Death's little angel

Death's little angel

By:  Deep thinker   Completed
Language: English
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Adonis the king of death had appeared after centuries of years with only one purpose: to strengthen himself. To do this, he has to find himself an angel whose blood will save him. can a mortal save an immortal?

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please write a second book and give a happy ending to them... make them end up together please ... i loved their story
2023-11-22 00:05:40
user avatar
Deep thinker
Thanks y'all.
2023-10-13 02:43:04
user avatar
Neilani Alajandrin
Okay the story is going really good, But I think there should be larger chapters it just feel like half of chapters...
2023-09-06 00:32:49
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
74 chapters 8-25-23
2023-08-26 00:45:50
user avatar
Perry will
The story is a beautiful one, I can't wait for more update
2023-08-21 19:35:06
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Mystic Dave
I love this book pretty much. the writer has his/her of playing with my head. the book has interesting and unexpected twist
2023-08-19 21:09:41
user avatar
Nice story. I'm really getting into the book .........
2023-08-19 21:01:34
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
30 chapters 5-5-23
2023-05-06 02:48:03
87 Chapters
Death's return
"Who... Who are you? How did you get in?" The aged man asked. He was bed ridden, his eyes were heavy voice was weak and his hands were shaking, trembling even as he shivered from what seemed like a bad cold. "I came in through the air" The other man responded, his voice filled with the manliness that his appearance alone could show. He was dressed in a three piece black suit and his eyes were of a special color, they were not black, not brown, not blue and not green, it was red and that was the natural color of his eyeballs."Through the air?" The old man's voice croaked."Yes and through the air will I take you away""Who are you?" The old man shivered with fear as the other man approached him."I am Adonis" "Get out of my home, young man!" He tried to sound firm."Young man?""I have been alive since the beginning of the earth" he stretched his hands out and grabbed the trembling hands of the old man.His hands were cold, bloody cold."Wh... Who or what are you?""Are you life?"
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Cold and Warmth
Audrey dialed the contact yet again and waited with her anxious heart, for him to pick the call but there was still no response.""Oh no!"" Beads of sweats formed on her forehead."Desmond, please pick up" she begged as if he could hear her as she redialed the contact that she had saved with 'my heartbeat' with an heart emoji to it.She had been calling him the entire day but he was not picking up her calls still. She had sent several messages to him but he was not responding to her messages either. "He... He probably got into some trouble. He would be back soon" Audrey tried to tell herself but she knew that was most probably a lie to comfort her aching heart.Desmond was her first boyfriend, he was her first love and they had been dating for two years. Desmond was not so well to do and she was the same. They both had average lives except for the fact that her average was better than his average.For the past six months, Audrey had heard different advise from her friends, telling he
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End it all
Audrey's eyes opened slowly. She looked around her and figured that she was lying on a bench. She slowly got up and sat up on the bench.She took her hands into her wet hair and wondered how she had left the middle of the alley to sleeping on the bench. She knew someone must have helped her but she was not so grateful for that person's help.Now that she was alive and awake, what was she supposed to do next?She looked to her side and found her phone and her bag. It was a complete surprise that it had not been stolen by some of the boys living around the alley yet.She picked up her phone and turned it on. She raked her hair backwards, realizing that her phone was having some issues from having stayed in the rain for so long.She groaned and after a couple attempts. She was able to unlock the phone and she had a message, it was from Desmond.Her heart skipped a beat as she hurriedly opened the message. Her phone malfunctioned for about a minute before she was finally able to successfu
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The water encounter
Audrey's life flashed in her face, old memories playing in her head as the waters began to quickly flood her nose."Granny!!!" Audrey called out as she ran into her grandmother's arm.Jumping into her grandmother's arm everyday she came back from work had been nice therapy for Audrey."My beautiful sunshine" replied Henrietta, her granny. Henrietta would never get enough of her grand daughter. Henrietta and Audrey would get locked in a tight hug."Did you miss me granny?" Audrey would ask, giving a her a childlike look.Henrietta would never be able to hold back, seeing that look, she would always burst into laughter."I missed you so much, child" she would admit while painting Audrey's face with kisses.A tear slid out of Audrey's eyes into the waters as her heart squeezed in pains.Audrey felt the natural instincts to struggle but she did not as another memory came replaying in her head."I love you so much Audrey" it was a memory of Desmond, the one who had caused all of these pain
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A ray of hope
