The Night Angel

The Night Angel

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After being taken away from her family at a very young age, and trained to become a ruthless assassin Katherine had spent years, killing, and murdering people for money. Until one assignment changed her life completely. She had being paid a million dollars to murder the whole family of a mafia boss, which she did...however she left one tiny detail. Which was the Mafia boss's first son, Matt. Few weeks later Katherine meets Matt in College, and they become friends...the friendship turns into a sizzling relationship and Katherine was already willing to let go of her lifestyle for Matt. Until he discovers that she was the one that murdered his entire family. Infuriated at this discovery, Matt arrests Katherine, but her Mob ambushes the prison and releases her. After a conversation with her friends, she set out to look for Matt to apologize, and also let him know that she was carrying his child which she discovered while in prison. But her boss had found out who Matt was, and before she could get to him, he was already murdered. Now convinced that happiness wasn't for her because of the lifestyle she chose, Katherine escapes the Mob and builds a life of her own in a far away island, isolated..where no one could find her... But could she hide from the Mob? Few months later she gave birth to a girl, and in a few weeks she was found and her daughter taken away from her and murdered. With Rage, Katherine seeks revenge for the demise of her daughter, .. because she knew she would never find peace till she puts an end to the Mob, and she was determined to do that. Will Katherine eventually find her happily ever after?

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    6 chapters
    The Night Angel: Chapter 1
    The last thing I remembered about my biological family was laughter. That was it....Laughter from different people. I can't remember what they looked like, not even their names and I don't even care to know why.My name is Katherine Hallway, known as The Sniper in the mob and I'm a killer.That is what I know how to do best... killing,.. and I enjoyed doing it, not just because of the rich pay attached of course. There's just this thrill that comes with seeing people take their last breaths.How did I turn this way?I'm sure I was once a little happy girl with a happy least I hope so since I can't even remember that.My whole memories started from the Mob.That was my family, where I learnt everything I knew..where I was taught how to survive in this cruel world_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _"This life is a war. Survival of the fittest. Only the strong survive and prevail, while the weak just become the it's your choice. Do you want to be the predator or the Prey?"
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    The Night Angel: Chapter 2
    July 2015"What do you think she wants us for?" Stacie asked as she jumped into my bed, grabbing one of my daggers from under my pillow."Who knows?" Chelsea, the oldest amongst us, replied from her bed above mine.It's been almost five years of intense training and also years of bonding with my only friends, my teammates. After the day we had selected our weapons at the beach, the five of us had stuck together as a team. Practicing and doing everything with each other, and I've grown to really love them all.Chelsea who is also called Arrows in the mob was my personal favorite because of her enthusiastic personality. She was the eldest and also the most beautiful one out of us all, with blond hair, big brown eyes, 5'6 inch tall and a shape to die for. She has a nice body and knows how to use it to get what she wants.And she was also exceptionally good with bows and arrows, though we all know how to use every weapon we come across, but each one of us has our own specialty.Then there
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    The Night Angel: Chapter 3
    Back in the cell, sounds of cries could be heard around us. Girls were weeping, hugging each other while some of the boys consoled them.I pulled out one of my daggers from my boot and held it up, staring at it deep in thought.What exactly are these soldiers gonna be like? I need to survive and my team will too.Where will this fight be? What are their weapons gonna strong are they? How exactly do we win them?"I don't get it. This doesn't make any sense" Stacie has been pacing our room shaking her head. "So kidnap us, make us suffer for years in the name of training us...only to have us all murdered? What kind of a psychotic bitch does that?She asked and stopped her pace to stare at me."Not exactly all of us Sunshine. Five of us has to survive" Henry chipped in"That's just as good as getting us all killed!" Josie exploded and I had to smile. Josie has a temper."Like....what's even the point? We don't even know how ruthless these men are gonna be. So the five of us has t
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    The Night Angel: Chapter 4
    "Kill or be killed. Hunt or be hunted. You are either a predator or a prey" Madam E _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Two days before the deadly day, and we haven't gotten any sleep. Not just the five of us, but everyone was training seriously day and night. There were no more laughter and jokes.. Why would you laugh when you spend every minute thinking that you might end up dead in the next few days. Because the truth was that no matter how hard we all train, all of us still won't survive....some have to go. After many hours of throwing daggers and shooting guns, I just sat under a palm tree watching Chelsea shoot her arrows. She has a great target and she's the best when it comes to using the arrows... and the fastest too. "Have some water daggers" I looked up and saw Henry standing beside me with a bottle of water. I didn't even notice him coming over.... "Thanks but I'm not thirsty" I replied, and he covered the bottle before sitting down beside me. "You smell nice" I whispered
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    The Night Angel: Chapter 5
    "FEAR....."_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _For the first time since Madam E talked about this mass assassination assignment, I'm totally scared. Scared to the very core and I know that Chelsea and the rest notice it, no matter how much I try to hide it.Not just me though, everyone looked scared after seeing the soldiers that Madam E brought in. Now the question running through my head since this afternoon is... How on Earth does she expect us to kill those hungry looking giants?.These men looked like they could instantly snap off a child's head without blinking an eye. They looked menacing, strong and their size wasn't helping my nerves.Considering the fact that we have never even really fought outsiders besides ourselves, I have to say that Madam E went a little bit too far this time around."Where on earth did she get men that big?" Josie murmured hours later after dinner.We were all lying silently on our bed, and at her question I sat up with a very loud sigh."Well nobody has an idea
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    The Night Angel: Chapter 6
    The next day was what I'd describe as hell and torture, but none of us were complaining.Henry had woken us up by 2:00am and thirty minutes later we all prepared and went to the field to set up traps and examine the battle ground. By the time the others woke up to practice, we were all set and ready for the big day.Well not fully ready per say....."The weapons are all set" Henry said walking into the cell where the girls and I were all resting for a while."Carefully hidden Henry?" Chelsea queried with a raised brow and Henry snorted."No Chels. I left them in the middle of the field where....oh wait!" he gasped. "Was I supposed to keep them out of sight?""Brat" Chelsea murmured, sticking out her tongue at him and he grinned.I watched their banter with a frown. I had no reason to be jealous of Chelsea though. But to be sincere I always envied the way they were at ease and playful with each other.It was hardly that way with Henry and i."So this is it." Jo said letting out a bre
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