In between: love or hate

In between: love or hate

By:  Juliet Nnamani  Ongoing
Language: English
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She was only a tool in his mission and thirst for revenge, a tool he hated to the core. But what happens when his heart begins to choose for him. Stuck in between revenge and his heart what will he choose. Love or hate?.

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19 Chapters
Diana leaned into the car seat as the driver sped through the highway accelerating to her father's house. Home. "I've sure missed this place, the scenery, the food and most of all, friends", Diana thought to her self as she looked through the windows and watched the trees and buildings disappear before her sight as new ones came to view. "The weather is perfect for window shopping don't you think Marcus?" she asked the driver. The driver just nodded out of courtesy. Marcus's action didn't faze Diana as he spoke less than hundred words in a day, if one were to count. The rest of the drive was something Diana couldn't remember as she let sleep wash over her....."Diana must be arriving soon," Kate, Diana's mother said excitedly to the not so amused Sylvester Garcia. Not really surprised by her husband's disposition towards their daughter arrival, Kate ventured into the kitchen to supervise the cooking. She just couldn't sit one place, her daughter has being away fr
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Fisher's company"Everything Is ready sir", Clark said to his boss as he handed him a report. "The number of guests is limited to five hundred people and majority of them are bachelors from top tier families around the country. Some influential business men were handed invites also". The man hummed as he skimmed through the list of guests with a serious face and a tobacco stick between his teeth hanging on the left side of his lips. Clark tried to read his boss's face to decipher what was going through his mind as he kept his gaze focused on him but to no avail. This very unpredictable human was planning on revealing his face to the whole world on the day of this event.Yes, the Fisher global company is a world renowned company. It's one of the top business company in not only LA but also in the country as a whole. It is the country's leading company in all aspects, be it medicine, entertainment, the engineering sector and many other sectors. It has even made pla
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"The manager is calling", Kate told Diana who was eating a plate of freshly cut apples. Diana kept the plate and rushed to her mum's side. "I'm sorry ma'am but the dress had been bought by another customer for a more higher price", the manager voice rang out, "but we will send a more exquisite and beautiful dress that'll will leave every one you pass by in awe". Diana was shocked when she heard what the manager said but as much as Diana wanted to refuse she couldn't because she really needed a dress for the party. "You have to make sure it's really as you said else I'll sue you and your stupid mall" Diana screamed into the phone before going back to her plates if apples." I'm really sorry about that but what I don't understand is how you will sell an already bought dress to another customer, no matter the status of the person, so far someone has bought it, it is that person's property not the property of the mall anymore", Kate tried reasoning with the manager. "
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party 1
Diana sat in front of her vanity while professional makeup artists where performing their magic on her face. Their concept was to give her a natural look, "simple yet elegant". She kept looking at the reflection of the dress through the mirror, she couldn't really just keep her eyes off it. The dress was placed on a mannequin and everyone could see that the dress was just perfect and Diana wearing it will make it even more perfect. The gown was a long, black, see through dress with long hands. It was made in such a way that it had a very long opening along the cleavage down to the upper part of the navel, exposing the middle sides of both breast. It was designed with flower patterns all around the dress. From the chest upwards it was tight, while it was flare from the waist downwards and came to form a wide circle round the mannequin one the floor. Another thing Diana was in awe about was the jewelries it came with and the pair of shoes. It came with with a pair of earrings, necklac
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Party 2
Gasps could be heard for a second time, this time louder. The great Mr Fisher whose name alone is more popular than ten celebrities fame put together, who has nothing known about him except for his last name, whose company is the largest in the whole of America, is about to address them, no one could hold their excitement right now. They'll imagined being one of the few people who will get to see this great man first hand and up close evenClark raised the remote control he has been holding on his hand and pointed it to the wall at his back. All of a sudden the wall turned to a projector screen and Skylar appeared. Every one thought they finally get to see him, not that they didn't but this Mr. Fisher was putting a mask. Not only did they not get to interact with him directly, they also couldn't get a glimpse of his face. This made the business men there quite upset. Many thought it was a wasted opportunity.Skylar watched the event un
