Partner in Crime

Partner in Crime

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Being fired in the workplace and having no chance to apply for any other department Aiden has a break up with her boyfriend as well, she hurries to find a job at any other field as she has to handle her mothers hospital bills. From all the jobs which she has applied, she receives reply from Mr. Mintz who is looking for someone to follow his son around for protection as a bodyguard. Knowing the intention of Aiden who tries to bring justice to her father who is behind the bars as he was framed, Mintz seeks for her help as he was Mr Johnson’s lawyer. Riley Mintz a member of a boy group is currently the famous online idol, he finds his father’s thought ridiculous as it’s embarrassing for a girl to protect him. Due to unavoidable circumstances he offers Aiden a relationship contract which she accepts to keep him safe. The fake interactions turns real when they begin to grow feeling for each other. Nothing goes smooth when the war begins. Will they be able to bring justice? It's all about betrayal, romance, friendship, family, contract relationship, revenge, blood, suspense and action.

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    Where did she come from?
    "So?" She asks dryly rolling her eyes uninterested of the topic, a culinary orchestra fills in the air, the voice of people taking their orders and the giggles of the teens clicking selfies in the next table. Taking the container of the chili paste she pushes the whole portion onto her plate, the colour of the noodles turns red when she mixes the spicy paste, swirling it around her fork she puts it in her mouth and looks straight at him again who was observing her movements."Aiden I....,""Sure," she cuts him off chewing onto the food in her mouth those eyes making him gulp down his saliva. Curling in his lips he looks around awkwardly and back at her his voice never coming out loud "I didn't even ask you anything," he blurts leaning forward."You have no need of giving a lengthy explanation," placing the fork on the surface of the plate she clasps her hands resting the elbow on the table those narrow brown eyes never leaving him "Let's break up as you wish," shrugging her shoulders
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    Who is he?
    Aiden’s P.O.VThe elevator door's part welcoming the white and light pink uniformed young girl pushing the wheelchair, my cheeks lift up below my eyes when I smile back at the old woman seated on the wheelchair with whom I’ve chat for some days when I stayed over at the hospital numerous times, leaving them way to enter I stroll out to the room my heart beginning to pound already before I lay my eyes on her. It’s been quite a while to come back to check on her state as I’ve been caught up in other things, standing by the door I take a deep breath in and let it out, the hold on the shopping bag tightens when my mind recalls negativity, closing my eyes I plaster a smile on my face gripping onto the door knob I push it open the fake smile on my face turns real when I see mom sitting on the bed looking at me, her eyes glistening with happiness.“Good evening,” my voice cheers her up, light wrinkles appear at the corners of her eyes, sitting straight moving forward away from the bed head b
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    Dramatic man
    Third Person P.O.V“Have a seat Ms. Aiden,” Mintz requests after the shaking hands “I preferred cafeteria because there is nothing formal,” he chuckles “Make your order,” he smiles when the young lady stops by their table holding the notepad and a pen.“Iced Americano,” Aiden orders, sitting straight she faces Mintz her lips spreading to a smile.“I hope you remember me,” he asks leaning forward in interest waiting for her reply as she takes some time to recall her memory.“I’m sorry I don’t,” rubbing the back of her neck she smiles crookedly as for her weak memory.“That’s okay,” Mr. Mintz brushes off “I wanted to thank you for your help that day, if it is not for you we would have been beaten to death in the restaurant I guess,” slight wrinkles form at the corners of his eyes when his smile widens “I know that it’s not nice for a girl to be around a guy but I have no one to offer this role,” adjusting his blue tie he moves forward again “ My son is not safe due to my doing and I’ve
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    Viral online
    You are trending,” Lisa shouts throwing herself to the sofa beside Aiden who is seated down in front of the coffee table, she opens the can of coke letting the gas drizzle when she takes a sip. She looks up resting her head on the sofa to look at Lisa who is scrolling down her phone with an ear-to-ear smile on her face. The excitement on her face drowns when she looks down at Aiden who stares at an empty space her eyebrows furrowed in a deep thought.“Den, are you okay?” she asks tossing the phone to aside.After short moment of silence Aiden closes her eyes and inhales a deep breath in and lets it out as she opens her eyes “Nothing,” she sighs running her hand through her hair as she sits straight taking the can and takes a huge gulp of the chill cola letting the gas play in her throat “Why am I trending?,” she asks picking up Lisa’s phone she unlocks it, her eyes squints when the image displays, moving the screen closer to her vision she scrolls down at the multiple images with dif
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    The contract relationship
