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- "You would think a woman who has been on this Earth for centuries would know anger only brings chaos, she will start her own fire and complain about the smoke," Lilith said. -

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Kavier Chevannes
❤❤ great book ❤❤
2021-01-20 00:49:15
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This is person is talented
2021-01-09 11:48:32
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Love this story so muchh
2020-12-28 01:40:59
user avatar
Amazing book
2020-11-06 23:50:53
default avatar
I'm enjoying the book so far
2020-10-25 00:58:43
47 Chapters
A/N: Look for the chapter called Explanation so you can understand the characters and their powers! A/N: I made this so you guys can have a better understanding of the book and people in it! Hope this helps, I'll be adding more stuff later but for now, this is what you have to understand the book, I will also be splitting it half so like if someone has read 1-15 I'll make a chapter that will explain everything in those chapters the person read, I'm arranging this so you guys can spend fewer coins on one chapter that explains everything in the book but it costs a ton, so by separating them it will be less expensive, I hope I explained this properly. Enjoy your day! ;) I will be adding the characters back story to it later but for now, you can read that chapter to understand what and who you'll be seeing in the following chapters -
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Chapter 1: Voices
 - Lilith looked over her kingdom from her balcony, from up there, everyone seemed like ants, she wished to be like them, happy. Before Lilith could get lost in her unfortunate thoughts, someone walked near her room. She swiftly went to her door opening it, to reveal a woman who was about the knock on her door. "Yes?" The woman, Jenna, cleared her throat as she bowed her head. "Good morning, my queen." "Good morning." "Your parents have requested your presence for breakfast." Lilith sighed but nodded. "Please tell them I'll be down in a few minutes." Jenna nodded, taking her leave. Lilith closed the door behind her and went to her bathroom. She stripped out of her attire and stepped inside her shower. Using her loofa, scrubbed her body clean. She turned on the shower, water falling on her hair going down her body. Closing her eyes she relaxed under the warmth of the water. All her
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Chapter 2: Nixies
- Lilith watched tiredly as many different wolves walked around and interacted with each other. This was her job, She watched everyone's life as a spirit, her body was currently in her room, resting. This was her modern version of a crystal ball. Watching people's life was fun at first, but over the centuries it got boring as she watched the same stories play out with different people. Lilith always wondered, what having a mate would feel like, but the Moon Goddess wasn't allowed to create one for themselves many had tried and failed. She herself tried many times but it never worked. So over the past centuries, she found other ways to fill her emptiness. Lilith closed her eyes and whispered, "Intefro." Her eyes snapped open, she was back in her room, sitting up. She sighed, massaging her temple. Aiut su oauia yuie oisae Lilith felt hands over hers, but when she turned no one was there.
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Chapter 3: Seabiria
-Lilith walked onto the stone path, water from the river near was on the sides, guards gave her curious looks as she passed, they couldn't recognize Lilith as she was wearing a cloth to hide her face, it was rare for her to leave the castle but when she did, it was always for business, so she never really enjoyed herself, even though they didn't know it was her but they could feel her authoritative energy.She was on her way to tell Ophelia what happened to Adella, before she left the nixies she cast a protection barrier around the lake, she warned the rest of the guardians not to leave just as a precaution.Lilith stopped walking as she reached the portal entrance. It was shaped like an arch that you would see at a wedding, but it duller and made
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Chapter 4: Mine
-After many introductions, Lilith, Antonia and Mariana sat at their table."Why is it so hard to find suitors nowadays?" Mariana muttered, Lilith silently agreed.It's not hard, you are just horrible at flirting.She heard her wolf/Lycan, who had been silently watching everything from the back of her mind.I'm not. Her wolf laughed.You're over a thousand years old, and you have never dated anyone. Mara states.I have!Mara rolled her moon coloured eyes, as she said, Sleeping with them doesn't count.Gods and Goddesses were known for their insatiable hunger for sex, it was something they barely could live without. Just as she was going to respond, Nicholas began to speak on stage, catching everyone's attention."Thank you all for coming to witness my daughter, Victoria, coronation, Let the ceremony begin."A man walked o
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Chapter 5: Adrian
Lilith and the mystery man had left the ball, going back to her home.She walked over to her bed taking a seat."How is this possible?" She asked, still in shock.
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Chapter 6: Bonds
Lilith woke up, with a smile on her face.Looking around, she saw Adrian was gone, she frowned, before deciding to take a shower.
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Chapter 7: The Truth
- It was finally Monday, Lilith hadn't seen Adrian since their last encounter, 3 days ago and she was beginning to worry.
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Chapter 8: Men
- It was a few days later, Lilith was currently at breakfast with her parents. She hadn't seen Adrian since they kissed and she was starting to freak out like always. This was her first relationship, she didn't know what to do, was it even a relationship? "Lilith, what's on your mind?" Her father asked, snapping her out of her trance. "Um nothing, just a little tired." Both her parents gave her a look. "You know I can smell and see when your lying." Her mother stated. All moon goddesses had that power, even though her mother stepped down, she still possessed it. "I can't see or smell it but I know when you lie, now tell us what's wrong." Her father pushed, she lets out a sigh, taking a sip of her orange juice. "I have a mate." They laughed her eyebrows furrowed. "What?" "We know, that's old news, so what's his name? Age?" Her mother, Amelia, asked. "His name is Adrian. He's not exactly the type of mate you would expect
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Chapter 9: Insults & Assumptions
- "My queens and king. Someone is here to see you." The same guard said. "Who?" "Me." She saw Adrian coming through the door, with a smile. Lilith immediately knew it wasn't Adrain in control. "Hello, love." She frowned. Speak of the devil and he shall appear. Mara said. "Hi." "It nice to finally meet you, Adrian," Mariana said with a smile, eyes taking in his body, Mara paced around in Lilith's mind calming herself. "It's nice to meet you too, Mariana right?" He kissed her hand, making her smile but Nicholas frowned at how happy his wife looked with another man, this made Lilith laugh secretly. "Charmed." Nicholas got up and shook Adrian's hand, smiling. "It's nice to meet you." "Likewise." "Well we're leaving, have fun, I'll see you later?" Mariana asked. "Hopefully not, kidding, mostly." They hugged her as a goodbye before leaving, Mariana turned around before
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