Betrothed To The Mafia Lord

Betrothed To The Mafia Lord

By:  Josephine Ivy   Updated just now
Language: English
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“Don’t make me repeat myself twice, part those legs for me, Bunny.” His deep voice which always sends my brain reeling due to how silky it sounds, washed over me slowly as he murmured quietly against my throat. I tried to point out to him that there was no way I’d be able to do as told with his legs still pinning mine down, but the words died down in my throat when he sucked the skin over my beating pulse into his mouth. “Go on. You want to be good for me, don’t you?” “I— I do.” I choked out, letting out a breathy whimper when he wrapped his free hand around my throat and squeezed on it a little. ——— Forced to marry the ruthless mafia lord, whom everyone was afraid of at the age of eighteen, Sofia had no other choice but to follow her father’s wishes like a dutiful daughter was supposed to. While Luca Ricci only took a wife, because he wasn’t getting any younger at the age of thirty-three. She was the angel to his demons, the light to his darkness, the innocence to his sins… He wanted to protect her, since the moment he locked eyes with hers on their wedding day and saw the amount of fright brewing in it. He wanted to make her good for him, to mark her as his; with his handprints on her ass and his cum dripping off her face. To own her completely, to wrap his hand around her throat and do so many sinful things to her body. But he was the mafia lord, and danger just seems to be lurking around him, wherever he goes, and in whatever he does. He must protect his wife at all costs.

