The Alpha's Tortured Mate

The Alpha's Tortured Mate

By:  Tana Lee  Ongoing
Language: English
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Zoey is the girl everyone hates, or she was until a mystery Alpha shows up for the yearly ball. She can't have a mate, she was told all her life she was useless, worthless, a nobody. She was to ugly to be mated to anyone. She was born alone and she'll die alone. Until she realizes everyone was wrong. Who is the Mystery Alpha, will he save her or be the death of her?

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21 Chapters
Chapter 1
Blackness.......That's all I can see. Running as far and as fast as I can to get away and not having sight suck's. I can feel the blood leaking from my body from running into branches and trees. How far have I gone? I can still hear them. Their feet pounding on the ground as they get closer. Who are they? Why are they after me? I'm a nobody, a slave in my pack. I come into the forest every night to get away from everything but it seems my solitude would be my demise. I tripped again, but this time I started rolling downward, slamming into rock after rock flipping head over heels. Pain shoots through my back when I finally stop and I realize I've landed on something; now it's stabbing into my shoulder. I wiggle and can feel a few broken ribs (something I'm used to), plus whatever is still stabbing me. I try to sit up but before I can't move, I hear them. They've found me. A howl echoes through the night and I know they're at the top of the hill. The death I've prayed for for y
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Chapter 2
Kyle's POV"I don't understand, you said a pack member was in trouble. If I had known it was this thing, I wouldn't have got out of bed!"I was pissed. They really woke me up screaming a pack member was getting attacked just to save this whore? Ugh, I would have to teach them to never disturb me if it's about her, ever. If she wasn't such a good cook I would have already killed this one. Blake, my Beta decided to speak up first, "We didn't know who was being attacked, just that rogue's had crossed the territory line and were after someone." We were standing in the hallway of the infirmary, my men had brought her to the pack doctor after finding her unconscious and wounded. He was right like usual, even if I wouldn't have saved her myself, I still would have killed the rogues."Let her rest I guess; find someone else to cook breakfast this morning. I'm going home to shower." As I turned around and left, I could hear them start to mumble. Blake's POV Watching Kyle walk away in nothin
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Chapter 3
Zoey's POVWhere am I? I sit up and realize I've never been here before. I'm sitting in a field of flowers and all the pain is gone. Am I dead? Is this heaven? If it is, I'm staying. It's the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen. Flowers and trees as far as I can see. Nothing else in sight. The sun is shining bright in the blue sky, I just lay down and enjoy the quiet. No one yelling at me, no one hitting me, just pure quiet. I feel myself drifting when I hear the most beautiful voice. "Zoey, are you gonna lay there all day or are you gonna take a walk with me?" Shooting up I open my eyes and see a woman standing there. Long flowy white dress, Beautiful long blonde hair, down past her waist. Striking, green eyes staring at me and then she giggles! "Who are you?" I ask as she is just laughing. Laughing at me? "What are you laughing at?" I snap. Who was this woman and why am I here alone with her? "Considering all the times we spoke, I thought you would know who I am." I must ha
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Chapter 4
Zoey's POV The flowers and trees were slowly changing into grass and statues. I pulled my arm from hers, and just as I was about to ask AGAIN where I was or what was happening; she cut me off. "Zoey, I know there's questions you have, but we can't waste anymore time. You don't have much longer here." she slowly turned away and walked to a huge fountain and sat on the edge. Where did that come from? She gestures for me to have a seat so I walked over and sat next to her. The sun was setting and the water was glowing blue. I was in awe but also scared at what was gonna come next. She took a deep breath and began, "There is so much I want to tell you but I can't. However I can show you. She turned in her spot and placed her finger to the water and it slowly started to come up and formed into what appeared to be a mirror. "You life has never been easy, yet your heart has never given up, even without shifting. You think you weren't gifted with a wolf but that's not true. I was waiting f
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Chapter 5
Blake's POVIt has been over a week now and she still hasn't woken up. Although her wounds were healing and she's starting to look like herself again, she still wasn't coming too. The doctor said he doesn't know why she's still unconscious, he doesn't know when she'll awaken. The poor girl, I knew I should have helped her long ago, but I didn't want to overstep the Alpha. Kyle has been more of a dick lately and I can't understand why. With Zoey not there to be his punching bag I guess he can't let out his anger. . . . .With everyone getting ready for the Alpha meeting that we were about to host, it seems they all forgot about Zoey. Except the maids that had to take over her duties. I can hear them in the kitchen bitching every morning. If things don't start changing around here I'll end up leaving. This has become my home, so it's the last thing I want but I can't stand the way they treat their pack members any longer. Time to have a little chat with Alpha Kyle. Walking up to his of
