Only Till Forever

Only Till Forever

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"Excuse me! Do you think you can walk back into my life after you've ruined me?!" I yelled, feeling the tears roll down my cheeks as I stared at him with hate brimming in my eyes. "Dela it's not what you think. I really..." "Enough!" I swiftly interrupted, wiping tears from my cheeks with my bare hand. I adjusted the purse I was holding in the other hand. "Adele..." He tried to touch me but I stepped back from him immediately. "You broke me into many fragments, Carlo. It took a lot of efforts to fix me again. I won't have you or anyone else ruin my life in that manner, ever again!" I turned away and stepped into the waiting cab, closing the door after me and ignoring his attempt to chase me as the cab began moving. My eyes sting me and the tears continued to flow down my cheeks but I did nothing to hold it back. Who abandons his bride on the day of their wedding without any notice_not a single word and disappears without a trace for a long time, only to show up years later in another country, in another city, pleading to be forgiven, begging to be taken back?? Wouldn't I be the most stupid woman on earth if I'm to fall into his trap again? I'm definitely going to make him pay for ruining my life. I'd make him have a taste of the humiliations I faced. I'll pay him back so much till he'll wish we never met again! ~~~ Well, Adele is soon to discover, just how wrong she was and how she ended up being the reason things happened the way they did.

