The Wolves' Revenge

The Wolves' Revenge

By:  Sapphire  Ongoing
Language: English
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Michael's entire family was killed, and he was left alone when he was just six years old. Since then, he's been alone, but all that has kept him going all these years is the thought ofof finally getting his revenge on those who had murdered his family. The chance to have his revenge comes in the form of a young man, Duncan, who goes with him on his quest. They rescue a young girl, Sophia from what would have been a horrible death at the hands of her uncle, whom it turns out, was one of those responsible for Michael's family's death. Michael finds out that Sophia is his mate, and although he wants nothing to do with her, they have to come together to get their revenge, as well as solve the other mysteries that keep occurring around them.

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34 Chapters
A bleak morning
The sky was bleak and cloudy this morning, lending the atmosphere a sorrowful and foreboding feel to it. It had been so for a few days, with the sky seeming heavily pregnant with rain, but yet, not a drop of water fell from the skies. Instead, the bleak look of the atmosphere increased day by day. At this time of the morning, there was not a single soul in sight, despite the fact that it was already a few minutes past seven, but that was probably because of the dull-looking weather.Michael loved the weather though, just as he liked the fact that nobody was outside this morning. He did not like people and went out of his way not to have to deal with them, although this was mostly impossible, considering the fact that he lived right in the midst of them. The weather suited his mood ... cold, bleak, and lonely. This was the mood he had majorly been in since that awful day when it became his fate to be all alone in this world. The memory of that day was firmly etched in his brain and he
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Pain ... Pain ... and more pain. Pain was something that she had felt so many times before and in such varying degrees that it ought to have become a part of her by now. However, the people who were torturing her never ceased to dream up more ways in which she could be tortured afresh, so that each time the pain started, she began to wish that she was dead, and not alive."Please ... it hurts so badly. Please, I beg of you. Stop doing that." Sophia begged, trying to squirm away, but her pleas fell on deaf ears and there was no respite. If anything, the torture increased in its intensity, until she was sure that she would pass out from the pain. Actually, at this point, she would have gladly welcomed death than continue to feel this horrid pain that seemed to wrack all the cells in her body, down to the very last and tiniest one of them."Keep your dirty mouth shut!" A voice that sounded deranged yelled, or rather, screamed at her, causing her to look up through hazy, pain-filled eyes
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The attack
“I do not condone such horrible behavior, Jonas. You should be ashamed of yourself.” Thomas, Sophia’s grandfather said, shaking his head in disappointment. Sophia’s mother rushed over to where she lay broken and whimpering on the ground, trying her best to comfort her.“Father, you know this girl is going to bring us utter disgrace. There is no reason why she should be alive.”“Why do you say that?” His father asked patiently.“She does not possess any of our traits. You know this as well as we all do. The…”“She just turned eighteen two weeks ago. Give her time.” Thomas said dismissively, turning to address the rest of the pack, who had gathered and were listening to him obediently. The man commanded an air of respect and looked distinguished with his snow-white hair. He was a man who had seen a lot and had garnered a lot of respect, both from his pack and other ones over the years.“I’m afraid we have some trouble. All hands will have to be on deck. There’s news that our enemies, th
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The challenge
“Is that so?” The Alpha of the pack asked, coming out from the shadows. He always had this way of blending perfectly into the shadows and revealing himself only when he wanted to do so.“Yes, it is. I’m sure it is obvious to everyone here. Not so?” He growled at the pack at large, but no one answered. Instead, they all turned their gazes away and busied themselves with doing something else, with most of them doing things that did not even need doing.“You are treading a dangerous path, my boy.” The gamma of the pack, Sophia’s great-grandfather said solemnly. He was an old man, who was very wise and had led them in many battles before. Now, he served as an adviser of the pack, and pretty much everyone revered him enough to obey what he said. Jonas, however, was no longer in reverence or awe of him, it seemed.“Shut your goddamn mouth! I’m the beta of this pack and I have the authority over you in case you failed to notice. I didn’t ask for your opinion and so I will not let you stick y
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The sun was up early this morning, shining brightly on the earth and lending the atmosphere a lively and hopeful feeling. It was in great contrast to the weather of a few days before, Michael mused. He got up early, because the sun woke him up, and went about his daily business, first doing as many push-ups as he could without the time going too much, not that he had much to do today, but he liked to keep his schedule each day the same as much as possible. He could see the bright rays as they glinted off the windows of his house and took a moment to thank the moon goddess for the fact that he was not a vampire. It would be such a shame to miss all this glorious beauty on mornings like this, he reckoned.He did as many workouts as he could in the time limit he had, then got up, brushed his teeth, took his bath, and made some toast, which he ate in a few bites, as he wasn’t really hungry. After that, he took out his lawnmower and walked out of the house to mow his lawn, hoping that he w