Lord Adonis stared at the umbrella he had earlier taken from the bridge and he remembered the girl he has saved two consecutive times in just one day. She desperately was seeking to end her own life while he was consistently saving her against his wish. What an irony!Lord Adonis took the umbrella and hid it in his safe.***The sun was rising and the sounds of birds chirping could be heard from a distance.Audrey tried to open her eyes but had to shut it immediately as she felt her head banging. 'Where am I? Am I dead? Is it over now?' She asked herself multiple questions at a time.Audrey tried to open her eyes again but this time very slowly. She was welcomed by the sight and noise of water. The events of the previous day came replaying slowly in her mind.Who was the man that had come to her rescue?His eyes were crimson red and his body was so cold.Again, she saw someone else or was it a mermaid? Or was it just her imagination?She was jolted out of her blurry memory by an awake
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Beginning of an unknown journey
Audrey stood over the grave of her grandmother all by herself wondering what went wrong. She was more than devastated that the blazing hope she was clinging to had bursted right on her face.Audrey was hurting deeply but had ran out of tears to express how she was feeling. She wondered what she was going to do with her life henceforth. No family, no lover, no friend. Her world was indeed lonely and dark.A man stood few meters away from Audrey. It is time for her to fulfill her part of the bargain. He knew how tenacious Lord Adonis was and Audrey might never make it back alive once she started working for him so he allowed her a moment to grieve her family. After a while that seemed like forever Audrey slowly turned around to go back to empty house when she noticed the presence of someone."Maybe he is here to pay respect to his loved one too" she thought within herself. She could relate to his pain but she wasn't in any position to sympathize with anyone so she walked past him.
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The girls were ushered into a big hall with bed bunks. They had filed up on a straight line. A bowl with different tags was placed in front of them and they were made to choose a tag that will become their identity and help them to their bed space as well.Audrey picked the tag with number eight boldly written on it. She would share her bunk with the person with tag number seven.After the girls had finished picking their bed tags, they returned to their initial formation. "Number eight, you will be in charge of the other girls. Henceforth the girls are your responsibility, you'll be held accountable for their wellbeing and mistakes." Azrail said without looking at her direction.Audrey was beginning to find Azrail infuriating but she knew better than to talk so she just nodded her head."Is that a yes or no number eight?" Azrail asked"Yes Azrail" Audrey responded"Don't you dare call me by my name here. I'm the second in command to Lord Adonis. Is that understood?" Roared Azrail"Ye
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Audrey, Adonis and Azrail encounter
Adonis knew the girls at his disposal were just alternatives to his one true option, he had to find himself the one person whose blood would liberate him from his weakness. A weakness no one should find out or he would be at risk to lose everything his existence stood for. He clenched his fists. At any cost, he will do everything and anything to find her. Audrey and the other girls continued to live their lives in great torment mixed with fear and a faint glimpse of hope. They woke up each day with uncertainty filled in their hearts. The next moment wasn't promised for them so they worked very hard yet with great caution.Audrey was determined to leave the Palace of Ice and soul but didn't know how. She was also aware that a single mistake could cost her life.Audrey thought about her escape a thousand times in a day. If Azrail could find her the first time, he would always find her again but the only difference was that she had nothing to lose, probably she still have her miserab
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Azrail help
Azrail ran as though his existence depended on it. He ran past the girls in the main hall and the girls felt a sudden cold breeze and were terrified. None of the girl could comprehend what was going on and gave each other quick glances.Lord Adonis walked towards Audrey and with each stride, fear filled Audrey's heart. Just as Lord Adonis was about to touch Audrey when Azrail called out."My Lord, the end of all things" Azrail said as he lowered himself while breathing heavily Azrail was more than thankful that he made it right on time but what next? He came running without no plan."It was my mistake, I instructed Audrey to inspect the other girls as I had other things to attend to, she must have lost her way while doing that. I know my fault master, please punish me." Azrail found himself saying.Lord Adonis looked at Azrail to be sure he heard him correctly."Audrey?" Lord Adonis asked inquisitively Azrail got Lord Adonis message and instantly corrected himself."My lord, I mea
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Azrail's troubles
Azrail walked away from Audrey with plenty of thoughts in his head. He walked into a room. It was his chamber. Azrail needed to be alone. A girl with the tag number eleven was seen cleaning up this space. The moment Azrail entered, the girl felt a old aura and froze dropping the hand towel in her hands to the ground."I hail you, second master" The girl said frightened while trying to pick up the towel. While the girl was trying to pick the towel, she accidentally kicked the bucket of water beside her and the water splashed on Azrail."Oh my!!! What have I done? Second master, I'm sorry." The girl with the tag number eleven lowered herself in the pool of water she had just created shivering."There are no rooms for mistakes, you know that already. How could you be so clumsy?and how do you intend to clean up this mess?" Azrail questioned while walking towards her.Azrail looked at the girl and immediately felt a sense of deja vu and stopped dead in his tracks. He sure was in the same po
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