Luca's Inferno

Luca's Inferno

By:  Karima Sa'ad Usman  Completed
Language: English
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"This is all wrong, Emma; you and I do not fit in the same world. Fate has played a cruel joke on you by tying you to me. There is no place for an angel in my hell," Luca Alessandro. "The universe did not prepare me for this, but my heart is stronger than you think Luca; we will rule this hell together, side by side as equals", Emma Wyatt. ____________ Emma Wyatt was a simple Omega wolf from a low family in her pack. She had four brothers, a sick mother and a father with a gambling problem. Her life wasn't pleasant, especially when everyone was above her. Her dream world was her escape. In that world, she met a man, perfect in every way. She spent time with him giving her joy and sanity the real world couldn't afford her. She kept a journal of these dreams as it was her escape from reality. Soon her reality becomes hell, and she finds the man in her dreams in this hell. Little did she know he ruled it.

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88 Chapters
01 In A Dream
Thank you for daring to read this book. I hope to communicate with my dear readers in the comment section. I am Dedicating the work to my kind and steadfast Editor, Rosa, for keeping me on my toes, LOL, and my awesome readers, that have read most of my books and left tons of comments making the writing journey encouraging and fun. I hope to go on another adventure with you guys on this one. I hope you enjoy the story and the adventure it will bring. xxx ______________________________________________ Emma. "Don't forget about me, Emma," Declan told me, and I woke up from my sleep again, panting. I had dreamt about Declan for three years. I kept a journal and wondered about the tricks my mind was playing. Was it real or a figment of my imagination? My real life was trash. Being from a low family in a pack was difficult because I had to be submissive every time. It was in my nature, and I hated it. Most of the time, I'd walk away from problems to avoid being rude or offensive. It
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02 Not In your Dreams
Emma. Still going through the motions, I stayed fixed, staring at the invite. This was cruelty. Why would Tomas do this to me? I did not deserve this kind of treatment. I had been nothing but kind to him. I never asked for much. I gave him his respect regardless, and I never cheated. My dreams had nothing to do with my reality. Tomas had my heart, and he broke it. Did he not value my love? Did he not think of me? Why would he do such a thing? I stared at the invite; angry and confused tears streamed down my face. I contemplated going to his house and confronting him. I was an Omega, which gave me limits, but I needed to know. Was his family forcing him to do this, or was it all him? I knew getting back with him would be impossible; the Alpha's daughter was premium compared to me. Veronica was a beauty, an alpha breed and had the family name to back her up. I was pretty but an omega and my father had gambled us into the gutters. I looked at Tevin, and his eyes were filled with emotion
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03 Going Through The Motions
Emma. I got home in tears. I could not believe what had just happened. The words Tomas used were heartless and cruel. I knew my father was the reason for all our predicaments, but Tomas had no right to use his shortcomings like that. His words and behaviour were wicked. Not breaking up with me wasn't cowardice on his part, as I had implied. He did not feel I was relevant. He did not see me as a person. I was a werewolf just like him. I couldn't fight and kickass, but I was educated and had prospects if given an opportunity. The only difference was that I had a father that made poor decisions that landed us in the hole. While he came from a lineage of rich people with strong connections, my family had nothing. No money, no contacts and no power. Our breeds were worlds apart, but he wasn't better than me. Tomas had hurt me in the worst way possible. I could not believe he was the same man that used to spend time with me. He used to tell me he loved me and did not care what the world sa
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04 A Nasty Offer
Emma. The wedding came. It was hard being there, but I had no choice. The Beta and Alpha family spent a lot of money organising the wedding. I could understand why they would want to celebrate it in grand style. The marriage signified the union of our pack's two most powerful families. The way it seemed, Tomas would easily be the next Alpha. I doubted he had the authority and command to lead. Still, since Alpha Gibson did not have a son and women were not allowed to lead, the burden fell on Tomas, which was why I believed the match was made in the first place. Veronica looked over the moon about it, and from what I gathered, Tomas was her boyfriend long before we met. They ended things when she travelled. I was his pastime. He knew the relationship wouldn't get anywhere, but he led me on. I was mad, and I honestly did not wish them well. I prayed their lives would be filled with bitterness and regrets. My entire family was made to sit at the back of the hall. Our table had the leas
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05 When Fantasy Meets Reality
