Her Forbidden Wolf

Her Forbidden Wolf

By:  Elizabeth Moore  Ongoing
Language: English
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“ what are you? How do you affect me so? “ He asked, his voice coarse. . . His voice leaving sinful sensations against her neck, his breath sending tons of emotions all over her body. It was unbearable. She moved closer to him, letting her body touch his in shameless abandon. “ I don't know what you mean? How do I affect you? “ she said her voice barely a whisper. Her eyes looked up at him innocently, not grasping the effect she has on him. Their lips are barely an inch away from each other now, hot within and outside. Penetrating deep into their bodies. “ I have never met anyone like you, how can I find my mate in you? “ He growled. His hands reached up to cup her soft face. Held it in place so he could see through her eyes. Nobody has ever affected him the way she does. And it was definitely not his wolf animalistic behaviour. This is just him, what would happen if his wolf awoke and he is not able to control himself. After unintentionally killing his brother, Dante, now an outcast from his pack, leaves London and adopts a new identity as a brooding rogue mercenary to find some solitude but his new neighbor, However Ava Damaris, (a human) has different plans for him. Repulsed by his devil may cry persona, Ava was determined to turn him into a kind hearted gentleman. As they both begin to uncover some hidden secrets of a deadly scheme, a fierce passion blooms between them, which neither anticipated -- and neither can resist.  But will Ava still love him after finding out that it was his kind who had killed her beloved parents? Or will this knowledge alter her deep feelings for him?