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Chapter 6
Zoeys POV Falling into the darkness, I wonder what all she meant because I didn't understand half of what she said. Zara, who's Zara? "Me Zoey, nice to finally meet you." This voixe was coming from inside my head. "Zara who are you?" I asked not understanding why I could hear her in my head. "I'm your wolf, Im now part of you, we are two in one." she answered. Well that makes sence I guess..... I see a light coming at me fast. Well if I wasn't dead I will after I smash into the bottom. Suddenly all I feel is pain, everywhere all over my body. "Zoey it's because your back in your body, it's time to wake up now." Zarah said. Slowly, waking up, blinking my eyes, trying to adjust to light I take a look around. Why am I in the pack hosital, I wonder. The memories start coming back. Being attacked, meeting the Moon Goddess herself and Zara. "Zara can you hear me, are you there?" I ask her, but get no response. Sitting up slowly because of the pain, the door opens. The pack
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Chapter 7
Blake's POV I was in my room packing when the pack doctor mind linked me. "She's awake and alert Beta." that I was not exoecting. I stopped what I was doing and told him I was on my way. Took my about 5 mintues to walk to the pack hospital. It was pretty much right next door to the pack house. Everyone greeted me when I walked in, just ignored them. I needed to talk to Zoey while she was awake. Arriving at her door, I took a breath breath and knocked. "It's open." came her voice from the other side. Here goes nothing. When I opened the door she was sitting propped up on a mound of pillows and eating jello. Couldn't help but to chuckle to myself. She gave me a werid look when I pulled up a chair beside her and sat down. "I have a few things to talk to you about, now that your awake." I said. She tilted her head to the side as if telling me to go on. "Now for starters, the night you were attacked. Do you remember anything about it?" She seemed to think for a moment befo
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Chapter 8
Zoey's POV "And then nothing after that, I woke up here." Blake sat there quietly and listened to me tell the events of that night and didn;t say a word. I always liked him. He was the only person in this pack that ever treated me like more then a slave. Everyone hates me because Kyle convinced them I had something to do with the attack that killed half the pack. I didn't though, I was merely a orphaned child who stumbled across the wrong land, at the wrong time. He sat there staring at me, not saying a word. His brown hair hanging in his green eyes. I had to admit he was good looking. "I have a question for you Zoey." he said. "I"m leaving within a week, and I know you've wanted to leave for awhile, I was thinking that maybe you could come with me." I was not expecting him to say that. I didn't even know how to respond to that. Of course i wanted to leave, but to where? "Where are you going?" He said he was going pack to his old pack. Now tell me why I didn't even think of t
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Chapter 9
Three days later, I was finally being realeased. I was in the bathroom connected to my room, changing out of this stupid hospital gown when I looked into the mirror. Staring at myself I realzied I looked differnt but not in a bad way. My raven dark hair looked more alive and brighter then ever before. My green eyes were popping against my pale skin. My usually bruised arms and face were completely clear. For the first time since I can remember, I looked decent. Not anywhere near beautiful like a normal she-wolf but diffently better then I normally did. Throwing on the shorts and tank top that Blake had brought me the day before, I walked out and threw the hospital gown into a can by the door. A knock at the door grabbed my attention. Answering it Blake was standing there with wheelchair. "What the hell do you plan on doing with that?" I know damn well he did not plan on putting me in there. "The doctor and I have decided it would be best if we fake your recovery. Have you stay hiddd
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Chapter 10
Blake's POV We had just stepped foot out of the hospital doors, when I noticed Zoey was crying. "Hey now what's wrong?" I ask. I don't have a clue what just happened. She was completely fine and now shes sobbing. Like really sobbing. She shakes her head and doesn't answer me. I mean i guess if she ain't gonna talk to me I ought to just take her home. The walk didn't take long at all but i realized Zoey couldn't stop her head from moving. Trying to look everywhere at once. "What's up with you, your actting strange?' I can see her wipe her tears away before she turns and looks at me. Well not at me move like at my chest, for some reason she won't ever meet my eyes. She took a breath deep and said "I can't remember the last night I've been outside during the day. I can't remember the last time I've felt sunlight on my skin." Well that would explain the sobs. I dont say anything just start walking slower as I make our way to the house. Once inside i push her to her room, or I should
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