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It all started in an elevator when Young master Xavier Williams got involved In a lady he barely knew which resulted to a one night of steamy sex and Romance. The next day she was gone and his ego was greatly messed with so he sets out to find the mysterious lady who took advantage of him or the other way around. He soon found her and mysteries and more mysteries kept unfolding including the death of his father. Kendall Maxwell a crazy ass virgin whose ideal of first time sex Is having with someone handsome. She had a thing for handsome dudes and eventually slept with one whom she never met before. A one night sex soon turned to an urge between them . Find out what happened next in this mind blowing story.

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137 Chapters
Illegal race
CHAPTER ONE.Somewhere in downtown sector 12 where most of the terrible things happen like Car racing and dealing of illegal arms were done.Xavier Williams also known as X or the mystery guy was one of the best racers in sector 12. No one actually knew what he looked like because he was always on a mask but they could tell he was a handsome dude.The racers car drove in after a drifting race only this time someone else won and it none other than Mad Max a crazy female racer who wears thick makeup to disguise herself.Xavier got outta his car and leaned against it waiting for his opponent to come out too .The girls at the tracks kept fan girling over Xavier and his athletic body.Mad Max also got the girls all over her as she got outta her car and walked towards X."Nice moves out there." Xavier spoke while trying to light a cigarette even though he wasn't gonna actually take off his mask to smoke."You're not so bad either, better luck next time Mystery guy." He ran her fingers thro
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Xavier drove out to one of his few hotels and met with his friends at the VIP Club downstairs."Hey man." Lucky spoke while observing his friend. He knew better than to ask."Hey." Xavier responded with a sad smile as he ran his fingers through his perfectly styled hair.Marvin who had been silent for awhile couldn't help but sigh. His brother needed help yet he wasn't willing to let anyone in." two bottles of Tequila." Xavier passed his instructions to a waiter and immediately his orders were placed before him." Don't punish yourself Nick...its not your fault."Marvin felt sorry for him.Xavier got even angrier at the mention of his Middle name."Don't you dare call me that!" He growled and ran his fingers in his already disheveled hair."I'm sorry Bro I just can't help it. You look terrible man." Marvin stood up and left the place angrily.He didn't wanna speak anymore so he focused on getting high. He had high alcohol tolerance but doesn't understand how he's already getting drunk
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Kendall woke up earlier than expected due to the sore in between her legs.She glanced at the sleeping beauty beside her and realization dawned on her."F*ck! F*ck! I'm the stupidest b*tch have ever seen." She cursed lowly as her hand reached out to his face but stopped herself halfway.Its gonna be utterly bad when he wakes up and find her naked in bed with him.As quickly as she could, she got dressed in what remains of her clothes and dashed outta the penthouse into the elevator where she had abandoned her stuff.Madam Tina had insisted they wear something cute when working so she had to hide a leather pant and a hoodie in her trolley.Her legs were still shaky from her one night stand as she hastily change into them.She ran outta the hotel building to find her bike still parked outside."Oh my goodness Xina is gonna murder me." She suddenly remembered her friend as she got on her bike and rode off.Unlike other girls Kendall had never been broke. She waslj born rich but still man
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Xavier walked into X Enterprises wearing a gloomy look as usual, his employees knew not to get in his way."Good morning president these are the building plan for X's Shopping mall!" Xavier's Secretary was oblivious of his boss's cold face since he'd arrived at the company."You can leave it on my desk.." Xavier walked into his office showing off his proud back to his female employees who couldn't help but ogle at him."Your schedule....." Felix wasn't given a chance to speak further."Clear my schedule for the week..I would like to be alone." The glass door was slammed on his face.Felix stared at the door in silent as he thought about his boss who was obviously acting strange. He wondered who had gotten on the black book of his Boss."Strange.." He mumbled to himself and left for his desk which was just beside the chairman's office and began working on a few documents and so making adjustments to the boss's schedule for the week.Xavier undid his tie and dump it on the glass table b
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A night to remember
Being the only daughter of the Rollands, Giselle managed to get a whole lot of influential personnel to attend her party . However she never imagined that lord Xavier a powerful billionaire would honor her invitation. It was a century dream come true. "Oh my gush! I can't believe my eyes! Lord Xavier is truly here!" A nobleman's daughter whispered unable to hide the lust in her eyes. 'He's even hotter than in the posters.. Any woman would kill for his attention.' 'Just let me die! He's so beautiful.. God spent a century creating this fine piece.' Even the males couldn't help appreciate this beautiful Man. Giselle was not left out, in other to gain more face in her party she hurrily fix her looks and headed towards the demi god standing in the middle of a few elites of the city. "Ehm...excuse me Gentlemen, is everyone having a great time?" Giselle's playful voice got their attention.. She received warm smiles from them but she obviously got eyes for bigger fishes. "Nice party
