Conquering Max

Conquering Max

By:  Thorns  Updated just now
Language: English
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Max is a billionaire who likes he men like she likes hers shoes, expensive sleek and plentiful. She's rich and beautiful living the perfect life or it would be if not for one problem the only man she could never have Hunter Ambercrombe who seems determined to make her life hell.

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    Game On
    The sound of my phone ringing stirs me from my sleep. Who is calling me? I wonder. I am sure I told Ryan my PA not to disturb me unless it was urgent. I growl annoyed, eyes still close, I reach over to grab it but I grab a handful of hard muscle. I open my eyes slowly to adjust to the morning light.There, still sprawled out in my bed, is last night’s conquest. The phone rings again, pulling my attention from the hottie in my bed. I’ll deal with him soon. I stretch and grab my robe, about to grab my phone, when it stops ringing. I expect it to ring again, but it does not. Maybe the call wasn’t important. Oh, well, time to deal with this one. I smile as I glance at the piece of ass still laying on my bed. He was a good lay. It’s a shame I won’t see him again. I contemplate if I should wake him, maybe get round two before I never see him again. I smile, opening my robe. I walk over to him, straddle him, and kiss him on his lips. He doesn’t respond at first, but as he awakens, the kiss d
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    Mind your business
    MaxI arrive at the company fifteen minutes to eleven. I look around cautiously for any signs of Tate, a supervisor in finance I accidentally slept with. Well, the sex wasn’t accidental, but sleeping with an employee was. Now, every chance he gets, he pesters me to give him another chance. With no Tate insight, I make a beeline for the elevator, quickly pressing the top floor.The elevator doors open and Ryan greets me with my regular cup of coffee.I grab the coffee and the files.“Do you have the folders?” He hands them to me.“They are in conference room B. The official start time is 11. However, Mr. Abercrombie is already giving an impassioned speech.”“I bet he is. Go back to work and let me know if anything important happens. I’ll head to my office to take a breather before going in.”“Go get them.” He says before hurrying off.I smile, planning to have heads rolling if they mess with me.I walk into my office, place the files on the desk, take a seat, and enjoy my morning coffe
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    Man I love her
    HunterShe sits before me typing away, pretending not to notice my presence, but I’ll be damned if I leave. This is our usual dance. I demand she clean up her behavior or get ousted as C.E.O., but she always seems to be one step ahead of me. She tilts her head up, eyes settling back on me as she has just realized I’m still here. It’s been thirty minutes since she tried to dismiss me.“Why are you still here?”“Our conversation isn’t over.”“What more could you possibly want to discuss? I am not settling down. I will have a new man in my bed every night until I grow tired of it.”My chest tightens at her words as I think of the woman I love with another man. Hell, I don’t have to think of it. I would certainly see it in the news tomorrow and every day after that. My heart sinks. I don’t know why she lives like this.“What are you afraid of?” I mumble more to myself because no woman would willingly choose to live her life like a rake.“I’m not a cliche Hunt, there is no deep dark secret
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    Buns of Steel
    MaxI scan his apartment as he laughs. Modern and sleek with grey furniture, bland, just like him.“Erection, I didn’t think women had those.” He says, pulling my attention back to him.“Well, now you know, and seeing your face killed it.” He gasps, but I know he is only pretending to be offended.“If I had known all it took to keep you celibate was my face, I would post it all over the city.” He chuckles, his eyes dancing mischievously, as if he’s plotting.“Don’t you dare. Plus, it’s not just your face. It’s the fact that you lived right below him.”“If I screamed too loud, you could hear me.” He looks at me intensely, as if he is seeing me for the first time.“I didn’t think you were shy.”“I am not.” I am not shy, but knowing he was in the same building turned me off. He looks at me curiously.“No, you aren’t shy. You were practically dry humping him in the elevator. What changed? What is it about my presence that unnerves you?”He leans closer to me and I can feel my body getting
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    The Kiss
    HunterI step out of the elevator and make my way to my car. I have my keys and my move is official.“Mr. Abercrombie?” someone calls. I glance to my right and see Kiev. His law firm handles the bulk of our legal issues.“Kiev. It’s good to see you?” I smile and shake his hand.“Likewise, Mr. Abercrombie. I wasn’t aware you lived over this side.” He says.“Just recently moved in. Do you live here? Maybe you can come over for a drink.”“Thanks for the invite. However, I am only here to visit a friend.” He says, giving me one of his slick oily smiles and winks. I guess he is here to see a woman. Not surprising, since he is known to be a rakehell with women. We are not friends, but we do work together well enough when it comes to business matters. The man knows how to get what he wants from people, which makes him very useful.“Oh, is that right?”“Hunter!” Max shouts, interrupting our conversation. I shift slightly as Max approaches us. Shock registered on her face.“Aww, Ms. Swallows.
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