Obsessed with me

Obsessed with me

By:  Peacocks crown  Ongoing
Language: English
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-Blurb: Mafia millionaire Werewolf decides to play with a cleaning agent in his apartment but finds himself getting hooked to her. Things began to go south when he least expected and now, fighting tooth and nail for her may not yield positive results. He may need to fight dirty and use underhanded methods. This isn't a story where the camera pans out when a sexual scene is on. It shows everything right out.

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    18 chapters
    Chapter 1
    CHAPTER 1. In the penthouse suite of a luxury apartment in Manhattan, New York. The bedroom door was flung open by Vashal. He stood at the door, ejecting testerones in abundance. He was bathed in the white rays of the light shining in the corridor. He strode into the room as he took a quick glance at the bedside cabinet which was made of oak. The time displayed by the by the clock read twelve noon. The clock was an antique bronze piece that was carved to look like a wolf that was howling with its head raised up. It had been polished with high quality wax and it shone as the afternoon sun streamed in through the window. The clock's face was on the wolf's belly and had an opening on the other side where the batteries were kept. On the bed, the plump and sexually enticing body of Leila was sitting on the bed against the big dark wood of the headboard. She was clad in a bright pink sexy lingerie which set off her body like it was on fire. The top of the sexy lingerie was barel
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    Chapter 2
    CHAPTER 2. He began to push in and out while Leila kept grinding against him. He inserted his fingers into her as he searched for her G-spot. He found it and pressed down on it which made Leila yelp out in pleasure while her back arched with all the feeling she could experience. He grinned satisfactorily and lowered his hunk downwards making his face on the same level as her ass. He raised her buttocks cheeks with his hands and stuck out his tongue swiping at her core. Leila wanted to drown from all the pleasure she was feeling. Vishal's tongue darted in and out of her giving her the sensations she hadn't found elsewhere. She began to whine her waist as she tried to get all of it at once. She could feel as she neared the edge of the cliff. Her muscles tightened and she began to grind against his mouth. A low yell of pleasure brought her to the climax and she released all of her juice. Vishal didn't allow any of it go to waste. He placed his mouth over and sucked all of her nec
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    Chapter 3
    Vishal Armeni. That was his full name. His father, Vikram Armeni was the Alpha of the mafia pack, Red Wolves pack. This pack was notorious since they were a Mafia pack but, they were also prosperous at the same time. Aside from the Pack's business which had other pack members in charge of it, Vikram Armeni also had a huge conglomerate which had business dealings in construction, oil and gas, real estate and insurance. He also had a little political influence on the side. He was using The Hub, which was the name of his conglomerate as a front in order to pass off his Pack's prosperity that they were involved in legitimate business. But none was the wiser. Top government officials knew that the pack was very much involved in the underworld. They had strong connections to the Russian and Italian mafias. Despite being the Alpha of a Mafia pack, Vikram Armeni never dabbled his hand into drugs or forming prostitution rings. He was kingpin when it came to illegal arms dealing and was
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    Chapter 4
    CHAPTER 4. Leila busied herself as she rushed about to finish her chores for the day before the arrival of her master. She ran the vacuum cleaner over the living room floor and rounded the bend that led to the hallway. She looked around with a satisfied smile before proceeding to the bedroom. She sneaked a peek and the entire room looked satisfactory to her. Anotherglance at the watch on her hand and she knew she didn't have anymore time to waste. She went out towards the kitchen area and met the chef on her way out. She was done with her work. Vishal had always wanted to come back bone to an empty and quiet apartment. The only other person allowed in the apartment was her. They nodded to each other in greeting since Vishal had forbidden any form of interaction between them and Leila headed towards the little closet that held all the cleaning supplies and tools as well as the gardening tools. It was built directly beside the kitchen. She rushed out and went into her room where
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    Chapter 5
    CHAPTER 5. He finished up in his office and called in two of his most trusted bodyguards. He gave them some instructions and they instantly left the room after saluting him. He had some business to take care of at the Pack's headquarters and he needed to be fast about it. He had told his little vixen to always get ready for him by twelve in the afternoon and he wouldn't want to keep her waiting. He looked at the wristwatch in his hands and saw that he still had two hours to spare. He picked up his phone and was about to leave the room when his eyes caught sight of the tablet lying open on the table. He could see a video was playing on it but he knew that it wasn't really a video. It was the surveillance video of his penthouse. For a reason he didn't understand himself, he always wanted to know all that was happening in the suite upstairs. He didn't have enough time to go through it now, so he decided to check it out while in the car. He got out of the door and took his own
