Billionaire's Baby Mama

Billionaire's Baby Mama

By:  Mira Ace 2  Completed
Language: English
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Synopsis As a Billionaire's daughter, I had everything I could ever wanted.Everything!!. I got the best life, the best school, and the best love one could ever wish for from a mother. But I'm about ruining that, destroying it cause of a silly mistake. I'm pregnant!!!, Pregnant for a stranger!!!. I couldn't recall his face!, I don't know him!, I was drunk, we had a night stand and now am pregnant, It is a disaster!. Who's this random stranger?!. Is she going keep the baby?. Is he going to ever accept her and the baby?. How's it all going to end? Find Out In These Enticing Novel!!

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41 Chapters
Chapter 01
Chapter 01 I couldn't believe what I just heard. I was seated before the doctor who had just announced my test result. I turned to my mom, Bella who had an unreadable expression on, but it sure met her with a shock. How am I pregnant?, Who could have taught the silly mistake that happened could turn out to be the biggest mistake of my life?. I had always been that girl with so much humility, the innocent 18- year old teen, until my friends convinced me to accompany them to a night club, and I got drunk, and ended up having a night stand with a random stranger.   I took another glance at my mother who was staring into space. " Hmm " The doctor cleared his throat and mom snapped out of her thoughts. " Thanks doctor " Mom uttered before making her way out of the doctor's office and her guards trooped behind her. I s
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Chapter 02
Chapter 02 I wiped the tears trickling down my face as I finished writing the note, it was evening already and it seems mom should be in her room. It was a goodbye note to mom, I know this isn't right, but I can't just bring myself to her anymore, I feel like a bastard right now, I betrayed mom!. I placed the note on the table, before walking out of my room. I heaved a big sigh as I successfully sneaked out of the mansion without any suspicion, I was lucky to leave without arousing the guards suspicion. I stared intensely at the enormous mansion before me, this was where my childhood begun, where mom and dad lived together with me before he died, I'm so going to miss it. I took some few strides backwards, still staring at the mansion before finally turning and I walked away, wiping the tears that was threatening to fall. I'm really sorry
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Chapter 03
Chapter 03 " Mom " I called as I broke the hug. " You... " I trailed off and she nodded. " Yeah, I did, it's fine, we're meeting his parents tomorrow, so you should go to bed and prepare " She said, wiping my tears. " Mom " I called and she looked up to me. " Who's he?, And what's gonna happen when we meet with them? " I asked and mom gave a little smile. " It's fine, you shouldn't worry about this, I'll take care of all these " She said and signalled to me to go into my room. I nodded and wiped some little trace of tears on my face before heading towards the stairs. I stopped after climbing a few stairs and I turned back to see mom who was staring at me. She gave a little smile and I sighed. " I love you mom " I said and she smiled widely. " I love you mo
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Chapter 04
Chapter 04 And there he was, I gulped down into nothing as his full body finally reveals it's self. He was wearing an armless shirt, and his muscles were revealing, they looked really huge, hia hair was styled in a badboy style, giving him the badboy style. My eyes landed on his ears, he had lots of piercing there, and waa putting on boyish earrings that gave him the badboy look. The way he walked, each of his steps made him look so cool as his hands were in his pockets as he approached us. Carl hit me gently and I blinked my eyes rapidly before looking away embarrassed. " Here he is, Tyler " His mom announced " You said you wanted to see him..... " She continued and mom nodded. " Yes Mrs Bills,, but can he excuse us now? " Mom asked and he raised Mrs Bills raised her brow. " I'll leave, see ya mo
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Chapter 05
Chapter 05 I dragged my feet inside as I alighted from the car. " She's here " I heard Carl say to mom as he sighted me. " What did she say? " Mom asked, on seeing me. " She thinks we're trying to force me on them, she hates me " I said, slowly as I made my way to the stairs. " Are you okay? " I hear her ask and I stopped. " No.... Not at all... I feel guilty, I feel pain... I feel bad... I feel mad " I said, my voice cracking as tears threatened to fall. I turned and our face met. " Marvy, you shouldn't care about what she said, they have no choice than to take responsibility of the baby, we're not forcing you on them, they have to take responsibility, it's not our fault, it's not your fault, it's no one's fault, or it could be their son's fault " Mom said " It's all my fault mom, you don't have