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318 Chapters
Chapter 1
Sofia’s POV “Sit, Sofia,” Father murmured as he gestured towards the seat positioned before himself and mum, I sank into it gracefully and thanked him before he continued.My heart was already beating fast, it had started racing wildly since the moment our housekeeper came to my room to inform me that my parents would like to have a word with me this very instant. A part of me already kinda figured out why they had summoned me, I’ve been dreading this particular ‘talk’ since the day I turned eighteen, two months ago.“Do you know why I had you summoned?” Father asked and I shook my head immediately, silently praying it wasn’t going to end up being what I was already starting to think it was. Father picked up his whiskey filled glass and took a sip before returning it back to the table. My mother was seated beside him with a blank face as usual, her hair was pinned on her hair neatly and tightly, a single strand wouldn’t be able to slip out until she took out the pin herself.“You
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Chapter 2
Sofia’s POV I sat up on my bed the moment I heard a key turn in my keyhole with my heart pounding in my chest, a part of me thought it was father and that thought was enough to send a chilling fear sliding down my spine. It was currently some minutes after ten in the night and I had no idea who it could be.The door cracked open and I felt the breath I’ve been nervously holding in my throat whoosh out a relived sigh on seeing my younger brother standing at the doorway with a proud grin spread across his face.“Come in fast and shut the door.” I urged and he quietly got in and closed the door before turning my keys until the door was locked again.“Did you just pick my lock?” I asked once he got to my bedside, he shrugged with a sly grin before hopping on my bed and waving a tiny nail in my face.“New skill unlocked, yes I did.” He gushed out and I cracked a small smile at his proud facial expression.“Where did you learn that? I thought you weren’t going to start trailing until nex
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Chapter 3
Sofia’s POV The housekeeper brought me breakfast the next morning which made me assume father wasn’t as angry with me as he was last night. I told her I wasn’t hungry and she returned the breakfast tray back downstairs, leaving me to myself once again. I wasn’t hungry since I ate a bit of the snacks Angelo left me last night, the rest was currently in my closet since I wasn’t feeling hungry one bit.I closed the book I’ve been trying to read to no avail out of frustration and sat up on my bed, staring at the rack of gold and silver medals which I had won throughout high school in the far end of my room. Father thought medals were not as important as award cups, which means the medals I won while growing up stayed in my room, while the award cups I won got placed in his office. I let my mind wander aimlessly like it has been wanting to do since the moment I woke up from the thirty minutes sleep I managed to catch after staying up and talking with my brother from ten pm to two
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Chapter 4
Sofia’s POV “Remember to smile once he unveils your face, hm?” Father said as he handed me a bunch of blue flowers which were as big as the dress I was currently in.“Yes, father.” I replied with my heart racing uncontrollably, I was going to be walking down the aisle in a few minutes time with my father and I was about to have a panic attack to my utmost horror.“I am going to miss you so much, Sofia.” Father continued as he pulled my veil over my face, I would have quietly snorted at his words had I not been silently trying to fight the panic attack back.Father stepped out of the car and held his hand out for me but I hesitated, afraid my legs was going to give out on me if I dare stand up.“What are you doing, Sofia? We’re going to be called in a minute.” Father demanded impatiently and I tried really hard to push the dizzy feeling back but it was only getting more intense and threatening to pull me under its waves.“Can you get me water please?” I whispered and father cursed
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Chapter 5
Sofia’s POV The crowd cheered loudly as Luca and I got called to the dance floor for our first couple’s dance. He took my hand and led me into the middle of the dance floor. My veil and tiara had been taken away from me by the designer the moment we arrived at the reception hall, leaving my shoulders and upper back completely bare. Luca placed my hand on his shoulder and slid his left hand around my waist before clasping my left hand in his right one and proceeded to lead me in a slow dance.My head was barely reaching his sharp looking jawline despite the fact that I was in tall heels, our eyes locked for the fourth time today as we moved from side to side. He moved his hand over my waist ever so lightly and I puffed out a flustered breath and ducked my head immediately. I felt another shiver slid down my spine when he pulled me closer to him, our clothes brushing against each other’s.“Look at me.” He rumbled quietly, his vibrating, deep voice eliciting goosebumps over my bare a
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Chapter 6
Sofia’s POV My heart was hammering hard against the insides of my chest and my rib cages, my pulse rate has spiked high up to the level of me feeling it vibrating fast on my throat. I shivered slightly as fear started to crept into my veins once again and stubbly leaned back when Luca’s fingers started to slow trail over my robe covered arm. To my surprise– and in the very next second, horror, Luca pulled his fingers away from my arm almost immediately. My eyes widened in horror as I realized what I just did and I held my breath fearfully, my whole body going numb as I waited on the slap that was surely going to hit me any second from now.A few seconds passed, and… nothing.I blinked a few times and turned my head around and– locked eyes with Luca. He was staring at me the same way he had been staring at me since the start of my wedding, there was nothing standing out about his facial expression. I silently prayed he wasn’t already thinking up different ways in which he cou
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Chapter 7
Sofia’s POV Luca had asked me to sleep which my over analyzing mind had broken down into multiple meanings even though it only had one actual meaning. I had hoped he wouldn’t find me attractive, so he wouldn’t have to take me against my will because there was no way I’d ever consent to…Was the word ‘consent’ even available in the vocabularies of the men in the mafia?There was no way my mind could even be relaxed enough to the point of me falling asleep, that fact was sparkling clear in my head. I puffed out a slow breath, not wanting to make unnecessary sound since I was supposed to be sleeping like an obedient wife like I was asked to.The lights suddenly got turned off and i sucked in a harsh, audible breath before widening my eyes and slapping my hand over my mouth in the next second. The feeling of the bed dipping made my heart pound even harder and faster against my chest and I inched towards the edge of the bed until I was lying on the very tip, any further and I’d find mysel
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Chapter 8
Sofia’s POV I slowly ascended the row of stairs and paused three stairs to the final landing on seeing two men standing there. I stared confusingly at them, wondering what it was that they were looking for. My eyes zeroed in on their weapons strapped on their similar attire as I brushed my hair out of my face. Oh, Luca’s guards. But Luca wasn’t home… or was he?“Good morning, ma’am.” They both echoed at the same time and in sync, bowed their heads down a little. My mouth widened and I shook my head immediately with a wave of my hand.“No, no… are you sure I am the one you actually want to speak with?” I asked in confusion.“Yes, Ma’am. We were ordered here by Mr Ricci and starting from this moment, the both of us are officially your two bodyguards.” One of the two men responded immediately and I breathed out a small sigh, of course I was going to be assigned body guards immediately who were going to monitor every bit of my life starting from this moment, like they said.“Don’t ad
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Chapter 9
Sofia’s POV “Matilda, Mrs Ricci has been waiting on you for a while now.” Sarah, the housekeeper admonished the young woman who just walked into the kitchen. The said woman footsteps slowed down as soon as she spotted me sitting by the counter.“Oh it’s fine, Sarah. I don’t mind.” I quickly added once Sarah was done admonishing the Chef, Matilda. And also because I didn’t mind waiting here in the kitchen for the chef to arrive since for one, I didn’t have any else to do and forcing down a cup of coffee while exchanging a few, polite words with Sarah was way better than me sitting on my own, doing nothing.“Hello, Mrs Ricci. I’m so sorry I took so long, the laundry wasn’t dried off yet so I thought I could wait there until it dries off finish, because I thought you’d still be in bed, tired from all the stress from the wedding ceremony, and your wedding night–” Matilda choose the moment to mention my wedding night when I was about to force down another mouthful of coffee, which ma
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Chapter 10
Sofia’s POV I slowly ran my comb through my long, dark hair. My hair was a midnight black color and it stood out pointedly against my skin. It was also unreasonably long, but I wasn’t complaining. I wasn’t too keen about it either because combing it was so stressful. Other than that, I love my hair so much and wouldn’t trade it for anything.I got the hair for my mother’s mother, a woman whom I had only been opportuned to meet once, while I was five years, before she passed away. She was a really beautiful woman who had lost her whole hair due to cancer, leaving her bald at the time I had met with her. I could vividly remember her feeding Angelo his bottle while telling me different stories of her childhood days. That particular day was extremely special to me because that was the first time I had met with any of my grandparents, and the last time -till date. The rest of my grandparents were all late as well.I combed the remaining untouched part of my hair as fast as possible bef
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