Divorced my ex, proposed by billionaire

Divorced my ex, proposed by billionaire

By:  BELLA  Ongoing
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In a whirlwind of emotions and tangled relationships, Rita and Jaden's marriage began as a result of an unexpected bet. Jaden, deeply in love with his ex-girlfriend Percy, was willing to compromise on his dreams to be with her. However, Percy had other plans, wanting to explore her options and not settle down. Believing Jaden would eventually return to her, Percy allowed him to date other women, leading Jaden to choose Rita as his bride. Rita, long harboring feelings for Jaden, agreed to the marriage instantly. Percy, confident that Jaden would never truly move on, decided to break the bet and reclaim him for herself. Caught between his lingering love for Percy and his desire to spare Rita's feelings, Jaden made a difficult decision. He would remain married to Rita for a year, but if Percy still wanted him back after that time, he would divorce Rita. Rita, blinded by her deep affection for Jaden, accepted this arrangement. However, a year later, Rita's world shattered when she discovered she was pregnant. Jaden, without hesitation, presented her with a divorce agreement, leaving her heartbroken and questioning their entire relationship unknown to him that she was carrying his unborn child. Now, Rita must navigate the aftermath of a marriage born from a bet and find a way to move forward for the sake of herself and her unborn child. Will she be able to heal her broken heart and find a new beginning?

