Owned by the Fae Princes

Owned by the Fae Princes

By:  Lark Quinn  Ongoing
Language: English
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I’m just a normal nobody, in a town that doesn’t matter. Sure, I have no memories before I was ten, but that mystery is a dead end to investigate, since my godfather passed away. One night though, changes all of that. There’s a man standing in my trailer, telling me he’s been looking for me; that he owns me. I do what any normal girl would, and taser him. But I’m about to find out, I’m not a normal girl, not at all. I’m something else, and now, the past is coming for me. There’s nowhere to hide from the powerful demons that hunt me, or the ones I find, inside myself. An epic dark fae MMF romance of two possessive, twisted Fae princes who won’t take no for an answer, and the strong, resilient, runaway princess who holds the secret to everything inside her. She just doesn’t know it.

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16 chapters
Chapter One
And they lived happily ever after… I stared dreamily at the last line of my secret romance novel, hidden between the beer tap and ice bucket. Reading on a slow night was the only solution for bartending at the Red Rabbit, a strip club that was classy enough to have a cereal vending machine, for those early morning munchies. “Aria, someone puked in the men’s room. It’s your turn,” a voice snapped beside me. It was Mona, my manager, and pain in my ass. This was real life, and endings like those only existed between the pages of a book. Real-life was 24/7 strip clubs at truck stops, mopping the men’s room floor and taking home barely enough to cover rent and bills. Well, it might not be real life for everyone, but I never did have even one shred of good luck, and like always, seemed to have gotten the short straw when it came to picking destinies. “On it,” I muttered, pushing myself to my feet and trying to wiggle my tiny black shorts down an inch or two. They were a centimeter away
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Chapter Two
Aria The diner sat on the opposite end of town. I parked in the dusty lot and got out. A loud cawing right in my ear made me shriek. A huge black crow perched on the hood of my car, staring at me with its beady black eyes. I flapped a hand toward it. “Shoo, get off.” It cawed at me again, and tilted its head to the side, studying me. I backed away, slamming the door. Even the loud sound and echoing vibration didn’t scare it away. I shivered as it watched me. I hated crows. They always seemed like bad luck, and I had more than enough of that. The crow stood on my car and watched me as I walked back toward the diner. I went through the boring motions of my job. Serving, cleaning, listening to complaints, and smiling when I wanted to scream. Just a normal day. Things got weird about two hours in. There was a kid in a booth, staring out the window, and ignoring his chocolate milkshake and his arguing parents. When I went to take the shake, he turned to me and pointed at the parking l
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Chapter Three
Aria “Excuse me?” I asked, wrenching my hand out of Stone’s grip. We stared at each other, and I had the oddest sense of Deja-vu. “I read in the paper about a girl being attacked around here a few weeks ago. All girls your age must be nervous,” Stone said smoothly. I relaxed an inch, though a tiny part of me insisted that he was only covering, and that hadn’t been what he meant. The man made me nervous. I shrugged. “People go missing all the time.” I hadn’t realized how I sounded until my voice came out. I sounded tired and resigned. Stone smirked. “Right, what’s one more? Would anyone miss you, Aria?” An incredulous laugh left me at his question. “Are you planning to abduct me, or is that your way of asking if I have a boyfriend?” A dark shadow crossed Stone’s face at the word ‘boyfriend’ and it thrilled me. Did this hot, weird stranger really fancy me? Stuff like that didn’t happen to girls like me. “I’ll take a club sandwich,” Stone said, turning his eyes to the menu to read
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Chapter Four
Aria ​​ Tonight, was a rare night off, and I made the most of it in the only way I knew how. Ice-cream and a new book. I usually cleared out the shelf at Goodwill of the cheapest used books, and romance was my favourite. The single orphan liked to read about love, friendship and found family. So, sue me. I sat out on the back deck until the insects started to eat me, then headed inside. Inside the trailer, I still slept in the same room that I had since I was child. Billy had decorated it, with all sorts of crystals, and dream catchers. When I’d been younger, it had been so lame, but now he was gone, I loved it. I flipped the pages of my book slowly at first, getting into the characters and setting, and then quicker as the romance started to heat up. It was a taboo love story, where a young actress was falling for her bodyguard, and it was steamy. I was just turning to the first, eagerly anticipated sex scene, when a sound from the living room floated to me. I stiffened, dropping
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Chapter Five
The pongs sank deep, and with barely a regret, I pressed the button in, sending sparks of electricity shotting along the wires. Clicking filled the air, and the vague, distasteful smell of burning skin. It reminded me of forgotten burger patties on the grill. I nearly gagged. The only thing that stopped me, was the unbelievable sight of the psycho who had forced his way into my trailer, told me I was his, and was clearly insane, smiling at me calmly, as volts that should have felled a giant ran into him. With utter calm, he brought a huge, powerful hand up to the wire connecting the taser prongs and the handset, and tugged them free. “Do you really think this can stop me?” he mused, sounding completely uncaring that the air literally smelled of his burning flesh. Terror like nothing I’d known before crept through me. I backed away. “What are you?” I asked. My flight or fight response was screaming at me to flee. Get out the back and make for the woods, or start banging on trailer d
