Kisses From Jack (A Prequel to Saltwater Kisses)

Kisses From Jack (A Prequel to Saltwater Kisses)

By:  Krista Lakes  Completed
Language: English
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Jack Saunders wanted one last hurrah before taking the mantle of DS Oil & Gas, the billion-dollar company that his father founded. His friend, Owen, let him borrow his mansion on a tropical island so that he could throw a final party before “marrying” the business that would dominate the rest of his life. He brought his secretary, Brandy, hoping that he could kindle a relationship that would last through the long days and nights of running a company. However, while the party was great, the gold digging woman he brought was not, and Jack resigned himself to a lifetime of loneliness. That was until he took a walk down the beach and met her. A woman who didn’t recognize him from the tabloids and only saw him, the man behind the money. Of all the women Jack had ever met, there was nobody like Emma LaRue. With one pretend marriage ceremony, she would change his life forever, and become the only one he ever wanted to give his saltwater kisses to. This novella is the first half of Saltwater Kisses written from Jack’s point-of-view, with a few bonus scenes thrown in as well.

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10 Chapters
Chapter One
Author’s note: This free side story is the first half of "Saltwater Kisses” as told from the billionaire’s point of view. If you enjoy it, check out the rest of the Kisses series, also available here!***“They always do that, don’t they?” Owen Parker had slurred as Jack Saunders half-carried him out of the bar and back toward the house. “They just want us for something, and it’s never just us.”“I hear ya, buddy,” Jack agreed, shifting Owen's weight more evenly across his shoulders. Jack was still slightly surprised that the girl had only been interested in drinks from Owen. As far as men went, most women thought Owen was beautiful. Tall, blonde, blue eyes and built like a viking, Owen never seemed to lack for feminine interest. Just goes to show, Jack thought, there's no accounting for taste.Jack wasn't bad looking himself. Tall, with sandy hair that always seemed to be falling into his hazel eyes, he liked to run and kept himself in fighting shape. Every magazine article said he w
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Chapter Two
Everything was not back to normal in the morning. The first few times his phone buzzed, Jack didn't even bother getting up to answer it. He just prayed that it would stop before his hangover got worse.When it started to vibrate non-stop, he finally reached out from under the blanket to look at who was calling. He had specifically requested that he only be bothered for emergencies, but one look at the Caller ID told him that he better pick it up.“What's up, Dean?” he asked, his voice cracking halfway through the sentence.“What's up? I've been trying to call you for a half hour now,” the angry man on the other end of the line said.“Just woke- oh. Oh.” Dean sounded like he understood. Jack could hear someone talking in the background, then he heard Dean say, “He said he just woke up.”Jack looked at the clock. 9:30 AM. It wasn't even that late, but for the CEO of a company, that might as well be sleeping in until sunset. He knew he'd be pulling some hours before dawn as soon as he s
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Chapter Three
Jack raised his arms above his head, feeling his shoulders tighten and release with the motion as he climbed out of bed. Surprisingly, he wasn't hung over. If nothing else, that made the day a good one.Only a few more days, Jack thought as he threw on a t-shirt over his swim trunks. Only a few more days before Dad's company owns me.He barked a bitter laugh. Who was he kidding? His father's company already owned him and he knew it. Next week would just make it official. His thoughts skittered away from the cause of the sudden increase in responsibility. He didn't want to think about how his father's gaunt frame no longer in his suits or how tired his once vivacious father became during even the simplest of meetings. Jack didn't have to read the doctor's reports to know the chemotherapy wasn't working. It was written all over his father's face.Jack scrubbed his face with his hands and then ran them through his hair. This wasn't the time to be thinking such morbid, unhappy thoughts. T
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Chapter Four
The porch creaked slightly as Emma glanced back to make sure he was still following her. She grinned and nervously fumbled with a key in the door. Moonlight danced off her hair and the only thing he could think about was that he needed to kiss her. He needed to find a way to convince her to stay with him.Dinner had been even better than he could have hoped. The resort Emma was staying at had amazing food, but it was the company that had made it memorable. She got him to reveal things about himself that he never told anyone. He still couldn't believe that he had willingly told her about the car he totaled when he was fifteen.She had told him secrets in return, like how her ex-boyfriend had called her fat. Just thinking about it made him want to find the guy and punch his lights out. Emma was gorgeous, especially standing here in the moonlight.Jack moved up the porch and rested his arm on the door frame, capturing Emma. She turned, her eyes big as saucers. He wanted to kiss her more
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Chapter Five