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    Chapter 6
    CHAPTER 6. "I would like to know how our girls ended up being kidnapped by the way. Can anyone tell me what happened?" Vishal asked after they were done with all of their planning. "The girls had been on an hiking trip with some girls from a neighbouring pack, I mean Crimson Rose pack. Nobody knew what had happened the night before, all they knew was that all the girls had been kidnapped from the place they had set up camp for the night. There were ten girls in total including their instructors, a total of fourteen women were kidnapped that night. When morning broke and the girls didn't arrive when they were supposed to, we sent a message to the Alpha of the pack. He was also baffled since those from his pack were yet to arrive. We didn't bother to waste time. We formed a search party and sent them to the place where they were supposed to go for hiking. The search party included myself and the Gamma from our pack while Crimson Rose also sent their Beta and Jake, the Alpha's gro
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    Chapter 7
    Chapter 7. Vishal felt the adrenaline pump through him at the thought of the delicacy that awaited him at home. He licked his lips as he would like he could see how the delicacy was going to be set before him. He kept casting surreptitious glances out of the window in order to see how far or close they were to his home. His mind kept conjuring up images that appealed to his sexual desire and he felt a hard-on. He couldn't take it any longer and earnestly desired that they get home fast. He was about to snap at his bodyguard to drive fast when he remembered the tablet on the chair beside him. He stretched his hand and picked it up. He flipped it open and unlocked it. He could see all the cameras connected to the tablet on surveillance. A quick zoom here and there,he was able to conclude that there was no one in the suite with her. He heaved a huge sigh inaudibly and clicked on the bedroom camera. His heart missed more than several beats. She was scantily and deliciously clad
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    Chapter 8
    CHAPTER 8. He lowered his hand and pulled her up. He told her to follow him and she nodded her obedience. He was almost out of the door when he saw her through his peripheral view bend down. He turned around and saw she was trying to get into her clothes. He coughed slightly to gain her attention and he was successful. He walked back to her and stood in front of her. "You know something, Leila. I think the first thing we need to establish is your ability to follow instructions. You do as I say or we'd have problems and I'm pretty sure you don't want that. Do you understand?" He said while looking her in the eyes. He held her gaze as he watched her nod her head to show that she understood each word he said. "Now, act like the obedient girl you are and get these off and follow me." He said while pointing at the bra and top she had put on. She nodded again as she was now too scared to speak out. In seconds, she was standing before him in her naked glory. He stepped closer and st
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    Chapter 9
    Chapter 9. She couldn't really say if she enjoyed playing the role or not. True to his word, Vishal had given her more than he promised her. He paid her more than five times of her previous salary but she wasn't happy. She wanted to feel and experience the emotion called love. She wanted to love and be loved. But she knew that with Vishal, that was a lofty dream. It was like she was building castles in the air. The feeling that she would never get him to love her made her despondent and she sunk into depression. She was quick to note that getting depressed wasn't going to help her. It was going to land her in trouble with Vishal since he was going to sense that something was wrong with her. Her mind wanderings took her to reflect on how Vishal had seen her dancing on the bed. She looked around and when she didn't see anything to suggest that there was a camera in the room, she gave up and continued with dancing. She noticed that the door to the living room opened and she amp
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    Chapter 10
    Chapter 10. "Hum….Awnnn…. Both of them began to sound in unison. Leila raised her lower body up and down as she rode on Vishal's cock. He began to feel the intense pleasure and he also raised his buttocks at I twrvals to meet with her. The thrusts began to get deeper and Leila felt like her womb was being shifted. She kept on and soon, both of them began to shiver. They were approaching the bridge together as they both heaved and moaned in pleasure. With a burst, they got fell of the cliff. Leila lowered her hands and soon, she was on all fours. She panted for a while and got off Vishal. As with her role, she got off the condom from him and discarded it. She was about to head over to the closet in order to get him his bathing robe when Vishal stopped her at the door of the closet. "I need to talk to talk to you." He told her as soon as her hand was on the door. "Okay, sir. I'm listening." She said as she stood at attention with her head bowed while she looked at the floor.
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