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Chapter Six
Aria I blinked awake, the memory of the previous night slamming into me hard. I sat up and nearly cracked my head on a low bookshelf that hung over my bed. My bed. I was in bed? I looked around, groggy and confused. There was my dresser, and my uniform from the diner, neatly folded over a chair, just like I left it last night. There were my shoes, and my books. My cell was plugged into the charger next to the bed. Unease crawled through my veins. I searched my memory. Was it all a bad dream? The stranger in my trailer. Stone Acanthus. A tall, towering warrior in black who had told me he owned me. I touched my lips, remembering the feel of his ruthless kiss. My first one. Had I really imagined it? What about that bizarre flash of light, and the way he’d flown backward away from me as if hit by an invisible wrecking ball. I sighed, dropping my face into my hands, and letting out a groan. How embarrassing, and why the holy hell if it had been a product of a feverish, virgin imagi
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Chapter Seven
Stone My father, King of the Night Keep, taught me that those who weren’t hunters were prey. Aria Sunsong was defying that distinction with every breath she took. She was weak, in this fragile human form. I could have snapped her delicate neck in a heartbeat. Then, she had kissed me so fiercely, defied me so stubbornly, and twisted my cold, dead heart in my baren chest in a knot. I hadn’t felt this way since the last time I held her, lifetimes ago, and a world away from this one. That made Aria dangerous, in this world, or our own. Never mind her fae power, which was strong as ever, she was also dangerous in a different way. Another lesson my iron-fisted father had taught me was that emotions made a man weak. Love? The worst danger of all. Luckily, in my immortal existence, there was only one woman who had threatened to weaken me with love, and I’d finally found her. The aura of her power called to me across the dimly lit bar. I looked around, depressed to see a woman dancing o
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Chapter Eight
Aria “Aria, snap out of it and get to work,” Mona called to me, bringing me back to the present with a bump. I was jumping at every dark-haired man that wandered past. I felt like I was holding my breath, waiting for Stone to appear. I served drinks and wiped the counters, refilled the icebox, and emptied the glass washer. I moved with a special kind of rhythm that busy nights like this inspired, like I was dancing with my job, to music only I could hear, under the watching eyes of the truckers and travelers that filled the old bar. For the longest time, I’d rebelled against the idea that my life would just be this. Truck stops and strippers, sticky floors with scattered peanut shells. I’d felt above it, disdainful even. Billy hadn’t helped much. He’d seemed just as over our mundane trailer park lives as I was, and yet, he made no effort to change it. Now, as the days passed, carrying me further and further into adulthood, I knew. The ideas of having a better life were just dreams.
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Chapter Nine
“Vic?” My voice sounded weak and I hated it. Vic’s eyes roved up and down my body, and a wide, salacious grin spread across his lips like oil. “My my, you look even hotter than I’d imagined you would, and believe me, I’ve spent a lot of time imagining it,” he murmured and grinned. Pushing himself back in the booth, he spread his thighs, clad in skinny jeans, and flexed his hips, no doubt trying to draw my attention to his pathetic hard-on. “What the hell are you doing here, requesting me? You know I don’t dance,” I snapped at him. Vic laughed, and gestured to my outfit, covered tightly by my robe “And yet, here you are. If I’d known months ago that all it took to get Aria the trailer-trash prude, into sexy underwear and ready to dance for me, was $100, I’d have done it long ago.” “I – I hate you. I can’t say that about many people, but I truly mean it about you. I hate you,” I bit out. “Maybe so, but you still want the money, right? And Gus still expects you to work for it. He wou
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Chapter Ten
“Why don’t you blast him through this wall?” Stone suggested to me. I struggled to my feet. Now that Vic was choking, he’d released me. I swayed. I had one shoe on, one off, a blood river making its way down my outer thigh, and I was pretty sure both my nipples were winking at Stone. Add in the rapidly swelling jaw and what felt like a black eye; doing a private dance hadn’t been the get-rich-quick plan I’d thought it to be, only a few hours ago. “It doesn’t work like that. I can’t always…. Make it happen. I don’t make it happen at all, really,” I muttered, feeling woozy. I clung to the wall, as Stone advanced into the room. He had his eyes on me, taking in every inch, even as his concentration, and hand, was still extended to Vic. “If you never use it, of course, it won’t work reliably,” Stone muttered before his eyes fell to my leg. “You need healing.” “No, I don’t, I’m fine. I don’t like hospitals,” I said, just as Vic was released from Stone’s invisible grip. Vic sagged to the
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