Jack awoke the next morning to the sound of a text.Lawyers have question. Investors in Dubai. -RachelJack groaned, but knew it needed a response. Emma was still fast asleep, her head resting on his arm. He didn't want to move, didn't want to even risk waking her up, but he had to call the lawyers back or there would be a panic. Even on his vacation, he didn't really get a day off.He slipped out of bed and into his clothes from the day before. He searched for his shirt, finally finding it hanging on the top of a dresser on the other end of the room. He grinned remembering the noise Emma had made when she pulled it off of him. He kissed Emma's forehead before leaving the room. She murmured something and smiled in her sleep.Morning was already warming the white sands of the beach outside as he stepped onto the porch. The ocean was a soft green, reminding him of Emma's eyes. Only Emma's eyes had more depth.Jack sighed and hit the speed dial for Rachel.“The lawyers are at it early th
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Chapter Six
Emma stood out in the water, the waves lapping at the hem of her sundress. Jack's heart jumped to his throat. Her dark hair spilled down her back as she looked out toward the horizon. She was so beautiful and real it hurt.“Sorry I'm late,” Jack said, stepping out into the water. She spun, her eyes bright and relief flooding her face.“I was beginning to think you weren’t coming,” she said quietly. The hurt in her voice betrayed the smile on her face. His heart constricted. She thought he had left her.“Sometimes I hate my job. Even on vacation, I don’t really get a day off. I apologize for making you wait,” he replied somberly. His eyes shone with honesty as he reached her spot in the water. The last thing he had wanted to do was hurt her. “What are you doing out here?”“Chasing waves,” she explained. She smiled up at him, forgiveness in her eyes. “What would you like to do?”He kissed her, not wanting to wait another second to touch her. Her kiss made his knees go weak and he knew h
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Chapter Seven
Jack couldn't remember a more pleasant afternoon. Emma had him laughing as she recalled nearly getting caught skinny dipping. The innocence and honesty of her stories made him want to wrap her up in his arms and never let her go. She was a breath of fresh air in his stagnant, money-filled world.White gauze streamers fluttered on a gazebo, catching his attention. He had heard of the booths being set up on the beach for weddings, but had never seen one. He stared at it for a moment, feeling the weight of his business responsibilities crash back onto his shoulders.Her eyes followed his gaze, and he nodded to the decorated awning, the wedding already set up as if waiting for them. “You ever think you'll get married?”“At the rate I’m going?” she asked. “No. You don’t even want to know the last time I went on a date. I want to, but, no one seems interested. I’ve kind of come to accept that I will be a crazy old cat lady someday.” Her voice was light, as if it were a joke only she got. It
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Chapter Eight
Emma pushed open her door and nearly stepped inside before he caught her.“What do you think you're doing?” Jack asked, his eyes twinkling. Despite running along the beach, he wasn't out of breath from running. He was out of breath controlling himself with Emma. It had taken every ounce of willpower he processed to get her back to the hotel room. The only reason he had managed to wait was that it was technically their wedding. He was looking forward to this part.“Opening the door?” Emma cocked her head to the side, confused. She had sprinted just as hard to get back here.With a fluid motion, Jack scooped her up in his arms. She giggled as she realized what he was doing, wrapping her arms around his neck and holding him close. She pressed her nose into his throat and inhaled, taking in the scent of him. It made his heart race with primal need.He carried her to the bedroom, setting her down gently on the floor. She held onto him for an extra moment, as if she were soaking him into he
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Chapter Nine
“When does your flight leave again?” Emma asked as she put the few things in her suitcase. She smiled, but her voice was bittersweet.Jack sighed, shifting his weight on the bed. He didn't want to leave and every time he told her he wished he could move it back. For the millionth time, he wished he could just stay on the island drinking in Emma's saltwater kisses. “It technically leaves whenever I am ready, but, I have to be back in New York by the close of business, so I need to leave in about fifteen minutes.”He was already packed and the jet fueled. All he had to do was say goodbye. And tell her who he really was.“I wish you didn’t have to go until evening,” she said quietly, more to herself than to Jack.“Me too, but planes can only fly so fast,” Jack answered. He shifted his weight again. He thought about leaving and not telling her who he was, but that would just be cruel. His face popped up on more magazines and tabloids than he really preferred and he didn't want her to find
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Chapter Ten
Jack stared at the picture on his phone. Emma smiled out at him, completely happy next to the man she had just married. He barely recognized the man next to her he looked so content. The lines of worry that always seemed to make him look older than he was disappeared when he was with Emma.He set the phone down on the reading table beside his leather chair. He wondered if they had reading tables on normal planes or if that was just something reserved for private jets. Emma would know and that made his heart ache again.“What the hell, Jack!?” Rachel screamed, coming up the steps of the private jet. She was pure pin-striped fury. Dean was hot on her heals, eyes just as dark.“And hello to you, too,” he quipped, unsure of just what had Rachel in a tizzy. He really didn't want to deal with anything else today. He dropped his let his hands and phone fall to his lap.Rachel threw a magazine directly at his head. He barely ducked in time and the magazine hit the window with a thud.“What th
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