Secrets - Dirty and Dangerous

Secrets - Dirty and Dangerous

By:  Lillith Mykals Kennedy  Updated just now
Language: English
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Veronica Hayden is on the verge of losing everything. Her father, Vincent Hayden, is sent to prison. Veronica’s father owes money to Ezra Waylen, and she cannot repay his debt. She has no one to turn to and nowhere to go until Ezra Waylen offers to keep her off the streets. What does Ezra want from Veronica? Ezra wants to own her. The mafia boss is not used to anyone telling him no, and with no other choice, Veronica chooses to be Ezra's live-in servant. Veronica will bend to every desire Ezra has and learn all his dirty, dangerous secrets. Veronica plans to use these secrets to free herself, but one obstacle is in the way, Roman. Ezra's underboss Roman and Veronica start an affair that could get them both killed. Will the secrets Veronica learns from Ezra be enough to free Roman and herself, or will they both be trapped under Ezra's thumb?

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7 Chapters
Happy Birthday To Me
Veronica POVThe house is packed for my twenty-first birthday party. I cannot believe how many people came to wish me a happy birthday. The gift table is overflowing. There is live music from one of my favorite bands, Shadowlands. My father spared no expense for his favorite child. I am his only child, but I am his favorite. My father hands me a small box wrapped in a blue ribbon. Everyone is watching. They want to see what my father has spoiled me with this time. "Thank you, daddy," I say. I kiss my father on the cheek. I open the box revealing a beautiful diamond necklace. My father, Vincent Hayden, takes the blue box holding the diamond necklace from me. He removes the necklace from the box. I bend down, and he places it around my neck. "Happy birthday, sweetheart," My father says. For a moment, I am happy. Things have never been easy for us. My mother died when I was young, and he raised me. I can't say that he raised me alone. I have always had a nanny or someone looking ou
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On the run
Veronica POVI drive for hours. I have no idea where to go or what to do. I am not sure if Mr. David is involved or the detectives, but I know I am not safe. I have to run but to where? I have nowhere to go. Everyone knows me. I keep driving until the car lights begin to blink off and on. What the hell is going on? I pull over to the side of the road, and the car stops. The doors lock automatically, trapping me inside the car. I begin to panic, and I cannot breathe or think. "Pull yourself together!" I scream as I bang my hands against the steering wheel. I look in the rearview mirror and then look ahead. I see a small roadside motel to the left of me just ahead. No one is coming yet, but how will I get out of the car? I pull on the handle, but the door will not open. There is one way out if it will work. I crawl into the backseat and pull the seat down. I slide carefully into the trunk. I pull the trunk emergency latch, and it opens. I reach into the backseat and grab my backpack
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Veronica POVThe car comes to a stop in front of a mansion. I rise up to look at my surroundings. I am not familiar with this place or any of the people. A tall man waves my driver into the garage. I am frightened as he pulls into the garage. My driver gets out of the car. He stops in front of my door, looks down at me, mouths I am sorry, and then walks away. The look on his face was terrifying. I swallow just as I hear talking and footsteps coming my way. I look up to see a man in a black suit standing outside my door. He opens the door, never taking his eyes off of me. "Step out of the car slowly. You will walk with me into the house. If you try to run, one of my men will shoot you in the head," the man says. I nod and begin to get out of the car. The man grabs me by the neck. "I said do you understand, little girl!" He says as he leans into me. His breath is on my ear. I can smell him and feel his anger. "Yes, I understand," I say. He lets me go, and I step out of the car. I
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The room
Veronica POVRoman walks me to my new room. I try to pay attention to my surroundings as I walk down a hall and then down the steps. I feel like I am going under the house, maybe. I am not sure. The further we go, the darker it gets. I know this man is rich. Where are the lights?As we come to the end of another hallway, Roman stops. He grabs my face to make a point. "Stay here. Don't run. The guards will shoot your pretty little face," Roman says. My neck snaps back as Roman releases me from his grip. He turns and disappears into the dark for a moment. I begin to feel uneasy. I am too afraid to run in the dark. It is not just the thought of being shot by one of the guards. It is the terror of running into something or someone down here. Roman reappears, jingling a set of keys. He steps in front of me and turns the lock on the door. "Go inside, sweetie," Roman says. Roman stares at me as if he wants me to refuse. Maybe he wants to manhandle me. Maybe that turns him on or something.
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Time to Play
Veronica POVMy first night in the room is oddly peaceful. Only one servant comes. He brings me something to eat, and then Roman checks on me. He watches me while I eat without saying a word. I wonder if I could get close to him and maybe get out of here. "Are you married?" I ask Roman, trying to make some chit-chat and get him to open up to me. Roman doesn't answer me. He takes a deep breath and shakes his head. Roman's actions make me wonder how many women have been in this room. After I eat and repeatedly try to get Roman's attention, the servant takes my dishes, leaving behind some wine. Roman stands behind me for a few minutes. "I cannot help you. It would be best if you stopped trying to talk to me unless you need something. I will keep you safe. That is my order," Roman says. I give Roman a half smile. "I understand, sir," I say. I will not stop. I will get Roman on my side. If I can seduce him, then maybe I can get out of here soon. The upper door opens as Roman's side ex
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Roman POV"Are you married?" Veronica asks me. I do not answer her. I know better than to get involved with anything Ezra brings into this room. This is his playroom. This is the room he brings a woman to break them and make them his for a little while. After he is done with her, he will put her in protection somewhere else. He will probably assign me to watch over her. After Veronica finishes eating and finally shuts up, I leave her. I know Ezra will be here soon. Ezra is coming to break her. Veronica does not even know that he is seducing her for his pleasure. He could care less about the money Veronica's father owes him. It is nothing but a drop in the hat. What Ezra wants is to take Veronica and use her up. Ezra will play with her and fuck her, all while I watch from a distance. I am not a creep. I do not always watch Ezra fuck his women. Sometimes I watch him fuck men. Sometimes I fuck Ezra. Ezra is electric. He could seduce anyone. He seduced me, and I have never been able to
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Morning Play
Veronica POVWaking up alone is both confusing and amazing. I thought at least one of them would still be in bed with me. Maybe Ezra and Roman are in bed together. I knew it when I saw them together. I just had a feeling that they were more than the boss/employee. Now, I will find my ticket out of here if I can just get in between that. Roman is my way out. I can see it in his eyes. I will seduce him and have him eating out of my hand. Ezra will not be tempted easily by me, but if I let him have my hole any way he wants it, then I can seduce him without him even knowing what is going on. I lay in bed and think about last night. My sheets are wet, and I smell of sex. I can smell both of them on me. I can smell their sweet sweat and their cum. Roman knew he had to fuck Ezra and me. He knew how to turn up the heat. But Roman is the one I want more of, and soon. I want Roman to fill my gaping hole now.The side door opens, and it is Roman. A young woman joins us, bringing my breakfast.
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