arranging the books that I’ve been reading since last night. She’s the one beside me the moment I open my eyes in this strange place. She takes good care of me and acts as if she’s my mother despite our two years age gap, she’s really mature for her age.  May’s also my personal tutor, I’ve learned a lot about this place with her help.
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Unknown Mister
BELLE’s P.O.V “My lady!”  Someone’s calling me, I tried to move my body but my back hurt instead.  This seems familiar. I tried to open my eyes and saw Jessa’s worried face. Oh, this definitely happened before.  “My lady, you’re awake!” She looks relieved to see me open my eyes, I’m relieved too Jessa. These days I always feel relieved when I open my eyes, maybe because I’m afraid that I’ll never open it again. Okay enough with the drama! But why am I lying like the first time I came here? I feel weak.  I tried to sit but May stopped me.  <
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Memories Of My Past
 BELLE’s P.O.V  “What are you doing here?” I was panicking until I heard his voice. “Are you calmed down now?” He asks again. I nodded. He slowly loosen his grip around me as well as his hand covering my mouth. “Why are you out here at this hour?”  Read more
Finally! A Solution!
BELLE’s P.O.VAGAIN. I didn’t get any sleep.  “My lady…” May approached me while holding a vase in her hand.  I look at her with my tired eyes. “What?”  She sat across my chair and looked at me intently.  “Don’t tell me, you’re doing drugs?”  What!  “What are you talking about?”  She sighed. &ld
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My Savior
BELLE’s P.O.V “What are you doing?!”  The world seems to stop for a minute, even the people that’s running to escape stopped. I was just looking at Hendrick the whole time.  Hendrick ran towards the door while holding me.  Everyone seems surprised, I don’t know which part of the events they’re surprised about, it’s either because I almost died or it’s because of Hendrick, or because no one tried to save me? He kept running while I’m still in his arms.  Did he just save m
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Hendrick's Child
BELLE’s P.O.V  Hendrick and I met each other’s eyes. He looked at me seriously before moving his gaze to the man next to me. "Yo, bro!" He said to Hendriick. Do they know each other? The man seems to know him. But Hendrick seemed dissatisfied, his gaze sharpened. Hendrick didn’t utter any more words but the man seems to have realized something. "Okay okay!" He seems reluctant to say so. He left the seat but turned his gaze to me and smiled.&nb
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BELLE's P.O.V I just stand where I am while looking at Hendrick. Shock was written all over my face. He was talking to some men not far away from me. I just lost sight of him when the boy next to me touched me. "You're pretty." He says. "A-ah, thank you." I answered with a glint of awkwardness. I don’t know how to properly approach the child! I stared at the child beside me, him and Hendrick don't have the same look. The boy's facial features are different and so are Hendrick's. Maybe he inherited it from his mother… I don’t know why my chest suddenly seemed to tighten. The child
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BELLE’s P.O.V“May, I’m tired…”  May looked at me with disgusto.  “You’re the reason for that.”  I couldn’t move my body. Is this some kind of side effect?  The next morning after we met Hansel, I thanked Hendrick for his help and told him that I needed to go home. He didn’t ask for more instead, he helped me to get a carriage that will bring me home. Thanks to him I didn’t have to walk for about half an hour anymore like last time. I arrived home safely but I couldn&r
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My Type
BELLE’s P.O.V “Are you out of your mind?!”  As soon as I said that, May started running towards the door.  “I’m sorry my lady!”  I couldn’t move. Did she just?!  I was left there with my mouth wide open.  “May!”  Oh gosh. My head feels like it wants to explode.  “What have you done, May.”  Read more
BELLE’s P.O.V“What happened to your face?” I can't answer May. We are now in the village where we are going to Hansel, because there is a budget I decided to go to the guy right away to be able to start this as soon as possible. While walking I couldn’t help but think of what happened last night, after Hendrick asked me we just stared and no one spoke. We were like that for a few minutes before it said goodbye. I was left staring there, I can't understand why he asked that, can he tell me something? I hope not, he's still my type. Read more Protection Status