Emma. ONE MONTH LATER. A restaurant finally reached out to me and said they had a free spot. I visited them a few months ago, and they were fully staffed then. The manager promised to call me when they needed help, and I doubted it would happen. I guess I was wrong. They told me I could come for the interview on Monday or Wednesday. The salary they were offering was decent. I told my brother about it, and Tevin gave me money to use the bus instead of walking. I was so excited and thanked him. I was too eager for the job and decided I would go there on Monday. I called Heather using the pay phone and told her about it. She was so happy. She offered to bring me money for transportation, but I told her not to bother that my brother had taken care of it. I knew she was happy for me. I woke up very early the next morning, excited about the interview. They called me and offered me the Book Keeper's position which meant I had gotten it. I just had to find a way to make sure my pack's Alpha
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06 Enslaved To Pay
Emma. THREE MONTHS LATER. "Did you miss me," Declan said, pouring me a glass of wine? We were in a fancy restaurant, and I was wearing a short black lace dress. He looked handsome in his white shirt and his hair slick back. It was another dream, and I loved it. A glorious escape from my reality of work and mob assaults on my family members brought upon us by my dear daddy. "Do you want to talk about your day?" he asked, and I nodded, lifting the wine glass. I took a sip, and it didn't taste like wine. It was scented like lavender and tasted like honey, and I wasn't surprised. It was a dream, after all. "Work was hectic today. I had a lot of entries to make." I said, and he nodded and held my hand. "You are special, Emma, a part of my soul," he said, ignoring everything I had just told him, but it was alright. I was dreaming, and things weren't always going to happen as I had hoped. "A part of your soul?" I asked, and he nodded with a smile. "I am still searching for you," he sai
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07 By Chance Part 1
Emma. It had finally happened to us. What we all dreaded for years had finally happened. My father had failed us in every way. We sat in chains at the back of the van, dreading what awaited us. My mother and I wept. I knew Tomas couldn't save us anymore when they clamped the silver on my wrist. Beggers couldn't be choosers, really. I should have taken Tomas's offer. It had literally come in the morning. If I had said yes, this wouldn't have happened. Now I did not know what to do. No one ever gets freed, especially omegas. Once we find ourselves in the underworld service, we can never come out. We are as good as slaves. I did not know if they would keep us together or apart. I feard for my fate and my brothers'. We were physically appealing; they might use us for the pleasure service. Being Tomas's mistress was better than this. The van finally stopped, and we were ushered out. They led us into a tall building still in chains. We used the elevator to the floor they were taking us
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08 By Chance Part 2
Emma. I was led into a VVIP lounge with only Tomas there. The moment I stepped in, he came to hug me. I cringed at his touch, but I had no choice. "I hope they are treating you right?" He said, and I nodded. There was no point telling him what was really happening in the place. We suffered everything except for the beating. No one touched us with silver whips, thanks to Tomas's arrangement with them. "Come sit next to me," he said, sitting on a couch. We were not allowed to sit on the customer's couches, so I shook my head and remained standing. "Forget about the rules, Emma. You are exempted when you are with me," he said, and I reluctantly went to sit with him. Tomas played with my hair and kissed me on my lips, then breathed in my scent. "I am sorry I did not move quickly. I do not know why my phone was switched off. I placed it on the table at home and found it switched off when I returned. I am sorry, Emma," he said, sounding genuinely broken. Then he held my hand and kissed
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09 Damsel In Distress
Luca. Emma's scent had stayed with me since the day I kissed her at Alpha Gibson's doorstep. Although I had done it to save her from the embarrassment, it had stuck with me. She was sweet and helpful when I met her. She tried to strike up a conversation with me all through the bus ride, but I was undercover and needed to be inconspicuous. That was why I ignored her, but she was amusing. How she kept staring at me when she thought I wasn't looking was intriguing. She would often look away so I wouldn't catch her staring. As much as I wanted to get up and sit elsewhere, her scent filled my senses and gave me a calming peace. She seemed a bit timid and reserved, and I figured her Omega nature was the cause of it. From how we interacted, I noticed she tried to conquer that side of her and be daring once in a while. She was full of life and highly optimistic. The Emma I saw now is the complete opposite of the one I met on the bus. What must have happened that landed her into slavery? I k
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10 Transitioning
Emma. I could not believe what had just happened. Declan's look-alike, Luca, was a mob boss, and he had just paid four million Leer for my sake. I was stunned. Ashley and I walked through the hallway. We tried the service elevator, and when it did not come, we took the stairs. "What did you do to have that man go crazy?" Ashley asked me with a tinge of jealousy in her voice, and I could not answer because I, too, was in disbelief. "A marriage, Emma. Do you know who that man is?" She said, and I was still tongue-tied. "He is the Alpha of Alphas, the freaking boss of all bosses. What the hell?" She said, sounding angry and scornful but being careful not to piss me off; after all, I was going to be the wife of this very man she was talking about and seeing how he took me from Don Marcelo, it was clear I wasn't to be toyed with. I smiled inwardly, remembering he had said something similar to Declan. He had said, Lavender and Honey. A weird combination that could not be mentioned by c
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