Freya Rose Book Three ~ Honored By A Hunter

Freya Rose Book Three ~ Honored By A Hunter

By:  L.P. Dillon  Ongoing
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This is book three in the Freya Rose series. We pick up right where we left off in Abandoned By An Alpha.Mason had picked up Freya's wolf after being stabbed by her jealous and vindictive cousin Carmen. He's flown her back to the hunter's mansion, and is now trying his best to save her.What will await Freya when she wakes? Will Tristan and his pack still be there, eager to rip her to shreds? Or will the site of her being injured, awaken the love that Tristan once had gor Freya?Find out now...

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20 Chapters
Chapter One - Look what she's done
Evan Hart It was 6 am and I was in the middle of my all too familiar morning ritual. I'd already had my shower and gotten dressed; I then made my way down to the kitchen to make myself and Mason a cup of coffee. I used to make him breakfast too, but I gave up bothering, because he never touched it anyway. I was finishing pouring out Mason's coffee when I heard footsteps approaching from behind me.“Hey Evan, I'll have one of those if there's any going spare?” Carmen said mid-yawn, then sat down at the dining table. She was pretty polite about it, but it was too damn early for me to be dealing with her, I couldn't stand the girl. She was the whole reason why we were in this mess to begin with.It had been just under two months since she had stabbed Freya's wolf with her silver hunting knife. She had managed to play the innocent card with most of the other hunters, but her horse shit didn't wash with
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Chapter Two - Freya, you're awake
Mason Hart Evan and I quickly followed Brad and Trent out towards the purpose-built holding cells in the woods. It was a brick and steal built building nestled within the trees. We slowed down as we approached the building and I noticed that the security door was open slightly. I looked down towards the floor to see what was stopping the door from closing, disturbingly it was crushing one of the dead guard's hands. I could tell the door had tried to slam shut with some force, because the guy's hand was almost sliced in half. I cautiously stepped over the pool of blood and tugged on the heavy door. As I pulled it open, the guards mangled hand fell apart onto the floor. With the door now open, I could see the full extent of what Finn had done to the poor guy. Scanning over his torn-up body, I couldn't even recognize him. His face was completely gone, left in its place was just mangled crimson flesh and veins. 
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Chapter Three - This is all your fault
Freya Rose I laid there keeping my eyes firmly closed as I heard the commotion unfolding right beside me. I listened carefully and tried to figure out what was going on. I could hear a man grunting and groaning as if he was fighting someone. Then I heard a wolf snarling and growling, and it sent me into a panic. I didn't know any other wolves apart from the Jasper pack, and they had been sent to kill me, so I didn't want whoever was there to realize that I was awake. The last thing I could remember was being in agony as I shifted into my wolf form for the first time.I guess I must have passed out after I shifted. It was weird though. I couldn't smell the woods or trees and I couldn't feel the breeze or hear the birds. It felt like I was inside. But, inside of what? I didn't know exactly. I was curious but I still couldn't build up the confidence enough to open my eyes.I listened as the man's nois
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Chapter Four - She is my Fianna
Freya Rose I turned away from Mason and slid down the door towards the floor. Now sat on the cold concrete ground, I rested my head back against the glass door of the cell. Finn sat in the corner of the cell and Stevie sat up against the glass of her own cell next to him. They both looked at me with sorrow in their eyes. I glanced down at the floor and asked softly,“What happened?” I waited silently for an answer. I heard Mason sigh then slide down to the floor himself. Even through the glass of the cell door, I could feel the magnetic pull of Mason's body, and even though I was furious with him for locking me in here, I still felt safe and protected with him around. I sat there and focused all of my attention on Mason as he began to tell me what had happened.“When Tristan's pack attacked us, myself, your dad and a small group of hunters went searching for you in the woods. We s
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Chapter Five - Are you challenging me pup?
Freya Rose I wanted desperately to run over to Mason and check if he was alright, but I knew if I didn't act fast Stevie would be killed for sure. This time Finn didn't react at all to my order for him to stop. The only reason I could think of was that earlier when I screamed at him to get off of Mason, I wasn't ascended, and now I was. So, I descended as quickly as I could. Finn was only seconds away from reaching Stevie, who was now huddled in the corner of the room shaking like a leaf.“FINN NO!” I bellowed as soon as I'd descended.His wolf stopped dead in its tracks just like it had earlier, but this time it repeatedly shook it's head as if trying to fight against my orders. Finnley mind linked me in a panic,“Freya! Please help me,” his voice was so frantic, it was the plea of a desperate man.“I'm trying to hold him back, but he's too strong for me
