His Mate His Sex Slave

His Mate His Sex Slave

By:  Simrah Saeed  Completed
Language: English
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" Strip " He commanded loathly. His voice cold as ice! Daciana's amber eyes stared at him in mortal terror. Terrified, scared and petrified. " I hate repeating myself female, undress yourself " he added icily. Daciana forced back the tears that threatened to fall. She has never seen a raw hatred for her in any wolf's eyes than she is seeing in Alpha Connor's eyes. Fear slid through her, her hand trembled as she undress herself. Her eyes sting with tears . He walked closer to her and ripped her top into pieces exposing her firm leaving her fully . Lust, desire and hatred filled his eyes. " Get on the bed, lie on your back, spread your legs wide and face up " Her legs warbled on the floor taking herself to the bed. No amount of tears will stop him from hurting her. Again, she did as instructed preparing her mind for what is to come. She heard riffles of clothes tearing and soon, she felt him between her legs. She stiffened at his touch! His touch were as cold as his eyes. His rub her legs as if looking for something. She could hear him growl, his big muscular body blanketed hers. His laboured breath burned her neck. Finally, he found the hole he was looking for and with no warning, he into her aggressively. For the first time in a long time, Alpha Connor half shift into his rouge. He allowed his beast take over completely. He is not promising not to hurt her. He excessively pinned her down, his rouge snarled, his thrusts into her became harder just the way his eyes morphed into different dark colours. She is his mate yet, his hatred for her is raw and deep. The Alpha king's tower was silent, only the painful screams of a female and the loud snarl of the Alpha was heard in the tower.

