The Serial Bachelor: Finding Love

The Serial Bachelor: Finding Love

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Why would a guy like Alec Johnson participate in the TV show The Bachelor? True, he's not married, but that doesn't he does not have a wife. In fact, he has just about every woman in town exactly where he wants them... In his sheets. Completely surrendered to his touch. The only thing is, for some time now Alec has felt something missing from all these adventures. And maybe, just maybe the TV show will help. That's according to his sister and the Reverend's daughter Mia, anyway. It's because of those two, that he is stuck waiting for the film crew to show up. Soon Alec will have ten girls helping him to figure out what it is his life needs.

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    16 chapters
    Chapter 1
    Finally! Friday, Alec thinks as he sits on the patio watching the sunset over the countryside. He came outside to clear his mind, but it was no use. The loneliness is eating away at him. His heart feels lost. And when he spots a pair of deer a few yards away going at it, the stag shivering with ecstasy, he cannot help to think: "Lucky devils." It doesn't take long for his mind to start wandering. He starts to think of Anne, and immediately his lower body comes to life. Their time together was short. Far too short ... They met on a dating site. Thinking back now, he realizes that his need for someone special in his life is precisely what led him to try dating sites. Alec would not call his time with Anne a relationship, but rather a short-lived sex adventure, And it was fantastic! She is a teacher in a nearby town. She is 14 years his senior, divorced, and loved to use him as her own personal boy toy.
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    Chapter 2
    One afternoon after his gym session Alec took Mia out for dinner, without Reverend Evans' knowledge of course. During dinner, he used all his charm and started telling Mia all about life on the Ranch and his adventures. He listened intently as she told him about her patients and the injuries she has treated and when the opportunity arose, he asked her if she has ever kissed a guy and when she shook her head, Alec made sure not to make a big deal of it. After their third glass of wine, Mia allowed him to kiss her, her lips were full and soft. Her breath hitched, her breasts began to swell, and he knew she craved intimacy. After eating, Alec walked Mia to her car. She allowed him to kiss her again, this time he pressed his whole body against hers. She tried to pull her lower half away, but he pressed her against the car and deepened the kiss, causing her to gasp for air. He felt her body relax against his, she tightened her grip on him, fully surrendering, and again he could feel
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    Chapter 3
    Three months have passed and Mia has not spoken to Alec since that night in the parking lot. Alec, on the other hand, could not forget her seductive curves and her soft lips. He has developed an obsession with making love to her. If anything, this past Sunday was proof of that; Just as Alec was about to sit down in his regular spot at Church, a familiar perfume scent caught his attention. He looked to his left and saw it was Mia. Surprised, he greeted her and they both took their seats. The moment Alec sat down next to Mia, he was rock hard. His thoughts immediately shot back to that day in the parking lot. His restless streak made him put his hand on her leg. Her leg was beautiful and felt velvety soft under his fingers, he began to gently caress it. He rested his hand between her thighs and felt her body tense. Reverend Evans began with his announcements and informed the congregation that he was going on leave for three weeks and that a temp would take over whilst he is away.
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    Chapter 4
    Alec slowly gets up from the chair he has been sitting on. The sun has set and he needs to start preparing. He also had to put some thought into how he will keep himself from misbehaving. Mia made it clear. She will be coming in her own car, should he get too handsy, and riled up she can leave. The house is spotless with a sweet lavender aroma filling the air. In anticipation of Mia’s visit, Alec asked the maids to scrub every inch of the house. Before taking a shower, he decides to catch up on the latest sports highlights, he takes a beer from the fridge and makes himself comfortable on the couch. Alec enjoys watching television. He watched the previous season of The Bachelor with Anne but swore never again. It was their special thing. His sister, Kate, use to nag him to apply to be on the show, she even brought him the application details. But he just couldn't do it, so he tore it up. She was furious. If there's one thing Alec knows he cannot do, it is acting. After finish
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    Chapter 5
    He quickly slips into his room. His heart thumped in his chest. This was not the same Mia, where’s the shy quiet girl from three months ago? He combs his hair and puts on some slacks and a T-shirt before making his way to the lounge. “Come on, let me show you to your bedroom,” he says and starts walking ahead. He leaves her in the room to settle in, and walks to the large patio and bar area, checking on the Jacuzzi temperature he decides to fire up the grill. After half an hour, Mia comes walking in. She looks breathtaking in a strapless blouse and denim shorts. Oh god…. If her dad had to see her now. “Red or White?” he asks holding out two wine glasses “Red, of course,” she says giving him a side glance. “I saw Kate last night," “And I think we both feel the same about you, your...Uhm… lifestyle I mean.” Alec stops pouring wine and puts the bottle down next to the glasses. He’s not sure whether to be proud or annoyed at the fact that his sister discusses him with girls.
