The Alpha King's Tribrid Mate

The Alpha King's Tribrid Mate

By:  emma_213  Completed
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An Abnormality. That is what Nicolette is. A monster that has to be kept hidden from the world. A witch. A vampire. A werewolf. All in one person. Such power in such a small form. Nicolette never thought she had a chance of a mate. Her wolf never bugged her about it for 683 years and she never bothered looking. She stays hidden. Never wanting to be found. The Real Monster. The Mighty Alpha King. Malcom. He's never needed a mate to satisfy his needs after 728 years. So why look for one. What happens when they stubble upon each other on accident. Will it be like every love story? --- "Who do the hell do you think you are," he growled at me. I let out a small chuckle, "you don't want to know."

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93 chapters
Chapter 1
Nicolette was born 1336. She is 683 years old and an orphan. Her father is a hybrid between a werewolf and a vampire. His mate is her mother who is a pure-blood witch. So which makes Nicolette a half witch and the other half is a mix of vampire and werewolf. She like to be called Nicole.When I say Canines, I'm referring to werewolves and when I say to fangs, I'm referring to vampires.EyesWerewolf-Golden> Were&Vamp OrangeVampire-Red> Vamp&Witch PurpleWitch-Blue.> Were&Witch GreenWhen Nicolette brings out all three, her eyes will be Silver.Werewolves are in packs.Witches and Vampires are both in covens so you'll have to read around the word to figure out which one I'm talking about.She has a wolf she can shift.Witches has two types of ways they can do spells. Harder spells require saying them out loud. Sometimes simple spells you can just flick your arm.Her powers are all heightened.Werewolf------ShiftSpeedAgilityStrength+moreWitches-----PowersVampire-----Heig
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Chapter 2
Nicolette's POVI made my way back home frustrated. I didn't find the most important herb I needed and all the plants were already wilting. I set the basket on the kitchen counter and start sorting everything in their rightful containers.I washed the berries and put them into the fridge. I let out a sigh and started planning what I was gonna make for dinner.I grabbed a blood bag from the bottom drawer of my fridge and stuck a straw in it like a juice box. If I feed off of the werewolves I kill it'll make my wolf feel like she's betraying her kind. So, I drink animal blood. It gives my demon less strength but I also don't like feeding on humans.I finished the blood bag until it was dry and threw it in the trash. I took out some vegetables and two eggs and decided to make a dinner omelette.Beta Lucas WhiteI turned back around after the large bang sounded behind me. I turned back around and she was gone. She smelt human. How the hell did a human manage to wander this far deep into t
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Chapter 3
Nicolette's POVMy wolf was distressed. A week had passed and my wolf couldn't stop whining. She wanted to see him again. To feel the sparks that we shared. To hear his deep voice that brought joy to our ears.I needed a break from wallowing in my own self-pity. I put on sports leggings and a sports bra and strap on my leather fingerless gloves. I walk outside and let the cool air wrap around my skin.I shiver a bit but brought my wolf forward and warm me up. I jumped up and hung on a branch on a maple tree I planted years ago. I started my training off with a few pull ups.I dropped to my feet and took a few deep breaths. I look at the top of the tree and started climbing. I grab the trunk of the tree and start climbing up the tree.On the way up, I could see my breathing in the air. As I was almost to the top of the tree, small snow flakes started to fall from the sky.My chest heaved up and down as I sat on the top of the branch. I haven't trained in so long, I am so out of shape.
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Chapter 4
Nicolette's POVBeck let out a snarl and lifted his hand to punch my couch as I lifted my shirt up to show bruises lining my abdomen. I quickly caught his hand and rolled my eyes."You're going to tear a hole into my couch if you keep punching it," I say calmly. He scowled at me and sat back down."How are you so calm. If he keeps doing this shit it'll get worse," he snarls. The bruises on my abdomen were tender and I winced as I rubbed my finger over them."Because I can't control what he does, it won't kill me because I'm basically almost indestructible and him having sex with a she-wolf isn't on the list of things that could kill me."Bull crap Nicolette. I have never seen you wince from a bruise. But look they're all over your stomach," he points out. I sigh and pull my shirt back down as he runs his hand through his hair."What the he'll are we gonna do Nicolette?" He asks me. I let out a scoff and push myself of the couch and pick up the spilt blood packet off my carpet."You ar
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Chapter 5
Nicolette's POVMy wanted him. To run into his arms and accept him, but I wasn't going to give into her wants. I heard a snarl come out of Beck then I couldn't hear anything. I saw Malcom's mouth make movement but I couldn't hear. It's was like everything moved in slow motion. A soft ringing started in my ear. It gradually grew louder until I couldn't stand it.I put my hands to my ears to try and drown the sound out but I didn't work. Suddenly, the ringing stopped and I was bombarded with noise. I let out a whimper and grabbed my stomach and fell to the ground."Nicolette are you okay?" I heard beck call out. I quickly said a quick spell and a small barrier formed around me."Don't touch me," I choked out. I took deep breaths trying to calm myself but the pain was a lot to take in at once. Wave 2. There was a total of 5 waves. Depending on how fast each waves passes it could last the next 4 days."Beck t-the third cabinet f-from the right is my h-herbs b-bring the w-witch hazel, w-wo