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Finding Audrey
Growling low in his throat, Michael began running, as normally as he could at first, towards the woods that were not far from his house. It was because of this forest that he had bought his house so that he could be close to it and could run wild anytime he pleased. Naturally, the people of this town were very unfriendly towards werewolves and every other supernatural creature, but Michael had first come here on a mission, and had not planned to stay long at first, but had eventually fallen in love with the place, so he had stayed on for a little bit, and then found his house and bought it.He had blended in perfectly, thinking that no one knew what he truly was, but apparently, he had been mistaken, because why would anyone kidnap his flirty neighbor as a way of baiting him or getting him to come to see them? Why couldn’t they just come up to him and say whatever they needed to say?Once he had entered the woods and was sure that no one was around, he let himself go, partially shifte
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The fight
The silence in the clearing in which the members of the pack were gathered was deafening and the tension was thick and palpable. The two werewolves, the alpha and his beta squared off each other, both waiting for who would make the first move or throw the first punch. They were circling each other, making low growling sounds in their throat as they moved around the clearing, which had been cleared of the wounded, slowly. The alpha was taking his time, and it was evident to all those who watched the fight that he did not want to do this. He did not want to have to fight with his son if he could avoid it, so he was stalling on throwing the first punch.Jonas had no such reservations, so the minute he saw a chance, he took it, and slammed his bunched fist straight into his father’s face, immediately drawing blood. The alpha roared loudly, but not in pain as one would think. Instead, the roar was a sound of defeat, anger, and the hurt from the betrayal. Without warning, he slammed his fis
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Counterfeit victory
The onlookers watched the fight with bated breaths, everyone in the clearing rooting for their alpha. The black wolf, which was Jonas, was severely injured, while the grey one had only a few bruises on him, and was looking as though he was getting ready to finish off the fight. Sophia watched this scenario with glee, immediately dismissing her strange experience as a pain-induced dream and mentally cheering her grandfather on, even though she felt really faint. The black wolf was beginning to panic now, and as the grey one pinned it down, and raised its hand, as though it wanted to use its claws to finish it off, its panicked eyes darted frantically about, searching somewhere beyond the clearing. Suddenly, something the old woman had said in her trance, dream, or whatever it was, came back to Sophia, clear as day.“It doesn’t seem like it just yet, but Jonas is going to win that fight that is going on now. He has something planned that will give him the upper hand.”Sophia glanced in
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Sophia came to after what must have been several minutes, or even about an hour at the insistent tugging of her mother’s hands on her arms and her faint groans. They were still where they had fallen some meters away from the lair and the ongoing fight and chaos, which had died down a bit but was still ongoing. Taking a quick look at Maria, Sophia saw that her mother only looked slightly better than when they had first started running away from the clearing.“Run… you need to run away, Sophia. They’re coming for us. I won’t let them have you…” Maria said after she was certain that she had Sophia’s attention, but Sophia was not having any of it. She got up on wobbly legs and tried to pull her mother along with her, but her mother resisted, and even in her weakened form, she was much stronger than Sophia, so it was like pulling a brick wall.“Mom, I won’t leave you alone. They’ll kill you. I know they will.”“They won’t.” Maria lied, knowing very well what would happen, but she had been
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Michael stared at the man warily, not knowing what to make of him or if he should even believe him. Duncan looked quite sincere though, but apart from that, he looked really worried, although Michael guessed that that was because he was scared of what would happen to his fiancée.“You do know that I can tear you from limb to limb without breaking a sweat if it turns out that you’re lying, don’t you?” Michael asked him quietly, and the man nodded effusively.“I know, but I’m telling you the truth. I have nothing to gain by lying to you and everything to lose. Look, we both have something to gain here. You help me get my fiancée back, and I’ll take you straight to the person who is responsible for your family’s death.”“You keep on going on and on about me helping you to rescue your fiancée. What even makes you so sure that I can even help you?”The man averted his gaze before answering, suddenly looking very uncomfortable. “I just know. You’re a strong werewolf and you have a reputatio
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