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Party 3
Not that he had any sickness or so, but Skylar has a weird kink for cleanliness. He watched as Diana poured her vomit on his face down to his hips. The vomit coupled with the alcohol gave out a really bad smell that made Skylar scrunch his nose in disgust. "Get off me you freak" Skylar said as he pushed Diana to the floor. "Ouch" Diana said as she landed in her buttocks, "I was about to call you handsome but I won't, instead of Mr handsome I'll call you Mr violent because you pushed me violently" Diana said as she pouted her pink lips. Skylar just walked pass her into the bathroom to wash up leaving her to continue saying her rubbish. After a while Skylar no longer heard her voice again so he thought she must had left already to go disturb someone else. He took his precious time scrubbing every inch of his body as he still smelled her vomit regardless of it not being there anymore. "Like father like daughter" he sneered, "always getting on my nerves" he said as
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Just a crush
"so you just took a photo of him and ran off?" Paula said with her eyes wide open. Listening to Diana's story of what took place last night at the party seemed so unreal because Diana was refusing to give evidence about what happened. "Yes I did just that" Diana said as she sipped her juice. They were at a cafè somewhere close to the twins work place. "You don't seem to believe me, I really can't show you the picture or the card because ..." Diana paused looking for a way to make them believe her. How will she tell them that Skylar scared the shit out of her when he told her to delete the picture. Infact he still doesn't know the picture was on her phone.*THIS MORNING*Skylar stood motionlessly when the shutter of camera sounded. Diana was about to take to her heels when he caught hold of her hand and dragged her inside the room. He pinned her against the door whilst holding her neck in a strangling position but he did not entirely put force. "How dare
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Vipers confraternity
*nine years ago*After the arson that killed his family, Skylar was the only surviving soul that was spared from the flames of the fire that spread vastly across the Mansion. He didn't know how it was possible but the smoke from the fire made him unconscious and the next thing he knew he was in the hospital waiting to be operated. Almost all parts of his body was not spared. Every single part hurt. But nothing hurt more than the voices he heard outside of his room. "That bastard survived, all my plans will go to waste if he comes to inherit what I've laboured so hard for" Skylar heard Mr Sylvester say to the person he was in cohorts with. He didn't check the other person's identity so as to not arouse suspicion that he's awake in case he slips up. "We need to act fast and quick. Maybe we can pay off one of the nurses to inject one of those drugs that freeze ones heart. It will kill him immediately he enters cardiac arrest" the other man said, his voice was gruffy. Skylar knew
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Secretary 1
" I'm doing alright Phoebe " Skylar said to Phoebe through the phone. " I really want to come over there, but the drug lords are proving hard to catch " Phoebe said with a frustrated tone. " I'm sure you'll handle this case just fine, if not dad wouldn't have entrusted the job to you " Skylar assured her. " I wish you were here, it'd be so easy to catch them " Phoebe said." I think there is a mole in one of your men, because anytime you get a clue on where they are hiding they just disappear without a trace. It seems they are one step ahead of you. Try to find the mole first, I'm sure the rest will sort itself out " Skylar said." I really didn't think of this. I think I know who the mole is, I've been having this weird feeling about this guy" Phoebe told Skylar. " No wonder you're the confraternity's favorite, you always think outside the box "" Hurry up now, you have a lot of chasing to do. I'm sure it'll be so much fun " Skylar said earning a chuckle from Phoebe. "
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Secretary 2
Diana kept admiring the house while waiting for complete four hours. "Is he done already" Diana asked Clark who chuckled nervously. Skylar wasn't really doing anything important in particular but he kept telling him to tell Diana that he's busy. It's six in the evening already and Skylar still hasn't come to meet her. Diana was getting agitated already. Standing up, she decided to go meet him her self since he wasn't ready to meet her . She searched all the rooms on the first floor. And was about going to the second floor when Skylar came down. " And where do you think you're going? " Skylar said as he stood straight with both hands in his pockets. He looked at Diana imminently causing Diana to shrink. This was unlike her, shrinking in the presence of a man who was meant to be dancing her tunes by the snap of her fingers. Diana shrugged the feeling of fear and with her head up high she asked ; " is this how you treat guests?, Making them wait for seemi
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