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    Chapter 6
    Mia is wearing a red bra and matching G-string. It's as if she's teasing and testing him to see if he's able to control himself. As she climbs into the jacuzzi, he fills their glasses. His erection just won’t settle, leaving him very uncomfortable. He quickly takes off his shirt and climbs in. Mia looks at his erection without shame. "Will you ever be able to stay faithful to one woman Alec?" she asked. "Let me tell you my secret Mia. No one, not even Kate or any of my family knows about it." She looked at him wide-eyed. " A few years back, when I was still in college I fell in love with a girl," he says. "Not just in love, but head over heels in love. Her name was Julia. Trust me, I was still a virgin when I went to college. I use to be steadfast in my beliefs, just like my parents raised me, besides, there were no opportunities and I thought I would stay celibate until I found my true love. Julia was my dream girl. It went great for about eight months and I thought that s
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    Chapter 7
    They just sat there in silence, until her bare ass on his lap pulled him back to reality. "Why don't you apply to be on The Bachelor?" she asked. "It's really going to give your life perspective again. The things you’ll be exposed to will allow you to be set free from the past and start a new life." her eyes rest anxiously on him. "It's just a suggestion. Kate and I will help you with your choices and assist you in any way we can. It’ll be great and maybe you'll find the girl of your dreams, someone who knows nothing about your reputation" But you need to stop screwing up your life by screwing all those women you need to put them out of your mind. " she says almost laughing "Wow, wait a minute," he replies. "Don't count your chickens before they’ve hatched. They may not choose me; besides, I don’t even know how the process works. " Mia puts her finger against his lips and shakes her head. "Tomorrow we’ll find the entry form online. You just need to get picked. Trust us, we’ll
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    Chapter 8
    Alec awakes to the sweet sound of birds singing. With Mia lying naked in his arms his thoughts wander to the previous night’s adventures. He taught Mia all about sex without sex. He completely outdid himself with lessons in fore- and afterplay. He felt proud thinking back to how shamelessly Mia enjoyed the way he kissed, caressed, and massaged every inch of her body. He could still feel, taste, and see every inch of her as if he was reliving it! After last night Alec was sure he had feelings for Mia, but with her background, her strong personality, and steadfast principles .... and of course not to mention her old man! There was just no way it would work. Besides, he knows she would make a wonderful wife to any man capable of winning her over. After a while of just listening to her breathing, he takes her left breast into his hand whilst softly tugging at her nipples he places small kisses on her shoulder, causing her to wake up. Still, in his arms, she turns
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    Chapter 9
    It was just after eight in the morning when they came to their senses again.They decided to make coffee and take a dip in the Jacuzzi.They walk naked through the house, Alec's member still rock hard, swinging around uncontrollably as he makes his way to the Kitchen, making him feel a little self-conscious.Many girls have complained, saying he is too big or he hurts them.He is surprised that Mia is not uncomfortable, or feeling the need to cover up. Her perfect buttocks and hips swing invitingly as she walks ahead of him, making things even worse."Does your penis ever ... you now deflate?" she asked laughing. "You've had an erection since I arrived."In the kitchen she tightly grabs onto his penis, giving it a hug."It's your fault, you know." he mocks.
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    Chapter 10
    It is a lovely day outside.They decided to go horse riding, and then to take the quad bike and go to the waterfall and swimming hole to have a picnic.Alec enjoys her company.He just can't believe it's the same girl, she's always been known as quiet and withdrawn. Men in the gym used to joke saying if she ever saw a penis, she would cover it with rocks and call the police.They climb out of the jacuzzi and start drying each other off.She grabs his still fully erect penis and starts to dry it off."Are we playing a dangerous game Alec?" she looks up at him, her light blue eyes are bigEmotion overcomes him, he grabs her and presses her tight against his chest.She slowly pushes away. "I have great respect for you, for keeping your promises," she says. "I know it must be very difficult." her mouth is against his and she gives him a light kiss."I had to test you, to see if you would respect a woman's wishes, even if she said no."She turns her back to him giving him access to dry her
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