Love Invalid

Love Invalid

By:  athrhteera  Completed
Language: English
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What happens when one turns your world upside down? That one simple makes your life into something unexpected. Athena Delaney works at a publishing company to publish gossips and news about celebrities. One drunken night, she met a well known football player from Spain. Well not exactly, she didn't know he was even a football player. Alexander Herrera finds her interesting that he couldn't resist her pink tempting lips. So he her. Him, the well known footballer a stranger he just met at the bar. But little did he know that, one changes it all.

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53 Chapters
So, I met him at the bar. I don't even know but how can I resist those beautiful blue eyes and sexy jawline?Of course, he was glancing my way but I tried my best to play hard. Unfortunately, that failed which leads me here-in well, an agreement.O
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Athena's POV''What the fuck!'' I shout as loud as I can when I see the sight in front of me. My eyes widen in anger when I see him kissing his own co-worker. See, seeing your boyfriend making out with someone else isn't really a great view but I find myself relief at the same time.
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Athena's POVI wake up to the sound of my alarm, blaring into my eardrums. My hands move up to find my phone and once I get a grip on it, I throw it down on the floor. The loud thud comes with the silence of the alarm. I smile unknowingly before closing my eyes again.
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Athena's POV Right after I walk out of the building a few hours ago, I head straight home. I can't be stuffed and I can't definitely be bothered. Joanna called but I ignore almost all of her calls. I can contact her later on. Simon was an ass and I sure do agree that Alex is too. He didn't even deny anything! He could have helped me out of this mess! He just sits there and say nothing. What a prick.
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Athena's POVI curse under my breath as I throw one of my pillow toward any direction since I am still half asleep. The pillow landed nicely on the ground with a light thud. I sigh before turning to my side and try to fully let myself sleep in peace once more.
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Athena's POVI walk out of the building to find him leaning against his car. More like leaning his butt since he's tall but I can't help eye his body. He is wearing his Ray Ban sunglasses which makes him stand out more. People passes but they aren't satisfied, not until they glance at him. I find this funny so I end up smiling like an idiot.
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Athena's POVIt has been exactly a week since Alex announced our engagement to the media. Ever since, they haven't leave us alone at all. Some reporters even followed me when I was walking alone to the cafe. It isn't as bad Alex though, whenever he stops by, reporters would come and run after him.
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Athena's POV''The flavour of the cake?'' The baker asks us and I turn my head to look at Alex and he does the same. We both just stare at the cakes in awe. We really don't know which once. After tasting almost all of the cake, I kind of got confused. There's this red velvet cake, chocolate cake, vanilla cake, cheese cake, rainbow cake.
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Athena's POV''You muttering crappy things isn't going to help,'' Alex says from beside me as I keep on wrapping my body with my comforter. He has been sitting beside me, just watching me as I slowly becoming insane. How am I going to tell my mom? I am definitely not expecting this.
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Athena's POVKnowing that I wake up alone without him by my side somehow makes me feel sad but I remove that thought away. We don't have any serious relationship together so it shouldn't bother me anyway. I sit up straight, stretching my arms. 
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