The Rejected Luna: Daddy, Where is Mommy?

The Rejected Luna: Daddy, Where is Mommy?

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Calvin Logan Haysbert became a father over a night when someone dropped a newborn pup at his pack entrance stating the pup was the result of his casanova nature. His life turned upside down because of the pup's arrival, his daughter, to be exact. He got so busy raising his daughter alone as a single father that he didn’t get time to look for the mother of his daughter until she started questioning it. “Daddy, Where is Mommy?” * Book 3: Daddy, Where is Mommy? Book 1: Billionaire’s Ex-Wife & His Hidden Babies (Completed) Book 2: My Mate is a Witch (Completed) *** Follow me on social media. Search ‘sprachi12’

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57 Chapters
Chapter 1: Rejection
A woman in a baby pink summer dress was enjoying the party that her mate threw for revealing the gender of their newborn pup.“Alright! Alright!” Nathan Gayle stopped the party, showing his hand. “I think it’s time to reveal the gender of the pup,” he added, on which everyone cheered and howled in happiness.Grabbing a black balloon that was kept in the corner of the room, he walked toward his mate, Ethlyn Smith Gayle, with a big smile on his face.At the same time, other people hooted, and Ethlyn’s sister gave her a needle with which she was going to burst the balloon, and the color filled inside it would reveal the gender.“So, what do you think? Its pink inside or blue?” Ethlyn's mother asked the crowd.“Pink!!”“Blue!!”“Blue”“Pink!!”“It’s a girl, for sure.”“No, it’s a boy!! The future Alpha of the pack for sure!!”All the guests guessed the gender of the baby, judging the size of Ethlyn’s baby bump and her mood swings in the past two months.“Ready, love?” Nathan asked with a
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Chapter 2: You need a mommy
Five years later!!*“Am I late, Zordan?” Calvin asked his beta, Zordan Collin, who smiled and nodded his head. “Damn it! When will I learn to reach timely on my date?” He cursed and was ready for the punishment that the love of his life would give.He had forgotten her birthday first. That was why he promised a dinner date, and then he forgot about the date as well. He couldn’t imagine how pissed she would be.He signaled Zordan to leave when they reached the lawn where he was supposed to have candlelight dinner with her.“She is pissed,” Nelina warned who was standing outside the lawn.“I know.”“All the best.” Saying this, she left to give them privacy.He slowly walked toward the lawn and saw her tapping her red bellies on the floor with her hand wrapped around her chest. Her blue eyes were narrowed, throwing daggers from her eyes. Calvin quickly held his ears when he realized that all the candles had already been burned, and it looked like also the food was already cold. “I’m so
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Chapter 3: Ate so many snacks
The next morning!!Calvin silently left Roselet’s room for morning training with the pack members without disturbing her sleep. When he returned after a few hours later, he asked about her studies with Nelina so that he would have an idea about homework and the things that were going on in her class.“By the way, Calvin!! I hope you remember about my retirement.” Nelina reminded him, on which he groaned.“You really have to leave?”“Yes, son!! I worked with your family when Caroline was five or six years old, and now her daughter is around that age. Now, my husband doesn’t want me to work and rest from every work. And I won’t lie, even I want to spend the remaining time of my life with him now, only him.”“Hmm. Even though I want to be selfish, I can’t. Anyway, now that you want to take retirement, then please find a nanny just like you in another term, PERFECT.” Calvin said, checking the refrigerator so that he would prepare breakfast for his love.He checked the schedule and found t
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Chapter 4: La di da, da di da
“But where are we going?” Zordan asked when Calvin asked him to pack his clothes for the day and some necessary things that they might need on their trip.“Can’t you just accompany me without asking anything?” Calvin questioned him back.“Still, mate, I need to tell mom and dad about it. So that they will look after the pack in our absence.”“Exactly. That’s the reason I’m not telling you, Zordy. Uncle Bruce is a good friend of dad, and he will vomit everything if he asks anything from Uncle Bruce.” Calvin responded.“So, in short, you are not hiding the name of the place from me but from Uncle Brandon,” Zordan concluded and started using his mind to what could be the reason for hiding anything from Brandon Haysbert, Calvin’s father.“You’re going somewhere where Uncle Brandon doesn’t want you to go because it is dangerous orrrrrr forbidden.” Immediately his eyes widened in shock when he realized where exactly his Alpha was planning to take him.“We are going to Black council.” He ask
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Chapter 5: Characterless
“Alpha, do you know her?” Zordan asked again, shaking Calvin’s shoulder.“No,” Calvin replied. “Neither I want to know anything about her. Moreover, there is no way she can be my daughter’s mommy.”“Why not?” Zordan asked in confusion. He tried to see the similarities between Roselet and the woman in the wheelchair, but he couldn’t say the same with confidence.“Because this woman would like to burn in the fire of hell than sleeping with me,” Calvin responded, closing the video.“Ouchh!!” Zordan hissed in fake pain. It looked like somewhere in the past; their conversation didn’t go well. “But by any chance, she really turned out to be Rose’s Mommy, then?”“Then it’s obvious that she left my princess just to teach me a lesson or because her mate didn’t want to keep Rose as she already had a mate then.” Calvin tried to connect the dots, but he couldn’t understand the fact that a wolf could cheat on her mate.And could that she-wolf this stoop low that she slept with him?The most importa
