Taming The Mafia Lord

Taming The Mafia Lord

By:  Alexandra   Ongoing
Language: English
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"You may now kiss the bride " the priest said He opened my veil with mischief in his eyes and covered my lips with his. I'm now officially married, a marriage of convenience..... ************************************************ The Armani family, a family well known for their devilish beauty and cruelty, a family at the peak of the Cosa Nostra. The family's heir Alejandro is the most eligible bachelor in the entire Cosa Nostra. He didn't plan on getting married but then SHE came along...... It was an accident, a seemingly harmless night's stand, she didn't want to be married yet, especially not to HIM... But she's here now and worst part is that he's a wild card, an unrepentant flirt with an air of arrogance . Then there's the mystery woman who would stop at nothing to have Alejandro, the drug Lords who will do anything to bring the Armani family down ... Murder,lies,deceit, sex, drugs and of course love are the order of the day in the Armani family. And enemies lurk by the corners... Will they survive all these ? Find out......

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7 Chapters
Chapter 1
ALEJANDRO"ohh Alejandro don't stop" the dumb whore cooedand I banged her harder against the wall. I look at her face and try to register her features, blue eyes, pale skin, and her stupid blonde hair,nothing special at all, just your regular blonde bimbo. I flashed back to how easy it was to convince her for a quick restroom fuck. And yes, I'm banging her in the bathroom of a club and she was so easy to convince, so easy it's annoying.I twist her hands against the wall and grab her ass and slam into her, harder and harder, thinking of a way out of the shit I got myself into. I have to find a solution to it , else it'll destroy the entire Cosa Nostra, shit I'm fucked, just because I couldn't keep my pants in a place, all because of HER... "Yes, fuck me there" the dumb blonde's continuous scream and moans pulled me out of my revere . I gave two more hard thrusts and came.I pushed her, whatever her name is , maybe Cassie or Alicia or was it Calis, whatever I don't care anyways, I
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Chapter 2
ALEJANDROI walked into to house to hear shouting and arguments and I rolled my eyes , though I knew I was the cause. I twirled the keys of my Ferrari in my hands and puffed my cigarette. " Alejandro Armani Russo what have you done ?" , screamed a beautiful looking brunette in her early 40s', my mother , Rina Armani. " He is going to be the end of this dynasty" my father answered. "Hush, Dominic" my mother replied him while staring daggers at me. My father also known as Lucifer himself because of his "shady deals" , is a man of principles. We didn't get along while I was growing up and we still don't get along though but it's better than it was before. The funny thing is that as domineering and authoritative as my father may look, his major soft spot is Rina Armani, his precious wife, my mother. I heard a soft chuckle and I turned towards to source and stared daggers at my younger sister Isabella, who was clearly enjoying this whole exchange. Isabella was the pearl of my famil
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Chapter 3
ADELINE******One week earlier****I got down from the Lamborghini and glanced around the club, I had to make sure none of my father's men followed me here . "Blinding lights" is the name of the club and it was for the elites of Cosa Nostra only. It was an exclusive club for the upper class in the Mafia only. I stepped into the club with confidence, and I walked straight into the VIP session.My name is Adeline Riolla Giovanni, the heir of the Riolla Dynasty, I'm twenty years old , some say I'm slutty , a snob , a know it all but who cares. It's not my fault my father's a billionaire drug lord. I came here to drink my head off and clear my head and I intend to lose my innocence to the hottest guy I find here. There are many perks of being a Riolla but one disadvantage is that you don't have the freedom to marry whoever you please and that sucks.I was told I'm to be contest in a dumb effort to win over some silly stuck up heir I don't even care about. I'm pretty sure he's a spoil
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Chapter 4
ADELINE"Not so fast, flower", he said as I fell backwards on his lap.I gasped again as I felt his groin pulse again me."Where do you think you're running to, you go nowhere unless I say you do ", he said.He stood up abruptly while carrying me up like I weighed nothing and then he turned me to face him.He wrapped my legs around his torso and I found myself hanging on to him, lost in his eyes. Then he said "I paid you for this, you're not allowed to run whore".There's the mix-up again, why does he keep calling me a whore, there's a huge mix-up. "I.. I'm... I'm not a whore" I said I'm what I thought was my firmest voice but it came out sounding like a squeak. "Shhh" he said as he moved his lips closer to mine. We gazed in each other's eyes for a few seconds, his jaw ticked and he looked away.All of a sudden his lips covered mine and I moaned into his mouth. He kept teasing me and kissing me softly, then suddenly he became aggressive and began kissing me faster, making me strugg
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Chapter 5
ADELINE******** Present day ******** I groaned and I felt the splash of water on my face. " Stand up Adeline, your father asked to see you " my stepmother said. I gave my her best glare as I stood up to answer my father's call. I do not like my Stepmother one because, firstly she's half my father's age , secondly she hates my guts too, so it's mutual. The only person that made this house bearable since my mother's death is my grandma, but we all call her Nona. I'm sure she's with my father right now, at least one person will be on my side there. I can't even brush my teeth because my father can be very grumpy in the mornings and I don't want him to take it out on me , I already have enough on my plate at the moment. I already had sort of an idea why my father wants to see me, I am pretty sure it is because of the stupid marriage whatever. I am so beyond livid right now. I slept with that brat and the most annoying thing is that I fucking liked it and my body is tingling from th
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Chapter 6
UNKNOWN'S POV I sat with my legs crossed, thinking of what next to do. I had heard the news about the alleged engagement of Adeline and Alejandro. This wasn't how it was supposed to go. He was supposed to be mine, and that witch Adeline showed up from nowhere and took what belongs to me and I do not intend to just sit back and watch her steal what's mine. I stood up as I heard the airlines call my flight, I was taking the first plain back to sicily. I'm sure they'll all be suprised to see me back from Spain after two years of leaving. I had planned to stay for five years but now, my priority is Alejandro. If they do not let me take what's mine, I intend to take it by force.
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Chapter 7
ALEJANDROI heard a soft knock and the door and I heard the voice of our maid telling it's time for dinner, the dinner.I begrudgingly got up from the bed and proceeded to take a shower. I intentionally didn't prepare until now because I intend to make a very bad impression, and I might have no choice in this marriage but I intend to make this as unbearable for her as it is for me. I finished up with my shower and then slowed down and did everything extra slowly. I put on a pair of black slacks , a black t-shirt with my black slides. I made sure I looked as casual as possible.I left my room and then walked down the stairs with a lazy look in my eyes. I got down the stairs and entered the dinning area to see my mother staring daggers at me and I knew I'd get an earful about manners after this dinner. I muttered a word of greeting to my parents and "in-laws" , totally ignoring my " bride" like she wasn't even there . Then I slid out a chair and sat down opposite her and sized her up
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