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Delinda Schumacher
107 chapters 4-17-24
2024-04-18 12:42:32
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Cris Land
Confusing, characters names are mixed up several times, the plot doesn't make sense.
2024-06-23 07:58:15
user avatar
Heather W
The book not only is super similar to another book, the characters act in nonsensical ways. Like none of the actions make any sense. Like it was written by a person who's never interacted with adults before.
2024-05-10 12:01:30
default avatar
Character names are mixed up and course of action jumps from page to page not making any sense. There is no flow to the story.
2024-06-23 21:42:46
user avatar
Haliax Alaxiel
Was this shit written by A.I ?! It doesn't make any sense.
2024-06-03 09:59:05
107 Chapters
Chapter 1 An Unexpected Announcement
Rita's heart pounded with a mix of excitement and anxiety as she held the pregnancy report in her trembling hand. It was an unexpected revelation on this very day, the first anniversary of her marriage to Jaden. Overwhelmed by the news, she couldn't wait to share it with her husband, hoping it would bring them closer together.Driven by anticipation, Rita made her way to Jaden's workplace putting on a big smile and her favourite gown.As she entered his office, her eyes were immediately drawn to his dashing figure in a well-fitted suit. The sight of him ignited a fire within her, and she felt a wave of moisture between her thighs. Unable to contain her desire, she approached him with a sense of urgency and kissed him pa*sionately.He raised her purple gown that she had on, and started caressing her breast, placing the other hand on her vagina while he fingered her. She couldn't resist the pleasure she started moaning with his name on her mouth, he bent her slowly placing every of his
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Chapter 2 Tangled Emotions
As Jaden stormed out of his a*sistant office, his frustration and annoyance burning deep within him. Rita's swift agreement to the divorce left him feeling resentful and confused. He couldn't shake the thought that her decision was influenced by her ex-boyfriend's return, and it only added fuel to his anger.As he walked briskly through the stair case of his company memories of the conversation from a year ago played on a loop in his mind.Jaden's heart raced with anticipation as he stood outside Percy's door, waiting for her to answer. He had mustered up the courage to ask her out on a date, and to his delight, she had accepted.As the door swung open, he couldn't help but admire Percy's beauty. She was dressed in a stunning blue shady gown that hugged her curves and accentuated her figure, leaving just enough to the imagination. It was a dress that exuded confidence and allure.Percy flashed a warm smile at Jaden, her eyes twinkling with excitement. She noticed his dapper appearance
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Chapter 3 A New Chapter
Immediately Jaden saw Percy, he ran towards her, grabbed her by the waist, moved her curly hair to one side of her ear and kissed her pa*sionately. They both locked their lips deeply as they were rekindled by a love that was once dead.Jaden's lips met Percy's in a tender, loving kiss. It was a bittersweet moment, filled with both longing and regret. Percy's heart was heavy with the weight of her actions, and she couldn't help but apologise to Jaden for her selfishness.Percy's eyes glistened with unshed tears, her lips trembling as she spoke."I'm so sorry, Jaden," Percy whispered, her voice choked with regret. "I shouldn't have let my jealousy consume me. I shouldn't have kissed you when you're about to embark on a new Chapter of your life."Jaden reached out, gently cradling Percy's face in his hands. "Percy, love," he said, his voice filled with both affection and understanding, "I know it's been hard for you. But it's not your fault. I should have been more aware of how you were
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Chapter 4 Breakfast with Love
The morning sun filtered through the kitchen window, casting a warm glow over Jaden and Rita as they stood side by side. The aroma of fresh coffee wafted through the air, mingling with the sweet scent of baking. It was a cosy scene, filled with laughter and anticipation.Rita looked at Jaden, a mischievous smile playing on her lips. "So, what are you making for us this morning for breakfast?" Jaden asked, his eyes twinkling with curiosity.Rita pondered for a moment, pretending to contemplate her options. "What would you love to eat?" she questioned, her voice teasing.Jaden leaned in closer, a playful glimmer in his eyes. "Anything that could make me not forget the taste of your food in my taste buds," he replied, his voice laced with a hint of mischief.Rita laughed, a melodic sound that filled the kitchen with joy. "Hmm… Okay, as your lordship pleases," she said, her tone matching his playful banter. "You know your wish is my command."Jaden's smile widened, and he moved even close
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Chapter 5 A Fractured Alliance
Rita stepped out of the car, taking a deep breath to steady her emotions. The hospital's sterile scent filled the air, a stark contrast to the turmoil raging inside her. She pushed aside the thoughts of Jaden and Percy for now, focusing solely on the well-being of her unborn child.Inside the hospital, Rita checked in at the reception desk and was soon guided to a room where a doctor would evaluate her condition. As she waited, she couldn't help but reflect on the turn of events that had led her to this moment. Her heart still carried the lingering hope that Jaden would realise the depth of his feelings for her, but she understood that she had to face reality and prepare for the possibility of raising their child alone.The doctor entered the room, a compa*sionate smile gracing their face. They listened attentively as Rita explained her symptoms and medical history. Sensing her emotional state, the doctor offered words of rea*surance and support."Rita, it's normal to feel overwhelmed
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Chapter 6 Secrets Unveiled
As Rita stood at the entrance of the hospital looking dumb founded,a black spotless Range Rover parked at the front of her. She was speechless as she whispers underneath her breath, who will that be?The tinted gla*s of the Range Rover winded down, and it was Jaden. She was surprised because she hadn't seen him with this type of car."Do you mind hoping inside?" He asked."What's the occasion for?" she responded."Have you forgotten that grandma's birthday celebration is today and you have to tell her about our divorce." He said."No, I haven't forgotten," as she entered the car without altering any word, until they arrived at Grandma's mansion.Rita fondled her belly, the gentle swell of life growing within her. She never expected that Jaden, her husband, would want her to bring up the topic of divorce, especially not before Grandma's upcoming birthday. It seemed that Jaden was more concerned with pleasing his own desires, specifically his newfound infatuation with Percy.As Rita ste
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Chapter 7 A Change Of Heart
Night came crawling fast and the party came to an end. The well wishers kept leaving the party as they pecked Grandma and wished her a blissful year.Now it was the time for her son and his soon to be divorced wife to return home. Grandma didn't want them to go, but she knew that they had a long trip to go.Seeing the sight of Percy, Grandma felt irritated and whispered to her son's ears that she doesn't want to hear any bad news concerning Rita. She's all she got.Jaden, sheepishly smiled as he couldn't tell his mother the next line of action he was about to take. As they bade her goodbye, and hopped in his car. The car was silent, someone would have thought they were mourning the dead. The sound of the car and breeze was the only noise being heard. As he dropped Rita first in his apartment, telling her not to wait for him, because he wants to drop the love of his life Percy.Once Rita stepped out of the car, she watched Jaden drive away, leaving her standing in front of his apartmen
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Chapter 8 Jaden's Troubled State
Ignoring the rhythmic allure, Rita frantically manoeuvred through the crowd, nudging people aside in her quest to find Jaden. The multitude of bodies combined with her pregnant state made her vision spin with dizziness.Finally, Rita's eyes locked onto Jaden's motionless form. Hastily, she rushed toward him, clutching his hands tightly. However, Jaden remained oblivious, lost in his drunken stupor, repeatedly calling out for Percy instead of recognizing Rita."Oh my goodness, Jaden, what has happened to you?" she exclaimed, a mix of concern and disappointment lacing her words. "This isn't the Jaden I once knew. How did you manage to let yourself get into such a mess?"She shook him gently, hoping to rouse him from his intoxicated haze and provoke a coherent response.Jaden stirred slightly in response to Rita's gentle shaking, his bleary eyes struggling to focus on her face. His voice slurred as he mumbled, "Percy, is that you? Why are you shaking me like that?"Rita's heart sank at h
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Chapter 9 A Heartfelt Conversation
"I don't care about that being Jaden, let's get things right," Percy said.Jaden was dumbfounded, he didn't know what to do next. As he watched the woman he still love stormed out of the house.Rita stormed out of the house, her face flushed with anger and frustration. Jaden watched her leave, his heart pounding with a mix of worry and guilt. He had never seen Rita so upset before, and he knew that he was partially responsible for causing this rift between them.Jaden turned his attention to Percy, who stood before him with tear-streaked cheeks. He could see the fear and insecurity in her eyes, and it tugged at his heartstrings. It was true that Percy had a reputation for being spoiled and demanding, but deep down, Jaden knew there was more to her than met the eye."Percy, why did you come here without Rita's consent?" Jaden asked, trying to keep his voice steady despite the turmoil inside him.Percy hiccupped through her tears and spoke with a quivering voice, "I... I was so hurt, Ja
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Chapter 10 Rita's Secret Burden
As Rita open the main door entrance of her parents house.Rita's mom, Sarah, embraced her daughter tightly, concern etched across her face. "Oh, Rita, it's so good to see you. But what happened, sweetheart? You look so upset. Did something happen with Jaden?"Rita forced a smile, attempting to hide her true emotions. She didn't want her parents to worry about her relationship with Jaden, especially when it had started with a bet. She couldn't bear the thought of their disappointment if they found out the truth. "No, Mom, it's nothing like that. I just have a bit of a stomachache. It's nothing serious, really."Her father, Robert, stepped forward, placing a comforting hand on Rita's shoulder. "You know, sweetheart, you can always talk to us. We're here for you, no matter what. If there's something bothering you, we want to help."Rita felt a lump forming in her throat as she looked into her parents' concerned eyes. They had always been supportive, loving parents, and she hated keeping s
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