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10 chapters
Chapter 1
It was on a busy street and busy day when I, Dante Bradford got the note from a very young boy, not more than six, telling me he was sent to give the note to me personally. And since the boy could not possibly remember nor could he tell who had sent him on this errand, I just knew it could not be good news. My heart raced like never before, I could already feel danger and betrayal even beforeI managed to open up the little double folded note. "You are being betrayed by your Luna and your brother" and that was it. That's all, No preamble, no nothing, not even the sender's name.I quickly dashed back out on the street, as if I was being chased and my life depended on it. I had left home that morning to go Craton street because I needed to meet some pack members on some important things, more like cousins of cousins. . . But that meeting would rather have to wait. I was soon inside my black jaguar V8 pushing the gas on top speed, not minding anything else, I wanted to get inside that
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Chapter 2
Ava’s POV5 years later " Ava ! Ava ! ! , get off your bed, I have been calling your name like over a hundred times " I could hear My grandma, Aloha Damaris, barged into my room to wake me up , I could hear that she had been trying to wake me over and over again from outside the room, I was just too tired to wake up completely. I finally woke up to the sound of her banging the doors, yeah that always does the trick, but not so easily because I still needed to find my bearing ." This is the hundredth time I have called your name. Did you forget what I told you to do yesterday , I don't think Mrs Nate will be in for long! , you have to be able to meet her before she leaves , I told you she has something to submit for me at the match making office , I want her to give them in hand , so that it would be attended to properly "" Oh grandmama , it has probably only been the third time , you definitely don't have the strength and energy to call me for even fifty times , and stop with the m
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Chapter 3
Dante’s POVI knew I was wrong even before I saw the look in the beautiful stranger 's eyes change into something else after she had just looked at him with kindness or whatever that was. I felt like somewhere in my heart that had been locked away for so long stirred but it had no chance to be unlocked.Even if I was the one who didn't really care about what people thought of me anymor, I don't like communicating with so many people letting them into my space, that was why I have changed places too often for the past five years, but there was a way she looked at me that some how made my lost soul feel alive. It felt like she could see through me, through my pains and my betrayal.I originally didn't plan to wait at all when I realized what had happenedd, I could have just gone my way, as a way of removing myself from the drama that would occur, it was her fault, I had thought, she was the one not paying attention to where she was going in the first place , she was the one who neglected
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Chapter 4
Ava ‘s POVImmediately I got home , I quickly went to find my grandmother before she comes to find me , I‘m sure by now, Mrs Nate would have called back to tell her that she had not seen me in her house."Grandmama ! I am home ! Where are you ?” I checked inside her room but she was not there , checked her bathroom to see if she was bathing, she was not there too."Okay . . . I know you are angry with me that i didn't get to hand over the envelope, but I promise you I have a huge explanation for that. In fact you will see it when you lay your eyes on me. I am practically soaked in mud water" I said at the top of my voice still looking for her, I'm sure she will be in somewhere in the house my grandmother hardly went anywhere. She was probably angry at me since I didn't do what she asked. "Where are you Grandmama?” I asked again.Still no response, so I went to the kitchen since that was the only place I have not checked.Just as I entered inside, lo and behold my beautiful grandmother
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Episode 5
Ava ‘s POVWherever I went , I wished my grandmother went with me, I feel in that way I would be able to protect her and find ways to pay her for what she has been doing for me since my parents had died. A lot of things have bothered me about the accident, according to how my grandmother have tried to narrate it to me without giving so much away. Since I turned eighteen, everything just felt different one way or another. I have just refused completely to give it so much though. Even some visible changes in my body that I have been seeing in my body since that day, even had some forces in my head, talking to me from time to time. Although I have done my best to ignore it, some part of me knows that it was an important thing to me. As I took the dreadful steps down the stairs to meet my grandmother, My instints told me something was wrong, there was no way my grandmother would ever be this silent in the house. There was never a day that the house was this silent. It was getting really
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Chapter 6
Dante’s POVI had just started to sleep when I heard the faint voice in my head, at first I thought I should ignore it, nobody in the place would ever be able to use their minds to communicate with me and I definitely do not have any other person staying in the house with me, so it was not possible that I was hearing someone’s voiceI was not amongst werewolves who uses their powers to communicate, I was amongst humans, and I have chosen this place carefully because I knew they were all humans and I needed somewhere I could go without eyes on me and people knowing his business, so I thought I was probably imagining it , but then it came again , the voice echoing crazily in my head , " SAVE ME , SOMEONE SAVE ME" My wolf who has been asleep for so long woke up , tugging at me to attend to what I was feeling, and that pissed me up more than ever, my wolf is weak, I can feel it, it will take time before he adjusts to everything again, even though he has been ignoring me for so long, It fel
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Chapter 7
Dante's POV“Mate! Mate!” My wolf, Bolt whispered to me silently but urging me at the same time. What? What the heck was Bolt talking about. I tried to ignore it, because it is obviously not possible, I am far away from werewolfs and I don't remember hearing about any hidden packs around here, werewolf packs don't like to hide, they make themselves known, But the force of Bolt urging me on was unbearable, so I quickened my steps, it looked like I needed to be quick, as I entered in to the almost silent room, the darkness of it first engulfed me, but it felt good that Bolt has not deserted me completely, I became quickly accustomed to the darkness, I heard a voice pleading and then silent before I finally saw the girl laying on the floor and a man who could be no more than fourty five years old was over her and trying to get something off her body, why was she not fighting back, I wanted to shout at her and shake her back to reality but it was not my place, and I didn't think it shou
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Chapter 8
Ava ‘s POVI would want more than anything to put what happened last night behind me, there is no evidence anyway, my strange neighbor has managed to clear up everything that could lead to questioning.No matter how I see it, everything still felt strange and unclear to me. My grandmother has still not woken up but i have tried all my best not to leave her side, to make sure she doesn’t feel lonely waking up to a strange environment. “Your phone has been blowing up, I picked and told her to come to your Neigbour’s house” He said, pointing my phone at me, I didn’t even hear him walk in the room that he had provided for us… The man hardly make sounds, except he wants to.“Thank you, I’m sure she is running here right now, did you tell her what happened?” I replied, collecting the phone from him. It can only be my best friend blowing up my phone, no one else. To think he must have done what he promised to do last night about getting my things for me and settling things made me relax wi
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Chapter 9
Dante ‘s POV Oh I certainly like her friend ‘s way of interacting, she is free and outspoken, maybe because of the way she is to Ava, I know Ava is her name because I have heard it now plenty times already, we have not officially introduced each other, with the way things are, it might take a little bit of time for her. As I sit in my Study, not doing so much, everything I needed to be done had been taken care of. I quickly sent the doctor I had called to treat her grandmother earlier some more money so he would keep shut about anything he might have heard or seen, I'm sure he it would not be long for him to start having his own doubt, he is a doctor after all. Money stops a lot of bad things from happening and that's what this one would do.I would have done the same thing with the intruder, maybe come up to an agreement, but I could not just accept the fact that the god forsaken intruder was all over my chosen mate, trying to get what only belongs to me and Bolt was definitely not
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Chapter 10
Ava ‘s POV“I'm just going to sit right here” I said, as I moved to the corner of the down stairs room, I could not bare for them to continue flirting in front of me but I didn't want want to miss seeing the length he would go. I had thought it was me who got his attention, but the very minute Tiana came into the picture, it's now her who’s got his attention.“No Ava, you have agreed to come down with us. You should be as active as the rest of us” Tiana said loudly to me, I would have thought she would have just ignored me and let me be, and not have the effrontery to deny me wish. The man was listening.“There is really nothing active to do you know, since we are not swimming ““But we agreed to talk about ourselves” she said again“You both did! I did not agree to any of that” I was trying not to raise my voice at her. This is the time I wish she could read my mind and know why I am doing what I am doing. “Tiana! I think you should leave her if she wants to be alone” He said to my
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