Revenge or Love (falling in love with her)

Revenge or Love (falling in love with her)

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Eric couldn't resist reaching out to touch Katrina's face. Her skin was warm and soft. She smelled like lilac soap and cinnamon, a delightful combination he had only encountered in her. He slid his thumbs slowly across her lips. They opened with a tiny gasp that made them all more tempting. "Kat... " He looked into her eyes and forgot what he had intended to say. God! She was too beautiful. Her eyes were filled with care, love and longing. Longing that sure matched his own. Very slowly, wanting to draw out every moment, Eric brought his lips to hers. He watched her eyes glaze, and heard her ragged moans when his mouth touched hers, then he kissed her passionately. He ran his lips down over the line of her throat. Heavenly warm skin met his lips. Eric inhaled the downy softness, bringing his hands up along her hips, at her waist and upward along her ribs to the front of her blouse, over her breasts. Katrina moaned softly in approval, cupping her hands in his as he undid the buttons on her blouse. Her breasts came spilling into his hands after he unhooked her bra. He filled his palm with her breasts. "God! I want you Kat" he said with a voice laced with deep passion. Katrina Argos aged twenty,set out to take her revenge on Eric Salmadiego, the guy who almost ruined her sister's life. Eric Salmadiego aged twenty four was a well known arrogant and popular billionaire. Not only was he arrogant, he was a full time playboy. To achieve her mission, Katrina moved into Eric's house as a live in maid. The both of them started on a rough note, but as time went by they fell in love with each other.

