Don’t Call Me Yours, Alpha

Don’t Call Me Yours, Alpha

By:  Valery Nev  Updated just now
Language: English
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When your best friend/lover betrays you and rejects your sincere feelings to marry your sister, the only thing left to do is to run away and never see either of them ever again, right? Well, I don't know if that's the best idea, but that's what I did. Daniel Griffin used me, betrayed me and to make it all worse, he got me pregnant. Now, years later, I still hate Daniel, but with a child on the mix and plenty of family problems, I can't ignore him anymore. Not to mention that fate decided to make us compatible and I can't be around him without wanting to jump him.

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108 Chapters
Begin Again
{ Olivia } I didn’t really think my life would bloom like a rose as soon as I left Fallonmore, but it did. As the brand new Taffy omega, I spent my senior year at Fallonmore with far more attention than I had ever received in my entire life, but before that I was just the Taffy's beautiful girls' little sister. Nothing interesting. Most of the friends I had just wanted to use me to get close to my sisters. Anyway, since I got out of there and into the human world, my life has changed for the better. No one knows me as anyone's little sister, I'm just Oli. Not to mention that the men who have been interested in me have been interested in me because I'm a fücking interesting person and not just because of the way I smell to them. "Hi, Oli," someone suddenly greets me, snapping me out of my thoughts. I turn toward the voice and wipe my hands on my apron when I see it's Felix. I reach over the bar to give him a hug, "How's your day going?" "Amazing now that I see you," I answer wi
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The Truth
I spend all night enraptured in what's going on and the way I feel... like a grown woman. A grown woman who maybe has her life figured out? I don’t know if I would go that far, but at least that's how I feel at the moment. Once the date is over, Felix drives me back home and tries to get back to his car, but I grab his hand before he does. “Stay.” “Really? Are you sure?” he asks with wide eyes. I nod. In these three months we’ve been dating I haven't let anything happen between us except kisses and touching over the clothes, but he's my boyfriend now, so I can't keep denying him my body. I don’t want to keep denying him my body. In fact, all I want right now is to fück him and completely forget about the last man who touched me. “Laurie has his own room," I let him know as we walk through the living room. Felix smiles, understanding what is about to happen and as soon as we enter my room and I close the door, he attacks me. Felix grabs me by the waist and pins me to the wall t
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Back in Town
After giving my temporal resignation to my boss and promising Diana that I will continue to support her with rent, I head to Fallonmore with my son... and my boyfriend. Felix still doesn’t know the truth about who I am. The real me. And has no idea that I'm taking him into private territory. To a werewolf clan. I know I have to tell him at some point, but not yet. I can't risk him getting scared and deciding to leave me to face my family and my poor decisions on my own. I couldn't. Besides, once he sees that werewolves are more civilized than average humans, maybe he'll decide we're not as scary as Hollywood make us out to be. “I have another question," Felix says, squeezing the hand he has on my leg while I drive, "Will Laurie's dad be there?” Uff. Yes, he will. “Uhm, I don't know," I mumble, scratching my head, "God, I'm so damn hungry... Are you hungry, baby?” “A little," he replies, not noticing my pathetic attempt to change the subject, “How much longer till we get th
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Everything is still the same in the house. The walls were recently re-painted the same cerulean blue that my mother loves. There are a couple of new frames on the photo wall, but I don't stop to look at them. The couches are new, too. Lucinda walks us to my old room where absolutely everything is still the same, so much so that I gasp when I walk in and my brain plays an awful trick on me because it makes me smell Daniel’s scent. It's been years, his scent can't still be here. But everything else is. His football, the tennis shoes he left here the last time he slept over… and all of the pictures of us that I pathetically decorated my room with because I was so fücking in love.Oh, god. I don't know if what I feel most right now is pain, embarrassment or just plain hate towards Daniel for making everything in my life revolve around him, but all of those emotions are fighting inside of me to win. “Mom didn't want to change anything. She's been waiting for you to come back any
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Sweet Omega
“Oli...” “That's not all, Mom. Two weeks later, I found out I was pregnant,” her breath stops completely now. She raises a hand to cover her mouth dramatically and looks like she's going to fall to the floor, so Lucinda reaches over to hold her up, “I had my son in my apartment, alone and devastated. I wanted so much to be with you but I didn't want to see Clara or Daniel's face, so I stayed away. Laurie is three years and six months old, he's at home right now, with Rosie.” My mom doesn't move for almost a full minute as she rattles off the information I just provided, but when she finally does, she pulls away from Lucinda's arms and once again hugs me. “You shouldn't have gone through that alone," she says when she releases me, "You should have at least called me. You were just a child, giving birth among the humans. That’s so dangerous, Olivia.” “I called a local midwife. Alison. She took care of me," I say, as if it changes anything. My mom shakes he