    What?” Aiden and Riley shouts in unison, taking a glance at each other they face Evan who is seated on the centre sofa and both of them are at his either side.Adjusting his glasses, he lets out a sigh, after a long explanation of the current situation he couldn’t accept their answer, which is still in a question mark. He pulls out a file from his bag and places it on the coffee table in front of him, Aiden’s and Riley’s eyes move to the table following his actions and they look straight at each other and again at Evan. Evan calls out “Riley,” he continues intertwining his fingers he leans forward facing Riley “ I know that you are afraid to read the comments online,” he states which makes Aiden to look at Riley “Articles have been posted overnight and you know that there are people against you already, “Evan explains his eyes never leaving Riley who stares down at the carpeted floor “They're saying that you are playing over another girl to fulfil your desires,” his voice stiffens as
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    His girlfriend
    Pinching the bridge of his nose, Evan walks to and fro, he furrows his eyebrows and stops in front of Aiden and Riley who are seated next to each other on the sofa “Something is off,” he exhales observing the both of them.“What’s missing?” Riley asks curiously.“It’s just…,” Evan points at Riley and at Aiden “You both don’t look good together,” he sighs “How come other couples look perfect together even if there is nothing between them,” he explains almost talking to himself.Riley knits his eyebrows and turns to his left taking a glance at Aiden who stares at an empty space her expression clearly showing that she is not interested, his lips move to an uneven smile when he faces Evan “I get you,” he blurts nodding his head understanding the stiff air with in them.Evan orders moving his hand showing the position “Move a little closer,” he states which makes Aiden to pass a glance at Riley when his shoulder touched hers “I doubt that people would believe,” Evan continues his eyes neve
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    The beginning
    Aiden’s P.O.V“I’m sorry for disturbing,” Mr. Mintz says as he takes a sip of his coffee “Make your order,” he pushes the menu to my direction“I had dinner with your son,” I smile moving forward.“It’s good to know that you can get along with him, he is such a trouble,” he chuckles dryly and exhales “He is very stubborn and immature sometimes,” he continues, I nod in reply agreeing to his statement as Riley is really a brat sometimes, I could see some kind of sparkle in Mr. Mintz eyes when he speaks, the spark which can be seen only on parents “He was on a bumpy road since the beginning of his career and he lost his mother few years back” he removes his spectacles and places it on the table “She was hit by a car in front of his eyes, it took him a long time to get over it,” he speaks his heart out and I stay there attentive to his story, the nostalgic expression on his face shows that he is spilling his heart out “But he is really a good person.”“Yea, he is,” I reply pouring the liq
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    Just a kiss for her but not for him
    From Evan my eyes move down straight to the phone stand where the phone is kept with the circular light, letting out a loud breath I turn to my right at Riley, who is seated next to me on the sofa, Evan is standing behind the coffee table staring at us, we stay silent for a while till the count down for the live is done and there the camera is on, the comments keep popping on the left side of the screen. I sit there faking a smile at the screen cooperating with him but neither of his words are getting into my head, the chattering on my right stops when the comments keep slidingAre you both really together?They don’t look good together?How can we believe that he is really into her?Is he playing again?Is she a victim as well?What about Mira?Mira? Who’s that? Seems like he has some kind of history I guessMy eye balls slide to the right corner of my eyes to take a glance at him, he stays still staring at the screen with an unreadable expression, I look down noticing his intertwine
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    Regret is more painful than death
    Third Person P.O.VPassing the main road Aiden walks to the store by the end of the street, she stops in her tracks when she notices Riley seated outside by the balcony where the chairs and tables are arranged. Looking around finding the store lonely she walks towards and sits on the chair next5 to him, he looks up from her shoes and a smile makes its way on his lips when she sits.Looking at the three empty cans on table she exhales “Stop drinking,” she says dryly as she throws the empty cans to the bin by their table.“I did not have enough,” Riley replies staring at the can on the table, he looks at Aiden and says “I don’t get drunk,” he smiles, taking the can he gulps down the remaining alcohol in it, biting his lower lip he curls his lips inwards by pressing the can harder “You can leave,” he states opening another can, the tone of his voice enough to show that he is not drunk as he didn’t stammer. Letting out a breath Aiden inserts her hands into her jacket’s pocket shrugging h
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    First date
    Riley’s P.O.VLooking through the transparent glass wall of the cafe outside, I observe the surrounding, the clear water of lake reflects the trees and sky onto it, there are few people walking around, and there I spotted two familiar faces. The reporters think that they’re well-hidden but always be found by me, the same thing happened when I went out with Mira and the next day the article was about me having one night stand with her. My gaze averts to the person seated opposite to me leaving the corner seat empty, she looks around as she runs her hand through her short black hair, my vision follows her actions when she removes her black leather jacket revealing the plain white t shirt. Her dressing sense always seem off.“I can't believe that my girlfriend dresses like this,” I snarl letting out a loud dramatic sigh, leaning behind I rest my shoulder on the chair head, my gaze moves down and up again at her.She furrows her brows and looks at me for a while “Do you expect a mini ski
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