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40 Chapters
Chapter one - Katrina.
The yellow cab sped along the streets of San Francisco, California. Katrina sat back on the seat resting her head and watching the beautiful scenes as the cab sped along. California was such a beautiful place. There were no beautiful sights like this in sweetgrass. She let her thoughts wander and her sister came into her thoughts. She wondered if she was doing the right thing, carrying out this Revenge mission without letting her sister know. Of course, her sister wouldn't have allowed her to go on with it if she had told her."Where do you say you're going Ma'am?" the driver asked for the third time and Katrina wondered if he had a short term memory. She brought out a paper that contained the address and gave it to him. She was tired of repeating the same thing."Oh, we're almost there," he said, flashing her a smile."I wonder what you're going to do in the house of that arrogant billionaire," he said, trying to start a conversation. Katrina wanted to ask him how he got to
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Chapter two- Her mean boss.
"What the hell??" she screamed."Dispose it" he said and made to leave but Katrina stopped him."Excuse me Sir. What you just did was very wrong. I mean, who throws pants to someone's face?" she asked, anger creeping in on her."Wait what? You're lecturing me now?" her boss asked."No Sir. But you should have called me to come and dispose of it in a more proper way" she said, giving him a stubborn look."Oh, wow" he said and gave a short laugh."Telling me what to do now huh??" he asked."No, but...""But nothing. This is my house and I'll do or say anything I like, do you hear me?" he asked harshly."Excuse me Sir" Katrina started but was interrupted by her boss."I won't say much on that. If you're not okay with it, you pack your things and leave my house" he said. She would have done just that because she can't stand the presence of this arrogant pig. But she won't be able to achieve her revenge if she leaves his house."Calm down and endure," her inner mind said. She pinc
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Chapter three- Molly
Katrina came behind the strange lady and saw what had caused the reaction. Eric and Helen were having sex on the bed!! She covered her mouth to keep herself from exclaiming. The stranger with her was obviously furious. "Damn it! I thought I asked you not to let anyone interrupt me" her boss said. He disentangled from the lady on his bed and began wearing his underwear. "Damn it Eric! who's the fuck is she??" the other lady said."Molly, I can explain," my boss said.Oh, her name is Molly. Helen still sat on his bed looking like a lost sheep."Get this cheap whore to leave right now" Molly screamed and walked hurriedly towards the bed in an attempt to drag her off. Eric got in the way stopping her."Easy Molly, she's gonna leave" he said."Helen, I'm sorry but you have to leave now" he said to Helen."What??" she asked surprised."Not now Helen, not now. Just leave, I'd give you a call" Eric replied. Helen came down from the bed using the blanket to cover her naked body. Katrin
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Chapter four - Getting used to her new job
The next morning of the second day, Katrina opened her eyes and closed them immediately. The sun rays affected her eyes, she drew her curtain to stop it from coming on. Then she sat up on her bed and looked around, for a moment she forgot where she was. Then everything came flashing back, she remembered yesterday's event. She remembered she was at the house of the mighty and popular billionaire and she had just got here yesterday. She still can't believe that she's here, that this room is hers. She remembered coming across Eric's ads in search of a house maid back in sweet grass. She had applied and here she was. When she got accepted she was really happy, what's a better way of getting her revenge other than this?But then why her?? This question keeps popping up in her head. She's very sure she wasn't the only one that applied but was why she was chosen? Is this fate? If only he knows that she has an ulterior motive. Forcing herself out of the bed, she walked into the bathroo
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Chapter five - The clothes misunderstanding.
Eric drove into the compound, parked the car and came down. As usual, Alvin was waiting to collect his briefcase after closing the gate. He collected his briefcase and they walked towards the main house.Katrina came downstairs to welcome him. She was already waiting for them in the sitting room.The door opened and they came in."Good evening Sir" she greeted."Evening, " he replied.He paused and noticed a new change in the house. Everywhere was sparkling neat, the house smelled nice and he knew she did all of that. He wanted to commend her but he didn't."Did the dry cleaner come to pick up the clothes?? " he asked Alvin."She came but she didn't go with the clothes, " Alvin replied."Why? " he asked."Katrina washed the clothes before she could come, " Alvin replied.Eric looked at Katrina with a shocked expression."You did what???? " he screamed."I washed your clothes Sir. Is anything the matter?" she asked."You dare to touch my clothes with those hands of yours?" he asked, ra
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Chapter six - Arrogant Molly
Katrina's phone alarm rang and she woke up. Checking the time and seeing that it was almost seven in the morning, she came down from her bed. She needs to prepare her boss breakfast.Walking into the bathroom, she started brushing her teeth. Few minutes later, when she was coming out of the bathroom, she tied her night robe well and hurried downstairs.She went into the kitchen and switched on the kitchen lights. She has to make coffee first, her boss likes drinking coffee first thing in the morning. Just as the coffee was ready, he came into the kitchen."Good morning Sir " Kat greeted."Morning, " he replied in a cold tone."Well, I'm not surprised. I'm used to it already. He's back to his normal self."Katrina said inwardly."Give me a cup of coffee, " he said."Okay sir " she replied and did as she was told. She didn't add milk as he doesn't like it with milk.He drank it and kept the cup in the kitchen sink."I'm leaving for the office by 9. The food should be ready before then "
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Chapter seven - the great fall
One month later---------------------------- Katrina had gotten used to staying in Eric's house. She has checked everywhere in the house and her favorite place in the house was the beautiful garden and the swimming pool. She spent most of her time there either reading a novel in the garden or sitting by the pool dipping her legs into it. She was not a good swimmer but she could try.If she wasn't at the garden or by the poolside, she was always with Alvin. The both of them became very close as time went by. Her relationship with Eric, her boss, was still bad but he was starting to become less harsh to her. Katrina sat with Alvin at his duty post chatting. He rarely leaves his post so Katrina was always the one going to meet him."So tell me do you have someone you like? " She said, starting a conversation."I once had. I don't have someone I like now " Alvin replied."What happened to the girl you liked? " She asked."She jilted me. She left for a rich guy. I had to leave the c
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Chapter eight- Another Misunderstanding
"Katrina " he called again.She's bleeding. She had a cut on the left side of her face. It almost touched her eye, thank God it didn't touch her eye. Eric checked to see what must have caused it and saw the broken chandelier."Damn my carelessness.. I should have taken care of this already " he said to himself.But why's she unconscious??She must have stumbled and fell. He checked her head and his hand touched a bump on the head. Sighing, he carried her up gently.Gosh, she waa slender but she has a lot of weight. He managed to carry her to her room and lay her on the bed.Her clothes were soaked with sweat, thank God she was putting on a singlet, he undressed her leaving only the singlet on her.Then he went to his room to bring his first aid box, a bowl of water and a towel. He cleaned the cut with the spirit and cotton wool before putting a plaster on it. After soaking the towel in the bowl of warm water, he started cleaning off the sweat on her forehead and body.----------- K
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Chapter 9- Meeting Eric's mom
Eric sat on his office chair in his office writing on a book.His thoughts wandered to what happened yesterday and he stopped writing.He didn't know when he started laughing remembering the way Katrina pushed him when she woke up.Gosh!!, she's really funny.She had called him an arrogant pig. He was surprised he didn't react to it, he was supposed to be angry but he had found it funny.He shaked his head and took his pen to continue writing when his phone rang. It was his mom calling.Why was she calling when she knew he was always busy at this time?He answered the call."Hello darling," his mom said at the other end."Hello mom, how are you doing?" He asked." I'm fine baby, I know you're busy right now. I just wanted to let you know I'm at your house right now" His mom said, going straight to the point." But you didn't tell me you were coming. I would have stayed home" Eric argued."Don't worry, I'm going to wait till you get back. I'm having dinner with you tonight." His mom sa
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Chapter 10- Beginning of a new friendship
Eric had returned back after he took his mom home safely. It was almost eleven pm but he doesn't feel like sleeping. So he decided to go to the pool, he loves staying there whenever He's chanced to.On getting to the pool, he saw Katrina sitting on the floor besides the pool.She comes here too??She looked lost in thought, she's looking more pretty tonight. He walked towards her but she didn't notice till he sat down and dipped his legs into the pool. Katrina turned to look at Eric and made to stand up but he held her back. Eric held her unconsciously and when he saw Katrina staring at his hands, he let go of her abruptly."You can stay " he said."Ummm... Okay" Katrina replied and sat back."So what were you thinking of?? " Eric asked. "You didn't notice my presence.""Nothing, I was just looking at the beauty of the moon " she replied."You watch the moon at night? " He asked."Not always, but I watch it when I can't sleep up in my room" she replied."Oh, I see. I love watching t
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