His Ex Lover

His Ex Lover

By:  Violet Smart  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Vaxel Jericho, do you take Clarissa Vicente to be your lawfully wedded wife, to live together in matrimony?" The priest asked. He bends to her ear, his face showing nothing but hate. "I vow to live together in hate, making you spend the rest of your life in agony and pain, and making you pay for the sins of your mother" he whispered to her ear. "To love her, to comfort her, to honor her and to cherish her?" "To hate you, punish you, to break you and get you fucked up" "In good health and in sickness, forsaking all others, until death do you part”? The priest asked. "In depression and in sickness, through tears and even at death we part not" his vows whisper to the ears of his bride. Fear written all over her face, she let the tear drop. This was just the beginning. ~~~ The war between both families, Vicente's and Jericho's, had started years before the heir's were born. Both families would never be seen in the same place at the same time, the mere mention of the name was a problem and caused a rise of anger. But something crazy happens and the heir and heiress of both families fall in love, as they say love happens. Falling in love was a crime and when both families find out about the little love affair between Vaxel and Clarissa the two are separated. Five years later, an accident occurs in Vaxel's welcome party, an accident that forces him to do the forbidden thing. He forcefully marries Clarissa in order to make her pay for the sin she never committed. The sins of her mother.

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19 chapters
Loving the enemy
  "You guys have been seeing each other secretly? For how long" Dad's angry voice asked, making me get more scared. Dad and mom have never been this angry with me, but I don't think I can give up now, I've gone too far to give up. "Dad!" "Speak to me Clarissa" "Daaa..aad" "How long have you been seeing that Vaxel, you've brought shame to our family, how dare you?" "Dad please, mom, let's just end this fued, can't we make peace with the Jericho's" I couldn't even complete my statement when I felt Dad's hard hand leaving a print on my face the moment I said that. Dad just slapped me. He freaking did, this is so intense. "Mom" I held my cheeks and looked at her. "Raymond!" Mom called dad out then pushed me to stay behind her. "Clarissa, you are not to se
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Five years later
  My name was well pronounced in the office, even without the name on the desk you'd know the office was mine. The huge white office desk was in the middle of the very large spacious and equiped office.Just the way I like it, my new office was spotless and had my pictures hung on the wall. Mom and dad's picture was there too, I smiled. Yes that satisfactory smile. The title and role I bared still gave me goose bump all over my body, the board of directors undoubtedly had great intentions picking me as the new "Chief Executive Officer, CEO. My eyes ransacked the office more. "You deserve it dear, you've worked so hard" Dad's voice trailed behind me. "You started from the least now look where you are, I'm so proud of you" mom said pulling me into a hug. "Thanks mom" "I have come so far" Read more
Louisa Grey
   Mom excitedly dished out a large potion of food for me, like I could eat all that was on my plate.Even after I told her that the food was too much and I eat less, she still added more to my plate. It was obvious to me that she wanted to get me fat just like she's been planning all this while. Now that I'm spending the weekend here with mom, she wants to get me stocked with food and wants to spend all the time with me but it's so sad to say that I'll be too busy working. I know mom never wanted me to go far, I'm her only child even when I didn't come back home for four years and some months, while I studied mom wasn't happy with it, she'd wanted to be with her only child all the time. I needed space, space to rethink and reform myself and get to the best version of myself. By anI flashed mom a smile "mom, you know I wouldn't be able to eat half the food on the plat
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Public reunion
  "Jason... Jason Rivera?" I scoffed. I threw my gaze back at the people walking out. "Rissa." He called but I pretended like I didn't hear him. What the hell does he want now. "Clarissa. How have you been?" "I'm doing great without you" I stood up from my sit and walked closer to him. "That's how you'll say hi, after seeing me for the first time in five years" "What do you suggest I do? Roll out a red carpet, or freak out because almighty Jason Rivera showed up after five years" I sighed. "Clarissa.." he drawled and I rolled my eyes and went back to sit. Could Louisa just show up now before I freak out. "Best. Best best OMG bestttttt" I heard her voice scream out loud.  "Best... Louisa" I sprang up my feet and almost ran to her.We both h
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Little Drunk Clarissa
~Vaxel's Point of view~I watched her walk into the club.Sitting by a conner which was a bit secluded and calm, I watched both Clarissa and Louisa walk into the club, Clarissa had changed over the years, she looks even prettier, she'd grown so beautiful, her body looked amazing, her shape.Her hips looked wider than I've ever seen it, she looked matured. Seeing her at the airport made me realize how much I missed her and how much I failed her, I wish it was possible I wouldn't had let dad control me back then.I never wanted to let go of her. For a moment I thought she'll hug me tight but she didn't, she walked out on me.I've missed her, missed her voice, her smiles.She's still friends with Louisa and Jason, the guy I've never liked, I've always known that he'd had feelings for Clarissa, I saw the way he looked at me when I stumbled into Clarissa.It was like I was monitoring her, I watched her every move since she arrived at the club.She stood from where she sat and staggered to