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Chapter Six - I'm not your Fionn
Freya Rose I marched across the grass with my head held high, as I prepared to face my fate. Although my body screamed strength and power, my eyes betrayed me as a steady stream of burning hot tears fell from them and slid down my flushed cheeks. I stopped in the middle of the field between the cabin and the woods, and scrunched my toes into the blades of soft grass beneath me, savoring the tickle that each blade left upon my feet. I closed my eyes as the cool breeze gently stroked my face and swept through my hair. I inhaled deeply taking in the fresh scent of the trees that was carried along on the wind as it hurried past me. I then aggressively threw my arms out and shot open my eyes, letting out my full power as I screeched up into the sky and ascended. With my magnificent wings fanned out, I levitated into the air. I then screeched even louder, and my body began to shake when it became engulfed
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Chapter Seven - We're just friends
Freya Rose Our first night together as Fianna and Fennid was glorious. It was more than just sex; it was intense and mind-blowing. The magnetic connection that we shared was out of this world. The electrical sparks and heat between us, just pushed every single feeling and touch into overdrive. We even burst into flames a couple of times and damn near burned the cabin down. I even think I heard the smoke alarm go off at one point. The bright sun shone through the gaps in the drapes and gently woke me from my slumber. I let out a little moan as I stretched my arms up into the air. It was a great stretch, you know like one of those stretches that feels almost orgasmic, well it was that good. I finished my epic stretch off with a loud and obvious yawn, I was hoping to wake Mason accidentally on purpose. I mean I didn't want to seem desperate or anything but, well, you know, a girls got needs. I wanted t
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Chapter Eight - You like what you see?
Freya Rose Mason did a pretty good job of taking my mind off of the weird way that Evan had acted after I fell on him, butt naked. But now that Mason was in the bathroom, doing God knows what, my mind began to obsess again. I mean what the fuck was that look all about? And that wink, what was that? Like I know Evan and I flirt a bit, and he did yank down his pants and show me his penis that one time, but I just thought it was some harmless fun. When did it become something more in his eyes? Or was I just overreacting? Maybe he was winding me up or something? YEAH! Yeah, that definitely sounds like something Evan would do. Make me all paranoid about him being into me, then take the piss out of me for it, and be all like, ‘So you've been lying in bed thinking about me have ya Angel cakes?’ Then make it look like it's me that has a crush on him just to wind up Mason. Oh, I bet that's his ga
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Chapter Nine - Do I want this?
Freya Rose I was having a blast at my Fionn welcome party. The drink was still flowing, music booming, and the party games were in full swing. Mason and Evan were playing beer pong again, and the testosterone was thick in the air. God those boys are competitive, I thought as I watched Mason hurl the little ping-pong ball through the air.“Boom!” He yelled out and fist-pumped the air as the ball landed in one of Evan's cups with a splash. I giggled as he shot me a wink, and Evan groaned at having to chug yet another beer. “Don't get too excited dude. My turn!” Evan shouted across the table. Evan turned his back to the table and threw the ball over his shoulder. No way he's gonna get that in, I thought to myself. The crowd went wild as the ball circled the rim of the cup then splashed into the beer.“No way!” I shouted in amazement.
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Chapter Ten - Round two?
Freya Rose I reached my hand behind me and ran my fingers through Evan's hair as he softly kissed my neck. My mind began to wonder, I couldn't believe I was actually doing this. I suddenly realized that Mason and I were surrounded by flames, how the hell was Evan kissing my neck? How was his face not melting off? I stopped kissing Mason and looked around to see if Evan's face was still intact. I gasped as I saw that Evan was now engulfed in flames too. Sensing my body tense up, Evan pulled away from me and Mason lowered me to the floor. I turned to face Evan, he grinned and said to me,“It's cool right!” He was so proud of his new flames; he even did a little twirl. I giggled at his silliness then asked him,“Are you a Phoenix too?” He looked at me and shook his head. I watched as his flames began to fade, his face dropped,
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