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Chapter 6
Nicolette's POVI let out a groan as I sit up. The pain in my stomach had gone down and I felt more relaxed. I looked around my room and saw that the glass from my episode had been cleaned up. I let out a groan and laid back down. I turned to see what time it was and I saw Malcom sleeping on the arm rest chair. I let out a scream and fell off the side of the bed."Beck," I tell for him but there was no answer. I look at the door expecting it to swing open but it never did."I wouldn't bother waiting for him. He cleaned up and left to see his mate," Malcom said. I roll my eyes and get my blanket back up on the bed."What are y'all know, besties?" I scoff. I start to open the door to the hallway but Malcom stopped me."What are you doing?" He asks me."I'm opening the door for you so you can leave," I said letting out a growl. I didn't have enough energy to fight with him and I definitely didn't want to be in the same room with a mate that didn't want me."I wouldn't tell me to leave if
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Chapter 7
Nicolette's POVEverything hurt. My whole body ached. I could barely move my leg without something hurting. The pain grew worse and worse everyday. I groan as I reach for my water on my bedside table.It has been about 6 days since my heat ended, and i rather be in heat than have bruises all over my body. It hurt my wolf worse than me. She had to deal with the fact that her math, her other half, was cheating on her. I honestly didn't care because I knew better."When I first met your dad, we were both at the meeting between the werewolves, vampires, and witches," my mom started to tell me. I was maybe 42 years old at this time. I had already stopped aging at 21. I was supposedly supposed to find my mate at 18 but after 23 years, I kinda gave up. My mom would always tell this story."My mother was leader of the coven at the time and your father's father was Alpha of the Crimson Shadow Pack. We sat in the audience watching all the three Royalty leaders as they talked in the meeting. I w
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Chapter 8
Nicolette's POV"Y-you taught my mom?" I start to stutter. She would never tell me who taught her and I never knew the reason why."She never told you?" She questions. "Huh, anyway yes I did teach your mom. I was never part of a coven and I stumbled across your mom when she was still learning how to control her powers. Everyday I would find her in the woods and I would teach her something new about magic.""So what about the spells. That book that she has filled with nothing but spells. You taught her all of them?" I ask her. The book of spells I've kept since my mom died. Were they all Denali's spells."Oh no," she laughs. "She found and made all of those herself. I guess that's means I didn't teach her everything she knows. She spent a lot of time finding and making those spells.""Did you um know when I was born?" I asked her. She shakes her head and leans back in her chair. I felt uncomfortable siting next to her while she told me about my mom. What if she was lying to me? What if
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Chapter 9
Nicolette's POVRemembering what happened before all I could see was darkness. I've been sitting in the dark trying to come up with reasons on how I got here. I tried to reach through all my memories, trying to find out why the logo on that syringe looked so familiar.You know how in movies a character is in the middle of telling a story and it flashbacks to that memory. Then, the person the character is talking to says something that is not what happened in the memory but what someone in real time actually said.I was thinking of a memory with my mom then suddenly, her voice was replaced with a long ringing noise. I let out a gasp and my eyes opened to see a ceiling with cheap paneling and fluorescent lights.My leg had waves of pain going through it and I felt like I was missing something. I move my head slightly to the right and see needles stuck in my body that led to machines.I tried to reach for my wolf but she seemed weak. I lifted one of my hands, doing a simple spell, but no
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Chapter 10
Nicolette's POVAfter a few hours, most of it had passed. I spent those hours watching the sun set and worrying about my house. I tried to practice some simple spells, but my energy was too drained. I watched the moon come out. It's a few days to the full moon, but I doesn't really affect me.I heard the howling of wolves under the moonlight and listened to them hunt. I looked at the digital clock on the cabinets across from me and it read 1:27 AM. There was a soft knock at the door and my head snapped over to it."I'm going to leave for tonight. If you need help, press this button," Dr. Lauren said walking in. "If it's an emergency, press this red button. A doctor will come up here and notify me."I nod and she cleans up a bit and left me a glass of water next to my bed. I press a button on the side which dimmed the lights. The howling went on but I didn't mind.I haven't been near werewolves in so long, but I needed to leave. If I stayed here too long, more people could find out. I'
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