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Chapter 06
Chapter 06 I opened my eyes with a slight groan as I tried getting off the bed.  " Marvy " I heard someone call and I turned, it was my personal maid, Lia. She bowed lightly. " Ma'am wants you downstairs, she said you should have your bath and meet her soon " Lia said and I groaned mentally. " Alright " I replied and sent her off with a wave. Where're we headed to again?, Gosh, it's tiring.  I walked into the bathroom, whitsling along as I undressed myself. I entered and turn the shower on, I stayed under the shower for so long before grabbing my brush and began scrubbing my body. Sometimes I just enjoy bathing like this, instead of bathing in the tub. I was finally out of the bathroom, I walked over to my closet while drying my hair with a towel. I was finally done
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Chapter 07
Chapter 07 I turned to mom and she also had that surpr ised look on, the hell, why am I to move in with them, ‘cause I’m pregnant for their son doesn’t mean I have to move in with them, I have my life to live, moreover I can’t live without mom, she has become a huge part of my life that I don’t think I can survive without her. ‘’ What do you mean? ‘’ Mom suddenly asked, breaking me out of my thoughts. ‘’ Since she’s carrying Tyler’s baby, which definitely means he’s the father of the baby, and I don’t want my grandbaby have a different father or mother…. ‘’ He trailed off. ‘’ So… ‘’ Mom asked. ‘’ I want Marvy to be Tyler’s wife… ‘’ He said and I scoffed inwardly, Is he joking or what?. Read more
Chapter 08
Chapter 08 I sighed as the driver drove off while I kept staring back at mom, my head out of the car and she waved at me while I waved back, trying to hold the tears that was threatening to fall. I finally brought my head back in and closed my eyes as the drive continued. *** We finally arrived at the mansion and I was welcomed wholeheartedly by some maids who helped with my stuffs in but all this wasn't appealing to me. I hate the fact that I had to stay with the Bill's family now, and to top that, with their playboy son, could my life ever get worser then this?. " Please come in " The maids said to me and I nodded slowly as I forced a smile. I walked into the living room, and there was the whole member of the Bill's family, sitting dangerously on the chairs dangerously as ever. I stood dead on my tracks and bowed li
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Chapter 09
Chapter 09 " Hey, are you okay? " I heard the masculine voice again. Is that Tyler?, He sounds like that right?. But why should he care?. I ignored my thoughts and stood up, finding my way to the door. I switched the lock open and my view came face to face with an unfamiliar guy. " Hey " He called but I kept mute, studying his facial structure. Wait, isn't that the guy who startled me?, Great, is he here to mock me again?. " Hey, are you okay?, I'm so sorry for startling you " He said, breaking me out of my thoughts. " Um, yeah, it's fine " I said and he nodded with a light smile. " So, you're Tyler's cousin? " He asked and I raised my brow. " Huh?... Oh yeah, I am " I replied nervously, itching my head and he nodded. " So... "
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10I looked away and closed my eyes, don't know what's going on in that dude's head right now. But I shouldn't care, he should stick with his misconceptions about why I stared at Tyler then, it's none of my problems.My phone beeped and I opened my eyes and grabbed my phone from my pants pocket before clicking on the green icon, accepting the call." Hey Ara " I said, Ara is my other best friend after Lila." Hey girlie, how're you enjoying your husband's home " She said and I gasped before lowering the phone's speaker." Ara!! " I snapped and I heard her scoff." What?, Is he there? " She asked and I glanced at Tyler who looked engrossed in whatever he was doing on his phone." Yeah, and he's not my husband, and don't say that again, he's not supposed to be aware of all these " I warned in a low voice and I could imagine her rolling her eyes. Yeah, she's sassy and crazy." Alright, I've heard you, but to be candid that dude's hot, I won't mind a nightstand with him " Ara said
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