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61 chapters
full moon
August 2016...." Are you still hesitant about it?" The Omega asked the already furious wolf clearly smirking in satisfaction and ridicule. The young wolf growled, it's claws slapping the floor roaring in pure exasperation. With it's fangs elongated, it wish to kill the whole people in the room. It's cougar wag it tail fully enraged but the wolf was too weak from the touch of silvers he was surrounded with. Silvers are deadly weapons to the wolves, it is one of their weaknesses. It kills and weaken them faster than any other weapon. The fastest way to kill wolves is by using silver.The wolf howled painfully, a petite figure laid lifelessly on the floor, it was the wolf's only brother. Trying to transform into human, it half shift, a part of his body became human and the other was in wolf form. " Are you not tired of this torture? You've lost every of your family members and you still won't give up the Alpha position? Save yourself from dying a painful death young pup " The ot
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Alpha Connor sat on his king chair, his blue eyes focused on nothing. he is very masculine, handsome, scary yet, he commands attention with his confidence and magnetism. He looks domineering with a scowl on his face. Alpha Connor's giant ego made him look like the king he is. He is fierce and very aggressive when need be. He might loathe the Omegas so much but that doesn't stop him from being a good leader, he is the type of king every pack wishes to have and envy. What he went through in the hands of the Omegas can never surpass his hatred for them. Revenge! That's the only thing the Alpha king wants from the Omegas. Nothing can ever stop him from being wrathful towards them. They are all the same, full of lies and deceit. The full moon is tomorrow and he can't wait to satisfy his hunger. He is long over due for sex. His cougar wagged it's tail excitedly. Excited that they will feed from the Omegas that tortured it. His rouge roared in his head. Alpha Connor let out a sin
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her Cries
It has been a hassle day for the Omegas. They have been thick tension within the place, the day they all dreaded already sundown. It is the evening of the full moon and their Alpha king is either here or on his way. The breeze clattered, as much as everyone was feeling atrocious, they did not want to arrive at the designated place before the Alpha king. The fear of their king is generally embedded in them. He is the Alpha of death, the death of the Omegas.Everyone prayed silently within them not to die by his hands today. Daciana bit her lips nervously with Okie glued to her side. Okie is just ten years old, Daciana wish she could hide the girl from what was about to happen. She knew how she felt during her first time of meeting Alpha king Connor, this very place years ago. She is apprehensive just like the rest of them. Being a slave is already exhausting, she imagined the scenario of her being a victim. How will she cope with pain before death? Daciana has heard a lot of
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Alpha and his slave
Daciana sat motionlessly, her hands wrapped tightly around her body, her tears flowing down on their own accords. She was still naked, only the heavy bedsheets shaded her from the unclad eyes of the walls in the room she was kept. Alpha Connor left her after inflicting pains on her. She wondered how she will be able to bare this for long. Daciana felt helpless in this situation, she feel sore, all her body hurt! Looking down at herself, it scare her a lot that she didn't heal up. Does the Alpha King has a hand in this? It is a tradition that wolves heal up after any injury but why is it different now? Why is she feeling more pain than ever? She couldn't tell why the Alpha King hates her so much. Just because she is an Omega? The event of what happened earlier flashed in her mind, it made her shiver which brought her more pain. Daciana doesn't want to experience that kind of brutal sex ever again but can she ever escape it? She has always been brave and handled every situat
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slave quarters
Daciana bit her lips anxiously gritting her teeth while soaking up the anger and tears. Slowly, she began removing her underthings. Her hands curled up wrapping her body after she undressed herself. A sudden cold enveloped her naked body. Alpha Connor's eyes fixated on her with so much desires swimming in them. Cold. His eyes were still as cold as they were earlier. Nothing changed, he didn't try to hide his hatred for her but he did well by hiding his other emotions from her. That of possessiveness, so much lust and to claim her his. He grunted stretching his hands and mauling her to the bed. Daciana fell on the bed with a loud thud. Startled, she let out a small whimper. Overthrown with fright, she stared at his icy gaze piercing into her. He grabbed her thighs, his fingers painfully digging into her skin. He climbed on top of her, his big muscular body covering her small figure. Breathing hard, Alpha Connor pulled her hair which made her release an excruciating scream.
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His petite female
Lynne took Daciana to the slave quarters respectfully walking beside her. With the Alpha's scent dripping from her body, everyone knows she's the Luna.It left a lot of people in the tower flabbergasted as to why she had to be an Omega. Wolves can be mated to any of their species, there is no doubt about it but then, there's none that is not aware of Alpha Connor's deep hatred for Omegas.A few of the maids bowed to Daciana while some stared pitifully at her. They knows the Alpha will hate her and an example of that is letting his Luna stay in the slave quarters, not in the history of the existence of the wolves has that been heard. But will he allow his monster take over completely and destroy his mate? Both Daciana and Lynne stopped by a room, Lynne let the door opened as they entered. Daciana frantically looked around the small room, it's very small but it will be enough for her to lay her head. She's more grateful Alpha Connor considered giving her a room, it doesn't matter
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pain and pleasure
Daciana laid peacefully on the bed, her beautiful eyelids were closed. Dolphus paused the moment he entered into her room, the sight before him wasn't one to be woken up from sleep. She looks beautiful even while she's sleeping, her long lashes covered a good amount of her upper face. A strand of her hair fell on her right cheek as her even breath rose up and down her chest. Dolphus bowed his head that moment the thought of checking out the Luna niggled at him. Alpha Connor won't spare him even if he's his right hand man. She is still his mate no matter how much the hatred he has for her is, that's the more reason he can't stay away from her. Dolphus stepped closer into the room contemplating on either to wake her up or just let her sleep. The female looks so worn out, she keeps sighing tiredly in her sleep. But on a second thought, Alpha Connor told him to return with her. It is very necessary because he needs her for the night. Dolphus won't risk the Alpha's hunger gettin
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Weak female
The Alpha's tower quieted down due to the settling down of the sun. Everyone moved towards their quarters and rooms to lay for the night, they needed to sleep the stress gotten during the day off. No one was aware of what was happening in the Alpha's quarters until they heard a painful female scream. The wolves in the tower shook their heads. Some in sympathy and others were trying to get used to hearing the screams. It has become a tradition since the Omega Luna was brought into the Alpha's tower. They could only imagine how beastly Alpha Connor was treating her to warrant those loud screams. A good number of them wish they could do something about it. Some of the maids that hates Omegas for no reason were excited about Daciana being severely punished in a deathly way,While some thought of the possibilities of her being saved in the future. She is Alpha Connor's mate, everyone of his subjects here in the ocean pack knows of his monstrous ways but then, the female is his mate
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the mines
Alpha Connor stopped pushing himself into Daciana. He observed the small figure under him only to see that she already passed out. He let out a dry humorous laugh standing up from her lifeless body. Such a weakling, she couldn't even stay awake for an hour. How can such person be his mate? She is too fragile for his brutal self. Alpha Connor wouldn't stop blaming the moon goddess for this, if only she didn't pair them wrongly, he definitely wouldn't have someone passed out on him while having sex with her. Some of those hags he has been with are more stronger than his said mate. It seems she is really not prepared for him. As he came down from her body, he took a glance at the female. She looks pale like she haven't eaten in days. Her beautiful face were all red, her dried tears left their marks on her face. She was still in the position the Alpha king asked her to be long ago, the only difference was that her face was no longer buried into the pillow With one last glance,
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Dean's pack
Daciana walked behind Lynne, they were both going to where the mines are in the tower. She just had her breakfast, wolves naturally has a huge appetite but she couldn't explain why she wasn't able to eat much. Maybe it's because she is not very hungry. Daciana walked with her head up high, even as a slave, she carried herself with dignity. The slave uniform fitted perfectly on her body, aside that it was short. It looks like the dress was made just for her. It hugs her curvy body but not that too much of exposure then, the people will still see how curvy she is by mere looking at her. Her beautiful spotless face made some females envy her, her skin looks flawless.That got some wolves wondering if she wasn't the same person screaming in pain just yesterday. She looks just fine and even glowing or is she masking her feelings? She doesn't look like someone in pain or someone in grievance. She looks anything but that. On their way, she became a subject of stares, some bowed and
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