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Chapter 6: Where is my pup?
Nathan was looking at the sleeping figure of Ethlyn and recalling her betrayal. At first, he was mad at her for doing this to him, but in all these years, he felt that Ethlyn had lost a lot more things than anyone could. First, her Luna’s position; second, her pack; third, her respect; fourth, her twin’s pups; and then fifth, her wolf. He couldn’t help but feel pity for her.He sat beside her and spoke, “Wake up, Ethlyn. You’re sleeping like Aurora even after waking from Coma.”“What are you doing here?” He heard Reva asking him angrily.“I learned from your father that she is out of the Coma. That’s why I thought to check on her.” Nathan replied while Reva kept glaring at him. “Stop giving me that look, Reva. It’s not that your sister is in this condition because of me.”“Only if you wouldn’t have kicked her out of the pack.” Reva snared.“I had sent the search team for her when I realized that I shouldn’t have done that to her; I mean, at least not in her pregnancy state when she cou
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Chapter 7: Where is my pup?- II
Ethlyn wanted to cry in pain when her stomach hit the ground again, and this didn’t stop there; she started rolling like a ball on the slope of the mountain, but no voice was coming out of her mouth. She wanted to shout for help, but she couldn’t. It looked like her voice had died or something had happened. That was when she heard a familiar voice speaking, “Dad, why are you standing out? Come in.”‘Reva?’ She wondered and tried to speak but failed again.“Daddddd,” Reva yelled, and with a lot of struggle, Ethlyn spoke, more like whispered.“Dad,” She opened her eyes slowly, sweating badly. The incident that happened years back was somewhere fresh in her memory. She was breathing heavily and looked around and realized that she was in the hospital, but the room in the hospital was different from yesterday's one.“Ethlyn.” She saw her father reaching toward her to check on her. “How are you feeling, sweetheart?” he asked but instead of answering him. She observed him carefully. He looked
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Chapter 8: Whole world on fire
Calvin thought of spending some time with his sister rather than sleeping, and also he had to return back to his love as well. He couldn’t stay away from her for long, and this was the both-way feeling; even Roselet couldn’t stay away from him for more than a day.When he walked out of the room, he watched her sister throwing a tantrum.“I don’t want to eat anything.” She whined and walked here and there in the living room while her mate followed her with a plate in his hand.“Just a little, Liara. You need to eat something; you vomited everything that you ate in the morning.”“Please!! I’m requesting you.”“I’m doing the same. Come here, love.” Calvin’s eyes widened in shock upon hearing this. The last thing he remembered from his previous meeting, Liara’s mate, didn’t want her but Tiara.Liara shook her head and hid behind Calvin, teasing her mate.“Give this plate to me. I will make sure that she will finish everything.” Calvin offered his help, on which his brother-in-law gave him
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Chapter 9: Honey can't save you
“Daddddyyyy,” Roselet came running and jumped on Calvin like a little monkey. “I missed you so much.”“Aww!! I missed you so much, darling. Throughout the way, I was thinking about my love.” Calvin responded, carrying her in his arms, and started walking toward his room.“Really? So, what did you bring for me?” She asked in excitement because Calvin always used to bring something for her whenever he used to stay away from her for at least a night. After reaching his room, he made her sit on the bed and pulled out a variety of chocolates for her from his blazer’s pocket.“Thank you, Calvin,” Roselet said, holding all the chocolate in her tiny hand.“I’m not the right person whom you should thank, love. I did bring chocolates for you, but it is from your Aunt Lee.” Calvin told her. Liara didn’t want to send Calvin empty hand; after all, he came to visit her for the first time, but at that time, she had nothing precious and anything of his choice until she recalled how her mate had stocke
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Chapter 10: Her daddy's princess
“All these years, every doctor that Ethlyn lost her wolf and because of which she wasn’t able to heal, and now how is that possible that Cinder appeared in front of everyone out of the blue?” Abigail asked her mate, who was happy with the fact that finally, the other part of her daughter was alive.“I thought that we could easily lie, Ethlyn, and she wouldn’t be able to figure out the truth, but with Cinder’s presence, she can sense lies easily.” She kept speaking. “But at that moment, I didn’t lie, did I? Nope. I told her the half-truth. She had asked about her pup, and I told her that the doctor couldn’t save her pup. Neither did she know nor anyone would tell her that she had pups, not a pup.”“Keep dreaming, Abby,” Christian spoke. “We had lost our hope that Ethlyn would be awake again, but she finally did. We didn’t hope for Cinder’s presence, but she came with Ethlyn as an offer of buy one get one free. In the same way, she will come to know about her daughter as well.”“Are you
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