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(Warning this chapter contains matured contents read at your own risks.)Slowly he took off her dress revealing her naked body.Kendall only had b**bs tape on for her dress won't work with a bra.Lord Xavier's eyes grew darker as he stared at her naked body for moment before attacking her b**bs making sure to give equal judgement.Kendall twirl her feet as ripples of pleasure threaten to explode anymoment.Xavier trail his tongue around her areola and Kendall tried to suppress a moan but a knock at the door didn't even stop him from getting what he wanted."Star are you in there is everything alright?" She heard her best friend's voice at the door that was when she realized he'd bolted the door when he got in."Y...yeah I'm great I'll be down in five minutes go have fun without me." She managed to voice out as Xavier didn't even stop for a moment as he kept teasing and sucking her tits."Okay be safe girllll." Xina giggled and ran away.Kendall knew what Xina was thinking already and w
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The rest of the night ended with Giselle trying to get Xavier's attention or intentionally reminding everyone present that Kendall was only a cleaner and a nobody who doesn't deserve to Stand beside Lord Xavier but unfortunately he left for something important before she could even say a word.Kendall found Xinah and together they both left partly drunk , lord Xavier asked a chauffeur to drop them off.Kendall was surprised the driver actually knew her address but didn't think too much of it."Are you gonna tell what happened back there or you want me to make you spill the beans?" Kendall walked outta the bathroom while using a towel to dry her hair.Thinking back to it a faint blush appeared on her cheeks but Was quick to conceal it."Yes! Don't you dare lie to me Star, your face is red so I'm pretty sure you did something naughty."Xina was stubborn and persistent, something Kendall loved about her friend."Okay fine argh!" Kendall dropped the towel and sat down by the edge of the be
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Ever since the first night Xavier bedded Kendall he hasn't been able to keep her outta his head no matter how hard he tried.He could practically still remember how she tasted. A frown appeared on his forehead as he thought of other things he didn't understand.The board of directors were utterly silent as they watch their boss who went over a change in emotion and they became scared he isn't happy with the presentation.They knew how cold the big boss was and won't think twise before firing someone he finds incompetent.Xavier's eyes were glued to his phone as he thought about her all through. He'd secretly left his number on her phone so why isn't she giving him a call yet.He's rich and handsome,every girl would die for an opportunity to be with him and yet the one he took interest in is just so hard to understand.He raised his head to look at his subordinates who were looking at him like he'd grown horns."Why did you stop?" He asked with a straight face. They all couldn't help
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"She likes you." Kendall stated the obvious as she slowly savour the taste of the wine."I see." Xavier smirked playfully twirling the wine glass in his hand.."What? Don't tell me you didn't see how badly she wanted you to pay attention to her?" She asked in disbelief. After being shamed by him the waitress was replaced immediately to someone who takes his job much more serious."And don't tell me you jealous." He said with raised eyebrow and Kendall almost choked on her drink and he immediately handed over a glass of water concern written all over his face."Are you okay?" He asked with concern."Are you trying to kill me or what?" She glared at him."I guess you're fine then." He laughed.They had finished eating and was having small talks over a drink and Kendall couldn't deny the fact that she was kinda enjoying his company."How the f*ck would I be jealous when I'm not even your girlfriend we're merely acquainted so stop thinking too highly of yourself." She snapped at him maki
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CHAPTER TEN; .SUBTITLE; A Night to remember.The occupants of the restaurant all gasps in shock as the drama unfolded Infront of them.Kendall let out a frosty laughter making Bianca shivered slightly as she intimidated by the coldness in her eyes."You shouldn't have done that Bianca now your family will suffer the consequences of your actions." Kendall eyes were devoid of any emotions and Bianca couldn't help the uneasy feeling building upside her as she watched her walked away proudly.Bianca shrugged off the unwanted feeling and picked up her hand bag. There's no way she would be scared of a peasant.So what if it was Maxwell 's wealth? She won't be take it back for no man would ever agree to marry someone without any benefits to them.Her racing heart calm down at the thought of that.But that doesn't mean she wasn't gonna deal with her personally. She entered the backseat of her car and dialed a number on her phone."Hello Tiana." The person on the other side called her by he
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