The Nanny Affair

The Nanny Affair

By:  Tcee Eke  Completed
Language: English
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Falling in love with her boss was not part of her plan and neither was killing him... Natalie Tyson has a lot to deal with most of which includes getting money to prevent her brother from dying from leukemia and dealing with a doctor that is obsessed with her. Despite all she's gone through, she's not a woman easily swayed by men. The experience made her that way. That's why she finds it strange when strange feelings begin to creep up on her threatening to bring her walls of protection down. Finally, she succumbs to the traitorous feelings that leave her defenseless as the universe deals her with a whole load of secrets. Secrets that make her question her entire existence and force her to do the unthinkable. Dante Rodrigo is an arrogant man trying to run the family business and prove himself to his grandfather. He falls in love with his child's nanny, which was not part of his plans. Things spiral out of control when his past returns to haunt not just his present but his future as well. How strong is the bond of love? Can they overcome all odds?

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163 Chapters
Fired?!Natalie Tyson glared at the dwarf man standing before her. He had the guts to have her fired? She still couldn't think properly as his words echoed in her ears."Don't give me that look, Ms. Tyson." Her boss gruff voice interrupted her train of thoughts.She glared harder at him. "What look am I supposed to give you when you just fired me?!"She saw a small frown form on his face, "It's not my fault, Natalie."Damn right it's not. She should have allowed that disgusting creep to fondle her ass like he freaking owned it!"You don't get to fire me without a valid reason, I did nothing wrong!" She challenged, her eyes glinting in anger.Natalie stared at the man as his face hardened into a frown, his lips curled into a sneer and his 4ft5 self glared up at her."Get the fuck out, you publicly humiliated my best customer!" He yelled in her face.Natalie glared at him, mouth agape, "He was doing something improper!"
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"Nurse, defibrillator right now!" "Clear...1...2...3" "Clear!" Natalie watched helplessly outside the glass door as the doctor and nurses tried to get a pulse from her brother while her brother struggled to live. The feeling of helplessness made the tears roll down her cheeks as her heart felt empty. "He's gonna die just like she did..." "You can't do anything about it, Natalie!" "You're worthless! You failed!!" Voices echoed in her head and she tried her best to ignore them. He's not going to die! She assured her racing heart. "Nurse, clear!" "Time of death, 11:49 am." She felt her chest constricting, she couldn't breathe. She was gasping for air, slowly she fell to the floor clawing at her chest. She needed to breathe...the walls were closing in on her. She heard a scream unaware that it belonged to her. It sounded far and unlike her voice.
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"Don't say a word!" She mumbled to her younger brother as they crouched low under their treehouse. "But what about mo..." "Shh..." She interrupted him placing a finger on his lips. "Oy! Let's get the hell out of here!!" She heard someone yell from afar. The guy that was standing close to the treehouse turned around and strode away when suddenly her brother sneezed and all hell broke loose.   ~~~~*   "Miss! We're here!!" Natalie snapped her eyes open as she stared at the scowling face of the taxi driver. Shoot! She had fallen asleep in a taxi. "I'm so sorry, Sir," she apologized profusely, "how much is my fare?" "Hmmph, it's not like you're paying me extra for watching over you while you slept," the man scoffed snatching her money and turning away from her. Natalie got out of the car, rolling her eyes. She grab
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Murderer!Murderer!She called her a freaking murderer?!Who did she murder?"Who did she murder, Chloe?" Lee asked with a bored expression on his face.Her thoughts exactly, she mused."She murdered my pinky princess!" Chloe shrieked.Kids, Natalie refrained from rolling her eyes."Chloe, I don't even know who that is," Natalie replied with a chuckle.Her chuckle died down immediately when she saw the little girl advancing towards her, a mean smile on her lips."How could you know her when you've squashed her with your butt!""Chloe, language!" Lee scolded her massaging his temples.Natalie stood up from the sofa a small smile on her lips, "I'm not sitting on your pinky..." She trailed off when she pulled out a doll dressed in a pink dress by the side of the sofa. She hadn't noticed it there."Oh, I'm sorry I didn't see it," she apologized awkwardly holding out the doll to Chloe."She
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Dante Rodrigo was anything but happy as he stared at the people standing before him while he was sitting—lying down—on the floor!The annoying part was that he had been knocked out by a mere woman with a frying pan and in his freaking home by an unfamiliar person at that!His eyes narrowed into slits when she gazed at him with a triumphant smirk on her lips, babbling that she had caught a thief.Great! Now he's a thief in his own house, he simmered inwardly.He made eye contact with Lee and the old man paled instantly. He resisted the urge to roll his eyes as the butler hurriedly walked towards him."Why are you looking so scared, Lee? I knocked him good," the mysterious woman questioned still looking smug."B-boss!" Lee stuttered helping him to his feet.He stood up dusting his one million dollar suit."Take this to the dry cleaner." He discarded the suit handing it to Lee."Oy! You don't have any right to talk to him l
