Fix Me

Fix Me

By:  Victor Phronesis  Ongoing
Language: English
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A Billionaire, Frederick falls deeply in love with a broken woman, Kharis, who later becomes his maid. A billionaire and maid are not a perfect match right! And even though they fall in love, it is rare before such a relationship works out. Frederick is already betrothed to a model; Ivy and the wedding is in two weeks. What will happen after Ivy accuses Kharis of sleeping with Frederick’s driver, Lois? Will Frederick be able to fix Kharis after all? Will Ivy consider marrying Frederick with Kharis in the picture? Will Frederick’s parents let them be together? Will Kharis forgive Frederick and marry him?

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5 Chapters
Chapter 1
Kharis POVKharis!! Kharis!!Oh yes, it's 4 am. Did I almost forget the constant yelling of my name by everyone in this house? My name is Kharis Carter. I have been experiencing torture ever since my mom passed away. I was a little girl so it's hard to remember everything that led to her death.My papa and I survived perfectly without her. I felt complete. Oh well, I had a mother in my father. Not until the witch came, my father's second wife. Life has been cruel since then…As I sit in my not properly ventilated bedroom trying to reminisce about my pain, Carrie, my stepmother took me out of my emotions..."How are you still alive!!! I hate you so much". Head to the kitchen and make pancakes for me, I am starving, Madam Carrie screamed and pushed me out of my little sofa. This time, it didn't come with a banging slap on my back, as usual. I do have lots of scars there…Staggering to the kitchen helplessly, I silently utter the words "save me".I have constantly fantasized and dreamt o
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Chapter 2
Kharis POVAlthough we had a massive washing machine at home, I wondered why my stepmother made me wash clothes every day with my bare hands. I felt like she was just punishing me but yes, she was punishing me. Punishing me for being my dad's favorite and taking the place of her daughter. That's all in the past now, my Dad is now a part of the witch's gang.As I paid attention to "Fix You" by Coldplay" on the radio. I wondered if there was someone that could fix me. It is one of my favorite songs to listen to every morning. I'd say it gives me some sort of hope and inspiration. I began to sing the song:"When you try your best, but you don't succeedWhen you get what you want, but not what you needWhen you feel so tired, but you can't sleepStuck in reverseAnd the tears come streaming down your faceWhen you lose something you can't replaceWhen you love someone, but it goes to wasteCould it be worse?Lights will guide you homeAnd ignite your bonesAnd I will try to fix youAnd hi
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Chapter 3
Ma Cleopatra POVGood morning Ma Cleopatra, it's Lauren Hudson, Frederick's mother."Oh, Christ! Good morning Ma'am. How may I help you?"Please cancel all of Frederick's plans for today. Ensure he doesn't leave the house. I'm counting on you…Ma Lauren, that'll be a hard task. I'm sure your son has lots of business plans to attend to today. He is asleep right now, I suggest you start coming right away.Okay, Cleo. His father and I are on our way. We'll be having breakfast there. Thank you.I hope everything is okay, I say to myself and head to the kitchen to fix breakfast for Hudson's family.Fredericks POVA loud banging on my door woke me up from sleep. I picked up my phone and it was just 8:06 am. For crying out loud, it's a Saturday…Ma Cleopatra, what do you want!! I begged!!!I didn't get an answer and that was strange. Soon after, the loud bang continued. I got up lazily and staggered to the door. Guess who greeted me with a frown!!Good morning Mom, what are you doing here?W
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Chapter 4
FREDERICK povAs I got to my study room, I picked up my favorite book, "How to win in the sport of business" by Mark Cuban. I had already gotten to the third chapter and figured I should go on with it if I wanted to sign off on the business deal with Giveon Ventures. After reading for one hour, I realized I had not heard Ma Cleopatra's voice after my parents and Ivy had left.I dropped the book and headed downstairs to search for Ma Cleopatra. I found her cleaning up the dishes and moved forward to ask what I was having for dinner.What would you love to eat, Fred? Ma Cleopatra inquired!I wouldn't be having dinner Cleo, I answered after being silent for a while. I figured I should go out to eat, to just clear my head. And going alone would have been a great idea. Having Kiel or Tasha around was inevitably a bad idea. What I needed at the moment was a chance to think and make the right determinations.I walked upstairs to have a quick bath. As I took my bath, a picture of the innocent
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Chapter 5
Kharis PovIt was almost 4 pm and lots of things had happened in one day… I received a slap and scar for the first time on my face, went for a photo session, almost headed to the grocery store, met the man who stole my heart and met a woman who made me feel less attractive.Anyways, I rushed to the Clintons' mansion to drop off Evans so I could get to the restaurant on time. While on my way, I remembered I didn't go grocery shopping. Sighing, I muttered "another day of torture".Mrs. Clinton had not paid me yet and by the time she must have paid, going grocery shopping would land me in loads of shit.Is everything okay? Evans asked me...I'm sure he must have noticed the frown on my face and heard the constant hissing from my lips.I'm fine baby, I answered the little boy.We approached the mansion and Mrs. Clinton still hadn't gotten back yet!!! How was I supposed to go to the restaurant? I used most of the cash in my purse to buy lunch and pay the cabman. I didn't have enough to get
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