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Better without you!
~VAXEL'S POINT OF VIEW~ I barely knew my way around, I've not been here for five years, things have changed. I picked her up from the ground without knowing what to do. I can't take her back into the club and I had no means to contact Louisa. I had Clarissa, in my arms as I walked towards my car, opening the door, I placed her gently in the car. They should be a hotel where she could stay for the night. ~~~~~ Laying her gradually on the bed, I tried to stand straight afterwards but she held unto my arm, looked back at her but her eyes were completely shut, this looks like a typical romantic scene. I lowered myself to the ground and held unto her hand, I stared at her deeply, maybe I could prey into her mind, maybe I could look into her head and know if she was dreaming of me. Or just maybe, I could know how she felt to have me back in the states. "I'm sorry" I carresed her face. I wish I was stronger, I wish I fought. "Why you back into my life?" her voice came so low, it w
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Too good to be true
Clarissa walked into the bathroom hastily, as much as her head was banging and was hurting, she couldn't rest neither could she act at a very slow pace. She needed to wash the dirty and alcoholic stench she had on her. Letting the water from the mouth of the shower hit her back, she hissed several times. She still wasn't able to understand how and why Vaxel helped her. Did he somehow still have feelings for her? She was sceptical about it. She should, she should have doubts about it, how could someone who had left her, someone who had no faith in their relationship, still love her. Someone who took their relationship as a joke still harbours feelings for her. Even at that, she was definitely not okay, since she'd gone lost thinking of a loser like him. Getting out from the shower, she dried her body, put on the clothes which she'd worn to the club There was no other decent cloth for her to wear else she'd never in her entire life repeat an old dirty cloth. Clarissa walked out o
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Is he my father?
"What are you saying hunny?""We are going to the party!" Clarissa's father stated, she could practically feel the anger in his chest region."That's so unreasonable" Clarissa's mother, Mrs Vicente rolled her eyes, trying to understand what had gotten Into her husband.His forehead looked really red and had beads of sweat breaking out."Exactly what I've been telling him for the last one hour!""We are going for his damn party at that's final!" The man spoke angrily. If there was anything the man hated was when he was being looked down on. How would he let that man walk into his office and insult him. He was definitely stealing his show and the spotlight from him."Hunny common! Don't make hasty decisions""Dad, I'm not going. Besides, I have important things to handle"."We are all going and that's final!"..He roared like the man of the house that he was."Dad that's so dumb! Who goes to their enemy's territory?" She questioned. Her mother's brown eyes gave her his almost supportive
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Little white lie
Clarissa walked back into her father's room where he was anticipating the big party he was going to steal. "Dad, this isn't going to help us,I have a very bad feeling about this!" She said walking in. Her face had a frown on it as she tried to talk her father out of his so-called plan.First she didn't want to go out, she wanted to stay naked all night in her room, since all the piled up work she had was finally done. Secondly, attending the party meant that she'll be facing him. She'll have to see Vaxel, no matter how hard she'll try she'll still see him. Her entire system, brain and body wants nothing to do with him, wants nothing to do with his face."Rissa, you should get ready, call your make-up artist, whatever, get ready!" He replied to her."Dad!" She frowned more."Or you can call Louisa, I heard she's back in the states, haven't seen her but I'm sure she can help you with your makeup and hair!" He smiled at her. The smile he gave was like a torn in her flesh, she felt like
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Business Tycoon's party.
Chapter 10 His lips tore into a smile watching her small lips grow into a wide smile, he held her tight as they danced to the rhythms of the slightly faint tones of the mild classic music. Her very light body hugged him, making him inhale the very beautiful perfume she wore. His grandmother pushed herself to hug him tight, she was his first dance. This was all like a dream to her, after five years of being away he was back to the states and she's just not getting enough of him. Her body was growing so old, she'd thought she'd die before he's back, she'd begged her son to bring back her grandchild because she misses him but he didn't. Now he was back and back for good. The party had begun, guests were already arriving. Waiters walking around with different starters for the night. The pool side was very well decorated, having fancy tables at each stand, and different expensive drinks on the table. The main room still had tables. Classic music was ente
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