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"I felt like murdering him so he won't have that smug grin on his face!"Natalie frowned when she noticed how her friend's eyes twinkled with laughter."It's not funny, Lexi!"Lexi raised her hands in mock surrender, "I'm sorry but dang, that shit was savage!"Natalie glared at her while Lexi shrugged."I mean that's a nice way to greet your boss," Lexi giggled, "but it's the first time I've seen you so worked up over a guy.""Focus, Lexi!" She snapped, "I've been given an ultimatum at work and Chloe doesn't seem to be helping matters."Lexi frowned, furrowing her brows in surprise, "Chloe is your boss kid?""Yeah, but her name is the least of our worries!" Natalie snapped."Oh no, the name is the beginning of wisdom," Lexi shook her head in disagreement.Natalie gave her friend a weird look, "I remember that's not how it goes in the scripture.""Not important!" Lexi screamed, "What's your boss's name?""Dante,"
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"Great! It just had to be her!!"Natalie rushed into the school hospital and saw Chloe glaring daggers at her as the school nurse attended to her.She had received a call from her school principal earlier and had rushed to see her. She was even surprised wondering why the principal hadn't called her father."Chloe, what happened to you?" She questioned taking in the disheveled state of the girl.Her immaculate white shirt was not smudged with dirt and wrinkled, she had a split lip and her skirt was torn slightly.Chloe smirked at her. "I got the other girl real good."Natalie followed her eyes and gasped. The second kid was lying on the bed, bruises on her wrist, and her right leg was hanged in a cast."Chloe, what did you do?" She asked, narrowing her eyes slightly."You have no right to even try and scold me so just zip it!" Chloe snapped.Before Natalie could respond, the door opened and the principal stepped in."Ms. Ty
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Dante woke up with the incessant ringing of his phone. Grabbing his phone, still drowsy he tapped the answer screen."Dante, speaking.""Mr. Rodrigo it's Principal Curtis."His eyes flew open immediately as he heard the sharp voice on the other end of the line."Madam Principal, what a pleasant surprise." He stifled a yawn struggling to sit upon his bed."Are you still in bed, Dante?"Dante rolled his eyes at her pathetic attempt of trying to sound sexy. She had been trying to seduce him since he registered his daughter in her school and truth be told she was a very beautiful woman but he didn't like older women."No, Mrs. Curtis I'm wide-awake," he replied in a professional voice."Then get your ass to my office right now with your daughter!" She snapped.He heard a click and knew she had hung upon him. She hated the fact that whenever she attempted to flirt with him he would give her cold shoulders.He massaged his te
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Dante was furious with himself as he drove away from his house and went straight to his office.It had taken everything in him to not kiss her again. She wasn't a mere nanny, she was a very beautiful woman with her long jet-black hair, her deep brown eyes, her luscious curves that had been beneath him last night, and her plump red lips that he had kissed.He could still remember her taste, she was so divine and he marveled at himself. He hadn't wanted any woman as much as he wanted this woman. Other women had thrown themselves at him but this one wasn't even trying and that baffled him.Dude, she kneed you in the balls, his mind designed to point out.He swerved his car into the parking lot, his face void of any emotion as he stepped into the Rodrigo Empire, a facade for all grandpa's other businesses.The security officials at the door pushed open the double glass doors for him, giving him a quick bow that he barely acknowledged.He stepped i
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Natalie sat down on the Queen sized bed staring at the room decorated with lots of pony and unicorns designs. The Spongebob bedsheets were neatly arranged but the kid decided she would rather pace up and down than sit her butt down.Her concern wasn't Chloe's pacing, she was taking pity on the poor ground that had to suffer Chloe's stomping."Don't give me that look!"Natalie shrugged giving her an odd look. "You've been pacing since you got back from school!""Because the driver told me daddy went to the airport that's why he didn't pick me!" She cried.Natalie furrowed her brows in confusion. "So? He probably went to pick up some of his business partners."She rolled her eyes and Natalie couldn't help but frown.What was her deal anyway? She wondered curiously.The doorbell rang and the kid was scurrying out of the room faster than lightning"Hey! Chloe, wait for me!!" She yelled trying to catch up with the girl racing down the
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