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102 Chapters
CHAPTER 1: Abandoned at the altar
ADELE'S STANDPOINT "You look so amazing Adele. Can't wait to see you walk down the aisle in a few minutes." Kieran, my friend and assistant, gushed over me excitedly as she positioned beside me in a pose, in the brides waiting room while the camera guy took photos. The few of my other friends agreed to this as they all crowded me, making comments and squealing about how beautiful I look. I smiled beautifully, with all my teeth out over their words. It's my big day, the day I've long anticipated. I'd be getting married to the love of my life today_Carlo, my perfect man. I'm excited and I can't wait to see his pretty jaw drop when he beholds his beautiful bride. Having dated for closely four years, Carlo and I decided we would be tying the marital knots today, on my birthday. He's everything I'd ever prayed for in a partner. Carlo Rodriguez is kind and honest, loyal and smart, neat and hard working. Gorgeous with a particular irresistible boyish smile that always amazes m
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CHAPTER 2: A birthday surprise
ADELE'S STANDPOINT "Lu Cheng?" The lady removed her gaze from the TV to me and flashed me a wide grin. "What in the world! How did you_" my remaining words caught in the air when with the speed of a cheetah, she was hugging me so tight I could barely breathe. My hand bag dropped on the floor and tears clouded my vision as I wrapped my arms around her. I haven't seen my bestfriends for closely six years after I left home. Although we still communicated constantly via social media I had still missed them terribly but home wasn't calling my name in a long while and I never planned to return back to the place where I received the biggest shock, embarrassment and shame of my entire life. Cheng was more grown now, married with two kids. She looked much fleshy than I last remember her to be and she now had bangs on her usually straight and long brown hair. We were both still gushing and crying over how well we've missed each other when another surprise package gree
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CHAPTER 3: Let's cancel on this one
ADELE'S STANDPOINT "I'll go take a look." I said, dropping my wine glass on the table and walking out the living area into the corridor that led to the door. I live alone and I'm not expecting anyone, so who could have made that sound? I held up my long auburn wavy curls in a bun as I walked. I've had no time to do that since I returned home because of the surprise guests I had. I also haven't changed out of my simple bodycon v-neck black dress, since I returned from the company. Well, over the years, I'd established my business and my company had grown remarkably over time. I have several branches of my *DeLa's Fashion House* company in different parts of the world. Mostly in America, Asian and Africa. I was rich from birth but I've always loved the simple lifestyle. My parents are well and doing fine with the rest of my siblings in the Philippines. With the headquarters of my company here in America, I had the opportunity to meet several important personalities, gain
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CHAPTER 4: A spiteful Ex
ADELE'S STANDPOINT "Adele! Adele! Hey! Wait up!" I refused to answer him as I continue stomping away in rage as tears were already beginning to cloud my vision. It wasn't long before he caught up with me at the balcony of the building's middle floor. "Hey Adele, listen..." "No! I can't and I won't work with her. I won't let her model my dress. Never!" I spat with excessive hate, turning swiftly to face him. He ran a hand into his hair and sighed wearily. "But why? Why can't you let her model that design? I'm sure you won't deny that it suit her well too. So why can't you..." "I don't care if that bitch is fit for the role Arsenio. What I know is that, I'll never let her model my dress! Get me someone else or I quit my entry in the RELISH FASHION SHOW!" I yelled just as a single tear rolled down my cheeks. "You know what? Just come here." Arsenio said and within the blink of an eyelid, I was pulled into his arms while he gently pat my back. "It's fine Adele. I won't pry anymore. I
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CHAPTER 5: In love with her
ADELE'S STANDPOINT I drove my car into my home only to find my friends packing stuff into Lana's new car and looking all dressed up and ready to go out. Ever since they moved here two weeks ago, I got used to them showing up unannounced in my house. Kieran and her husband already travelled back to the Philippines about two days ago, so it was just Lana and Lu Cheng, storming my home at the best time ever. My mood from the incident at Excellency Modeling Agency still accompanied me home, despite Arsenio's efforts to cheer me up. I had to return home earlier than usual__as Mayven already succeeded in ruining my mood. After I'd packed my car at my garage, I walked to them and they grinned at me instantly. However, their smiles left their faces immediately they noticed my sullen mood. "Dela, what happened? You don't look so great." Lana stated immediately. "True she doesn't. Good thing you're here, we've just finished packing some casual but necessary items from your home.
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CHAPTER 6: Boss, I found your woman
NARRATIVE She walked into the studio room feeling a lot better than she was the previous day. Immediately she walked in, everyone inside and the air suddenly became tensed and she noticed how they were all looking at her, while mumbling to one another. Adele's shoulders dropped that instant. "Oh common guys, don't be like that. I'm sorry about yesterday." She paused midway inside the studio. "We've always been a great team or haven't we?" "Adele, you were really scary yesterday." The camera guy, Damien said with a soft chuckle. The others nodded poutingly in agreement and Adele sighed, rubbing her hand against her grey suit. "I know and I'm sorry, really." She pouted and that did the trick. The whole team consisting over eight people burst out laughing.They always found it hard to resist her when she did that. They include; the camera team, the makeup team, the hair dressing team and her own team, the dress team. Yes, two assistants from her company were right besi
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CHAPTER 7: Falling in Hate
CARLO'S POV I walked into the elevator with John, my private agent. "How did it go? Were you able to get any audience with her family?" I asked, a bit hopeful. "I'm afraid, it wasn't successful Mr Rodriguez. They didn't let me in or responded to my emails, texts or calls. I've heard no word from them all through the six times we've attempted. I dare to say, you should give up on this quest. I asked around and no one has seen her in years neither did they want to talk about her. It's like she's disappeared from the Philippines." He said and I smiled sadly. "It's fine John. I guess we have to stop sending people over." I said. The elevator door opened at the last floor and we stepped out, heading towards the exit as the employees bowed low in greeting when they saw me. My phone rang in that moment and I retrieved it from pants pocket. Alvin was calling. "Boss, I have news for you about that lady." He said immediately the call connected. I froze on my steps instantly.
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CHAPTER 8: Babysitting the kids
ADELE'S POV I had baby Celestine in my arms while Holly was busy doing _only her knows what_ on my toes. I'm in there home. Their dad, John was out and their Mom, Lu Cheng was sitting across me, surfing the web while chewing on a gum I think have been long enough in her mouth. I mean, since I came in here directly from work, she's been chewing on that gum and that's about one hour and some minutes ago. Coming here directly after I closed at the office, helped in easing my mind greatly. It's a good thing they moved here, now my life could be a little bit better. Immediately I rang their doorbell and Cheng had ushered me in, my eyes caught sight of her kids and my sour mood left me instantly. Her kids are so adorable, so much one could think of stealing them. We talked about random stuff and laughed over pretty much silly stuff. Celestine was sucking on his thumb playfully and occasionally, he'll let out those adorable babyish gibberish and giggle over absolutely not
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CHAPTER 9: A misunderstanding
NARRATIVE Alvin stared at the laptop before him, quietly lost in his thoughts. He was right. This lady here was his boss's woman.He'd searched out the name DeLa's Fashion House on the Internet and an exquisite building having about ten stories popped on his laptop screen and right there he started his investigations. Adele Rivera is the CEO of DeLa's Fashion House, one of the top five most famous and successful fashion designing companies in New York City and also among the top ten in America.She's quite a successful beauty...he noted. However it was surprising how they couldn't find her all this while. That was because, she was in the country they never thought she'll be. They were searching the wrong places all this while, no doubt.Alvin had been to the company few hours ago and had discreetly surveyed the area with hopes of seeing her walk out or drive out but he got nothing. We've found her now, so what next? He mused as his finger tapped on the 'enter' key on his k
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CHAPTER 10: Broken 1
NARRATIVE It was as early as 7:00am when Alvin pulled up his car close to DeLa's Fashion House. He wanted to affirm that he read correctly. Not so long afterwards, as he tapped his fingers slightly against the stirring wheel, he noticed an ash colored sedan car driving into the company. He sat upright and observed, noticing how the security guards greeted the occupant respectfully and his instinct told him it was her. Alvin's suspicion was confirmed when the car pulled up and several guards hurried to it. A guard opened the door and the moment the beautiful auburn haired CEO walked out, they all greeted her respectfully. He observed as she was escorted into the building and he nodded slightly to himself.I was right after all... On second thought, Alvin decided to search out the latest concerning the CEO; her relationships if there was any. Silently, he hoped she was still single. As he scrolled through the laptop by his side on the passenger seat, he came across sever
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