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Free at Last
{ Olivia } Nobody told me. Nobody warned me. I hear heavy footsteps on the stairs and I turn around, trying to shake my nose to get rid of the annoying smell of Daniel that stupid Clara is carrying around on her. And then I see him. For the first time in four years. Daniel. He's twenty-seven now and has grown a beard lately. His body was always massive, but now he's even more muscular than before and maybe even taller. He's like a tank that smells like heaven and I want to kill him. Our gazes connect for a second and it's like someone punching me in the chest and knocking all the air out of me. That's how I want to feel when I look at Felix. Like I could die happily right now because I have everything I need when his eyes are on me. A sea of butterflies passes all over my body and I can feel the animal inside me circling impatiently, begging me to get up and go with him. Our alpha. Our man. But that will never happen. I tear my eyes from him and meet Lucinda's gaze, who i
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A Big Bomb
{ Daniel } “Harry, please come with us," Lucinda calls to the other alpha of the family and they both lead me to a guest room. Now I figure this is what Lucinda wanted to tell me last night, that Oli is back. I'm thankful she didn't tell me last night because I probably would have spent all night fighting the urge to go to her room and pick up where we left off. “What we're about to tell you is very critical,” Harry begins and takes a deep breath as Lucinda prepares to speak, “So we sent Clara on a made-up errand.” “What?” I ask, starting to get anxious. My neck hairs stand up as I smell the stress in them, “What's going on, did Frank die?” “No, it's not that," Lucinda answers. "It has to do with Olivia, but I need you to stay calm. And don't get angry.” Oh, shït. I think I know where this is going. “She told you about us," I guess and they share a look. They obviously already knew.
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Sweet Memories
➿ Four years ago ➿ { Daniel } Today is the big day. Olivia’s 18th birthday. I've been waiting two years for this day and I'm almost 90% sure I know the outcome. I have two packs of ice cold beers and three large pizzas in my truck as a gift for my best friend and future sister-in-law who finally gets to have fun with me as an adult. I arrive at the house and get in without knocking because I don't have to. I’m practically family at this point and they’re also waiting for me. I struggle with everything I'm carrying but go downstairs to the basement. “Hey!" I shout over the music as I arrive, drawing everyone's attention. Oli’s four sisters and her three closest friends are here, “Where's the birthday girl?” I drop the stuff on the table and look around, but I don't see Olivia. “She went to her room to pick something up," little Rosie informs me, not paying much attention to me. “I'd better go up there then. I want the memory of her first beer to be just the two of us," I say a
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Sinking In
➿ present ➿ { Daniel } Laurie sprints towards Olivia like he’s running away from the big bad wolf (me), and Olivia picks him up to kiss him all over, rubbing her scent on him like she’s trying to reclaim our kid as hers and only hers. I join Harry and Carolina at the table, trying to act normal, like having Olivia around me is just the most normal thing ever, even though it’s definitely not and I’m internally freaking out. “Just so you guys know… I told Felix the truth. About all of us.” Olivia says and walks to the couch to sit next to Rosie, while Felix follows her slowly with a nervous smile on his stupid face, “He’s trustworthy, okay? I even showed him my wolf and he was fine with it.” I turn to Harry and we share a worried look. Trusting a human is a big risk for us. Huge risk. They could try to expose us to the rest of their kind and that would be fatal for everyone involved. They would try to stick their head where it doesn’t belong,
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Well Deserved
{ Daniel } As soon as my wife arrives, complaining to her sisters about something I don't understand, I walk over to her and grab her hand. "Can we go talk, in your room?" I ask and she falls silent, looking at me with confusion and starting to smell of concern. I don't have a speech planned, I just follow Clara up the stairs until we reach her room, forcing myself not to breathe so I don't smell Olivia because I already know she ran to hide in her room like the sneaky squirrel she is. "Okay... what's wrong?" Clara asks as soon as she closes the door and gives me a look full of concern, "I already know there's something weird going on in the family since yesterday. I'm not stupid. I can tell they are hiding something and I know it's not about my dad." "No, it's not about that," I start and let out a pained breath, bringing my hands to my face to carve it before continuing, "What I'm going to tell you is delicate and you might get angry, so first I have t
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